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 Blog content management SEO app

Blog content management software & SEO tool 

The easiest and fastest way to manage your content – create, collect, organize, improve, SEO optimize for keywords, schedule, and distribute your blog posts across multiple platforms.

A new blogging tool that takes the stress out of SEO and blog management.

All-in-one tool to simplify your entire blogging process

Unlike other solutions on the market, Blogely integrates with WordPress and provides an all-in-one platform that solves bloggers’ biggest headaches. Bloggers will no longer have to switch between incompatible software programs, deal with glitchy plugins, or pay for expensive SEO services. Our system combines all needed services into one intuitive platform that helps to save time and money while boosting blog’s exposure.


Writing app

Content manager

SEO optimizer


Stop buying expensive ads. Start growing traffic organically.

To get more online business – you need traffic on your site. To get traffic to your website – you need a Search engine to show your site in SERPs. There are two choices – pay for ads (extremely expensive) or get organic traffic. As simple as that. 

Organic rankings in Google is still one of the best ways to increase traffic and market your site or business online. To get good rankings on Google, you need content. Great content and lots of it. So, creating blog content is the way to increase your business.  This is how Blogely can help

By strengthening your writing game

  • Easy-to-navigate content system with a rich text editor and variety of tools to create great content

  • Gather all of your notes, research and writing in one easily manageable place

  • Write using Draft-Craft: a unique, clean, and intuitive workspace

  • Multiple importing and exporting options

By better content management

  • Complete digital assent management: organize easily all projects, notes, ideas, and snippets in one place linked to your article 
  • Straightforward collaborations and commenting  
  • Painless editing, easy content enhancements, backups and versioning

By easy & quick SEO optimization

  • Improve your site ranking with built-in On-page SEO optimization tools 
  • One-click analysis of blog post technical SEO score
  • Stay in control of all selected keywords and its details

By simplifying publishing, syncing, and sharing

  • Simple editorial calendar with global visibility of scheduled and unscheduled posts  
  • Full management of blogs without WordPress complexity
  • Effortless sync to WordPress and Social Media sharing 
  • Easy distribution to multiple platforms from one place

All-in-one app that lets you to manage your blog

Built for bloggers, Blogely lets you plan and create all your writing content in one place. Seamlessly manage, collaborate, edit, and share on multiple channels – all while saving you time and energy. Check below how it is being done.

  • Use Chrome extensions to collect thoroughly researched references and pieces of content
  • Use unlimited rich format notes that are easily linked to your blog
  • Keep all files and documents related to the article within reach
  • Quickly drag-and-drop blocks of content
  • Save and reference unlimited backups of your blogs with one click
  • The convenient split screen Draft-Craft view helps you improve your writing performance 
  • Use tags to separate and find notes
  • Powerful in-content search engine

Blogely is one of a kind

The first all-in-one tool that takes the frustration out of blogging. Increase your web traffic and create more valuable content, without having to jump through a million hoops. Blogely goes beyond keyword information and shows you just how well your blogs stand up to Google. With end to end management for all your blog content, Blogely is the most comprehensive blogging tool out there, and we are ready to prove it.

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