From the founder

Gennady Batrakov | Founder and CEO

Gennady Batrakov

Founder and CEO

Our story

Productivity and simplification were always the areas of my focus. I’ve always wanted to make things quicker and easier for myself, probably because I have minimal patience. It has been three years since I quit my cushy well-paid corporate job and went “all-in” in putting everything into what I’ve always wanted to do. To be independent, and creative, provide value for others. Some think I am crazy. The endless pursuit of becoming the best version of myself compels me to do things others consider irrational. I believe that there is always a better solution to anything. While I was trying to promote the software we’d built, I stumbled on and endured the pain of blogging. It was exhausting: Topic research, laborious blog creation, maintenance of keywords, notes, weblinks, snippets, and more notes; the actual writing; references; separate versions without overwriting; editing; more editing; optimization; corrections. Only then, submit or publish. Until the next update. Phew!

So, Blogely was born out of frustration and pain in dealing with content creation and management complexities.

Blogely will address those issues, the time they take to accomplish, and the ease of accessing the information, and will improve your workflow tremendously. For bloggers. For writers. For copywrites. For authors. For any like-minded people who want to become better performers in what they do.

If you feel the same way as I do about productivity and efficiency, about having everything you need to get the job done close at hand and in one place, you are in for a treat. You will be amazed by Blogely’s usefulness and ability to handle complex matters. It will save every possible second of your time, time that should not be wasted. It will help you, as a writer or blogger, be more efficient, well-organized, thorough, and, therefore, more competitive in your market.

Our passion

We are working on our terms. We are a team of freelancers from around the world. Our passion is helping those who want to do the same. We are creating tools and solutions that help others focus on their passion. Tools that render:

  • Simplification of tasks
  • Productivity and small improvements
  • Organization and order

Our vision

Equal access to tools and equal opportunities for every content creator in the world. Easy access to ORIGINAL digital content marketplace for freelancers and their clients where they can create and manage content together.

Our mission

  • Create an integrated content marketing platform and collaborative marketplace for professional writers, freelancers, and their clients.
  • Provide an infrastructure to produce, manage, market, sell, buy, and distribute digital content with an exceptional focus on content originality.
  • Foster an environment for content creators to seize the opportunities, grow thriving business, and generate income.

Our team

We are fully bootstrapped small startup. "Obsessed with perfection" - that is how people describe my approach to life. It’s true; I am in pursuit of making the best use of time and talent while achieving the best outcome. In the digital age, that means having the right tools. Especially for people who want to work on their own terms, remotely, on their schedule, with full control of their output. Tools abound for businesses selling “things.” In fact, we’ve made a few of those ourselves. But good ones are scarce for freelancers and others whose product is:

Words, Knowledge, Content. Imagery.

That’s where we come in. But first…

Stop endless search for disjointed applications