Compete with SEO heatmaps

Do your keyword research and analyze your competition

Find valuable keywords

Research keywords for your content

Conduct the research for keywords that you want to focus in your next article.

  • Find related keywords for the seed keyword;
  • Find out what exactly people are typing into Google searching for information - "Autocomplete" suggestions;
  • Find out what questions are being asked for a given topic;
  • Find out some other ideas that our engine may suggest.

Note: Keywords data is credit-based. Purchase of credits is required to analyze the volume, CPC, and Competition.

Blogely SEO keywords research for content

Related and autocomplete keywords

The starting point for SEO-focused content marketing is keyword research.

By finding a niche in related keywords that are less obvious, but still relevant, you can find a new source of targeted traffic that converts well and is easy to market.

Autocomplete keywords are search terms related to the keyword you are targeting. We capture the top 10 suggested autocomplete searches that appear in the dropdown menu of Google.com for every combination.

Build SEO heatmaps

After you pinpoint your competition and collected keywords it is time to analyze your competition.

It is not only about finding proper keywords but checking how well your competition is optimized for them gives you an extra advantage. Find the weakest spots of your competition, and select the keywords you stand a chance to outrank your competitors.

Generate detailed analysis for every competitor for each keyword on the list.

Content research of competition

Watch complete overview of SEO heatmaps in the video below and read this article post.