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Blog management software


Grow your website traffic organically by better managing the content and SEO of your blog

ALL-IN-ONE blog management app and SEO solution.
The easiest and fastest way to manage your content: create, collect, organize, improve, optimize for keywords, schedule, and distribute your blog posts across multiple platforms.

A new blogging tool that takes the stress out of SEO and blog management.

Invest in your business to generate more leads and sales

Having all your blogs in one place makes it easy to create a keyword-focused content strategy.

There’s a lot of content out there these days, which means you’re working harder than ever to get your blogs ranking high in Google. If you want to provide valuable content while bringing in more web traffic, it’s time to work smarter- not harder. Our goal is to help you streamline the blogging process with a platform that lets you organize your content, collaborate, enhance SEO, and publish to WordPress, without all the hassle.

Boost up web traffic with SEO keyword manager

Do you want all that time you spend researching, writing, and formatting your blogs to bring in the web traffic you deserve? Of course, you do. To keep your valuable content from getting lost in the land of Google, you need to be incorporating carefully selected SEO keywords.

Don’t just throw your blog post into the world and hope for the best. Give it a head start!

Blogely is a content and SEO management tool aimed to improve Google rankings, easily and consistently. Whether you have an existing blog or are creating a new one, Blogely lets you perform on-page technical SEO analyses for every piece you post. Improve your content and save time by zeroing in on keywords and quickly tweaking and editing your blogs. Sit back and watch your traffic grow!

Improve your marketing skills with our blog SEO score checker

Understanding the nuances of SEO can be confusing, frustrating, and exhausting. You spend all this time correcting meta tags, linking, validating keywords, updating alternative text, and still aren’t getting results. Blogely’s built-in SEO checker simplifies the process by calculating a score based on given keywords, for each independent blog post for the blog website.

Analyze and track your keywords easily

By tracking twelve critical SEO metrics, you can find and fix technical issues in a matter of seconds.

Remove the stress out of dealing with WordPress

Editing, enhancing, and updating your blog through WordPress can be time-consuming and exhausting. Blogely lets you easily edit content, add images, and publish to WordPress in just a few clicks. No more waiting for lagging pages to load.

Avoid the daunting task of sluggish and annoying refresh updates in WordPress.

Use a single click to sync content in Blogely and push it to (“Publish”) to WordPress at any time.

All-in-one app that helps you to manage your blog

Built for bloggers, Blogely lets you plan and create all your writing content in one place. Seamlessly manage, collaborate, edit, and share on multiple channels – all while saving you time and energy. Check below how it is being done.

  • Use Chrome extensions to collect thoroughly researched references and pieces of content
  • Use unlimited rich format notes that are easily linked to your blog
  • Keep all files and documents related to the article within reach
  • Quickly drag-and-drop blocks of content
  • Save and reference unlimited backups of your blogs with one click
  • The convenient split screen Draft-Craft view helps you improve your writing performance 
  • Use tags to separate and find notes
  • Powerful in-content search engine

Blogely is one of a kind

The first all-in-one tool that takes the frustration out of blogging. Increase your web traffic and create more valuable content, without having to jump through a million hoops. Blogely goes beyond keyword information and shows you just how well your blogs stand up to Google. With end to end management for all your blog content, Blogely is the most comprehensive blogging tool out there, and we are ready to prove it.