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Content marketing software that helps you create, organize, plan, optimize, distribute, promote, and sell your content or services.

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Content marketing blog seo app freelance plan

Helping you find work, retain clients, and

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Create content

Easy, seamless content creation, optimization, and management.

Content marketing software for blog seo

Set up portfolio

Quickly import your work, prepare your profile, then showcase and share it via portfolio.

Grow business

Share portfolio with clients. Sell your work. Jumpstart your business.

Create powerful original content

Content marketing software app

As a business owner, you need proper tools to create, edit, store, manage, and display your marketing content, tutorials, service offering, or product descriptions.

Efficiently organize and consolidate all your content pieces (text, graphics, files, and multimedia clips) and securely store it in Blogely's repository.

Or bring your existing content into one place. Enhance it easily. Re-purpose your old content or overhaul your current blog.

We make sure all the content is original and plagiarism-free.

Make sure your content is 100% original

100% of articles are scanned for plagiarism before they go for sale. Plagiarism report is saved and transferred with the purchase of the content to a buyer.

Why plagiarism?

  • Prove of originality
  • Proof of integrity
  • Protect yourself and your content
  • Make buyer feel confident

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms in 100+ languages.

Integrated with Copyleaks

Content plagiarism checker Blogely

Use your portfolio to promote your business

Content portfolio management app

As a freelancer, a well-organized portfolio that shows off your content creation skills and talents is critical in your search for clients.

It’s like an elegant digital business card that you can email, send a link via text to your clients, or post on Facebook or, embed it on LinkedIn.

Use the built-in messaging to connect with clients and prospects.

Content Portfolio is free for all.

Let your profile speak for you

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, it’s important to keep your profile up to date with your latest and greatest—both your skills and your recently completed projects. Show off your successes and experiences.

Add credibility to your profile by aligning portfolio pieces with the skills you have listed, or tailor your portfolio to a specific client or industry.

Freelancer profile

Sell or buy ready-to-publish content *

Content marketplace

Most content is created when client contracts for it. But what if there was a way to create content in advance and sell it to clients complete with images, videos, research notes, attributions, and more...

The Blogely Marketplace does exactly that.

With our innovative "originality guaranty" and other tools that increase buyer-seller security and comfort you can expand the business.

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More tools, more benefits


Organize all your content and topic research

Blogely has created the system that you actually want to use. It organizes all relevant content of collected research - notes, pieces of content, images, bookmarks, docs in one side of your split-screen, and specific blog paragraphs on another side of the screen. Each piece of content is mapped to not only to the blog article but to the particular blocks outlined in it.

Get the Blogely extension here and watch this video to see topic research being done.

Content management application

Simplify WordPress publishing

Enjoy full integration with WordPress. Sync all your content without going into complex CMS. It is fast and easy.

Expand your reach with multi-channel distribution to other platforms like Medium, Blogger, Wix, Squarespase, etc… 

See video

Create a perfect blogging schedule

Use editorial content calendar with global visibility. Scheduled content improves any blog. Get into the habit of publishing posts on timely basis.

  • Plan content with easy drag-and-drop.
  • Helps organizing content properly
  • It lets you plan topics and ideas ahead of time
  • Efficient overview of published and unpublished articles.
  • Publish more and regularly

And finally...

Make money servicing your clients content

Content planning software

Become an on-page SEO expert

Blog SEO optimization Blogely Content marketing app

Stop buying expensive ads. Organic Google rankings are the best way to grow your business.

To solve headaches associated with winning SEO strategies, Blogely helps to analyze content for SEO keywords and provides the score. This intuitive tool helps content creators from all levels of technical expertise to become SEO experts.

Blogely is ready to help you with built-in, on-page SEO optimization tools, one-click analysis of your blog’s SEO score, and a deep dive into the equity of your keywords.

Collaborate and get feedback

Collaborate easily. Sometimes, effective communication can be a challenging task, which is why Blogely offers time-saving features, like messaging, in-app comments, and feedback all within one workspace.

Get a timely review, respond to it, and save all comments. Use the commenting approach of "unresolved/resolved" as a simplified, in-app task manager.

Collaboration content marketing software

Share content on social media

After you’ve worked tirelessly on your content, you want to plan, publish, and share with ease.

Make sharing a habit. Drive engagement on social medial by sharing articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or Buffer.

Host your content portfolio free

It is more expensive than you think to host your own website. You do not have to deal with own domain and WordPress complexity. Get these with free Blogely portfolio:

  • No hosting fees
  • No complex maintenance of servers
  • No coding knowledge is required

Do not take on projects you’re not an expert at. Save your time and energy for something more important.

Content portfolio hosting software

And there is more...

Integrated Grammarly

Catch all mistakes with Grammarly and feel confident that you are putting your best work forward. 

Easy to use

No matter what you have used before, with Blogely you'll be a pro the second you start using it.

Built-in compression

Resize and compress images without a need for 3rd party tools. We integrated it into the app to give you more control.

Quick backup

Quick backup of full article. Simple one-click restore of the content. Save multiple backups for reference.

Content versioning

Unlike backup, versions are saved blocks. Create multiple versions of any block and use one-click replacement.

More upgrades

More upgrades are on the way: presentation slides, jobs creation, client jobs marketplace, IFTT automation, and more...

Get the all-in-one content utility tool

Mastermind content strategy

You've got all the tools you need to manage your content strategy from start to finish.

Become a better writer

Use Blogely to make your content great - fast, easy, efficient, and versatile.

Earn extra income

Earn income creating and selling content: blog articles, research papers, and more...

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"After dealing with a lot of blogging platforms that promised simplicity, but ended being too complex, I was relieved to find Blogely.

The platform is radically simple, easy to navigate and has made my life immeasurably better. Now creating, and publishing content is a breeze."

Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Marketing Director

"For years, I struggled to understand SEO. It was scary and mysterious. Fortunately, Blogely's on-page SEO platform laid it all out for me in a simple, three-step process.

Now, not only do I understand SEO, it's made a world of difference for the ranking of my blog."

Larry Matthews


"I tried for a long time to build my portfolio with WordPress, but got so frustrated with the complexities of the process I stopped.

Luckily, I found Blogely's FREE portfolio template. I easily uploaded my content, created my profile in minutes and started sharing it. "

Frank Simons


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