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Have you ever thought of checking another website because of slow downloading speed?

The foundation of providing the best user experience is speed. Not even a devoted user of your work would bother to wait for even 3 seconds and would prefer to move forward. Internet works at a hot pace and if any website fails to keep up, then the chances of losing customers, visitors, and subscribers are evident. In addition to UX, website speed is also another key factor in SERP rankings. It plays a vital role in improved bounce rate and expanded session time.

Sites that load in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) see 70% longer average sessions. * Courtesy of Unbounce 

Why is page speed important?

No visitor would like a page that takes time to load. Page speed affects SERP, website traffic, and SEO. Being a website owner, you would never want to compromise on user-experience or losing the search engine results page just because of poor page speed.

For achieving optimum user engagement, conversion rate, and improving search engine ranking, diagnosing reasons for slow speed and choosing the best website testing tools that might suit well to cater to your needs is really important.


For WordPress websites, the most usual causes of page loading slowdowns are:

  • Enlarged or inadequately coded plugins
  • Poorly coded themes
  • Huge picture documents
  • Bad hosting (not appropriately suitable for your site)

These all are general issues that can be easily fixed. Before you start the optimization of your website, try to fix its running time in the first place.

Top performance testing tools to test WordPress speed

The digital world is full of testing tools to help you fix your problems. Here is the list of top 20 website testing tools to achieve speed optimization in WordPress that can fix your problems and save you precious time.

Website testing tool 1: Google PageSpeed Insights

PagespeedInsides – is the clever brainchild of Google measures and tests WordPress execution on your webpage over various digital devices including desktop and mobile browsers. It gives lab and field information. The previous identifies performance issues whereas the latter contains continuous performance information about visitors’ experience.

This speed testing tool is suitable for small to mid-scale businesses as well as independent website owners to assist them in managing their website performance.

website testing tools - google pagespeed

Website testing tool 2: GTmetrix

One of the best tools to check WordPress performance and site speed is the magical GTmetrix. This performance testing tool gives a user-friendly report to illustrate the complete history of page loading speed and also recommends ways to enhance the performance of the site. The video playback feature empowers you to check where the stacking speed bottlenecks happen.

It also enables you to conduct a pace throttling test to get an idea that how well your site is performing at different connection speeds.

website testing tools - GTmetrix

Website testing tool 3: Site Speed (Google Analytics)

This part of Google Analytics assesses web performance on the basis of these factors:

  • Page load time
  • Execution speed
  • The span of the parse

The test report contains a definite investigation of individual pages and asset exhibitions just as custom-made enhancement tips.

Website testing tool 4: Pingdom Tools

Pingdom gives you full-web page execution data including load time, page size, and comprehensive analysis of each page on the website. The best part is that this spares your performance history, so you can follow your endeavors to improve loading time.

website testing tools Pingdom

Pingdom utilizes more than 70 worldwide surveying areas to test the pages. Before the completion of the test, you’ll get details of performance analysis and the bottlenecks that prevent your page speed.

The paid plan facilitates uptime checking, page speed checking, visitor insights, and server monitoring. Alert feature will immediately inform you in case of any issue.

The four prime locations Pingdom offers for speed testing are:

  1. Dallas, Texas, USA
  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. San Jose, California, USA
  4. Stockholm, Sweden

Website testing tool 5: YSlow

Yslow is a free open-source task and speed test apparatus breaks down a webpage’s presentation dependent on 23 of 34 principles of Yahoo! for high-performance sites. It comes as modules for internet browsers and direction line contents for Node.js server and PhantomJS.

Being the internet browser where Yslow was initially executed, Firefox permits full access to page parts data by means of Firebug Net Panel. This also helps in comparing your site with other competitors’ sites to evaluate your site’s performance.

website testing tools YSlow

Website testing tool 6: WebPagetest

Webpagetest – is a well-respected speed test tool that permits you to direct a speed test from numerous areas over the world utilizing Internet Explorer and Chrome for free.

Its key highlights incorporate multi-step exchange testing, video catch, and content blocking.

Before the test finishes, you’ll get equipped with resource loading waterfall charts, page speed enhancement checks, and proposals for upgrades.

website testing tools - webpagetest

Website testing tool 7: Google Test My Site

Google’s Test My Site assists businesses to assess their performance over various devices from mobile to desktop. Test My Site quantifies the site’s versatile speed, benchmark against contenders, and furnishes a custom report alongside recommendations on the most proficient method to improve your pages’ presentation.

website testing tools Google testmysite

Website testing tool 8: KeyCDN Website Speed Test

KeyCDN fabricates a quick and lightweight website speed test tool to use to get comprehensive details on site performance. It offers 14 areas to browse far and wide, and you have the choice of making your test outcomes private or open. The test incorporates a waterfall breakdown and a visual site review at the base. You can rapidly perceive what number of HTTP demands were made, the full size of the page mentioned, and the heap time.

It is likewise one of the main tools other than PageSpeed that is responsive and works extraordinary on cell phones.

website testing tools KeyCDN

Website testing tool 9: dotcom-monitor

Dotcom-monitor offers 23 distinct areas and seven unique programs in which you can run your site speed test. Their extraordinary component is that you can run every geographical test at the same time. This can spare you a ton of time, as you will be running each tool individually (location wise) and it will enable you to get each report or waterfall breakdown from every location.

Their reports consisted of five unique segments including a summary, execution, waterfall breakdown, host, and mistakes.

website testing tools Dotcom-monitor

Website testing tool 10: Dareboost

Dareboost testing tool is fit for performance checking from 13 test locations and seven devices including different kinds of cell phones. Its key feature incorporates the capacity to reproduce a speed test with and without ad-blocking and square explicit areas to find the guilty party of poor web execution.

The test delivers a detailed report alongside various categorized proposals and makes it simpler to organize the required enhancements.

website testing tools Dareboost

Website testing tool 11: Uptrends

Uptrends are truly essential and they do offer 35 plus areas to browse when running your speed test. Their report is separated into two sections, one is waterfall breakdown and the other is domain groups. The domain groups offer an exceptional viewpoint as they classify the assets into various sources including

  • 1st party
  • Statistics
  • CDN
  • Social
  • Ads
  • 1st party overall
  • 3rd part overall

It is also available for free.

website testing tools Uptrends

Website testing tool 12: Geek Flare

GeekFlare is a multi-tool. If you are really worried about your page loading speed, GeekFlare gives standard execution checking like some other speed test tools. You’ll be able to assess your site loading speed on desktop or cell phones from various areas over the world.

The testing measurements incorporate page size, screen captures, demand tallies by type, and time to the first byte.

website testing tools - Geekflare

Website testing tool 13: Google Chrome DevTools

Can you forget about google chrome dev tools?

It can help improve site load time. Focusing developers as their essential clients, the tools encourage page altering process on-the-fly and problem identification.

It is incorporated legitimately with the Chrome browser. Its official landing page gives instructional exercises to learners who need to fiddle with basic programming and tips for web improvement.

Shortcut keys for quick launch are:

  • Windows: F12 or also Ctrl + Shift + I
  • Mac: Cmd + Opt + I

website testing tools Devtools

Website testing tool 14: GiftOfSpeed

GiftOfSpeed gives you the freedom to assess your website loading time from 8 different locations. You can likewise legitimately expedite your web performance utilizing their available free tools, for example, CSS optimization test, broken request test, and JavaScript compressor.

website testing tools Gift of speed

Website testing tool 15: Cloudinary -Image Analysis Tool

In the event that your site carries plenty of pictures, the loading speed may be slowed down or even stop in some cases. In such cases, utilize this Cloudinary tool to assess picture related issues, for example, the size, arrangement, quality, and encoding.

performance testing tools Image analysys

Website testing tool 16: Monitis

Monitis speed test tool facilitates its users with the load time of the website’s elements. The test is led by the US, Europe, and Asia at the same time.

With their paid plans, users get detailed checking: site, system, server, and application. You’re additionally ready to lead custom checking on your framework and business metrics utilizing API.

performance testing tools Monitis

Website testing tool 17: Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer. This free tool provides the calculations of page size, creation, download time, and the size of individual segments of your site.

Custom suggestions are made dependent on this information:

  • Webpage size rules
  • Trends
  • Web optimization strategies
website performance testing tools WebPage Analyzer

Website testing tool 18: K6 Cloud

K6 Cloud (formerly LoadImpact) – the cloud-based testing tool has some expertise in web, app, and API execution issues. Utilizing k6 as the open-source, order line-driven load testing tool, the issues can be recognized effectively inside the product improvement life cycle.

While the page speed test is accessible without any cost, you have to purchase their plan to utilize those tools.

website performance testing tools K6

Website testing tool 19: New Relic

Being a software analytics organization, New Relic knows the intricate details of the application performance division. Their free synthetics online test permits you to test your web execution from nine different locations.

If you need a more extensive report of testing, their paid plans are competent to screen your powerfully evolving frameworks, reproducing conduct to detach the issue, and breaking down the business effect of your web performance.

website performance testing tools Newrelic

Website testing tool 20: Bunny Web Optimizer

BunnyCDN is a popular CDN provider that powers over 1 million websites. It offers fast and reliable performance with its global edge servers and top-tier network. Customers appreciate its affordable pricing, excellent support, and innovative features. BunnyCDN provides a range of services including CDN, storage, DNS, video delivery, load balancing, and image processing. With features like perma-caching, DDoS protection, real-time monitoring, and free SSL certificates, BunnyCDN aims to simplify website optimization and deliver an exceptional user experience.


There are various speed test tools available to achieve speed optimization and provide a good experience to your users. These tools have their own unique highlights as discussed above. It is a smart thought to routinely test your site and set up a benchmark so after some time you can make upgrades.

When you know where the bottlenecks are you can start to fix them. Practically the entirety of the apparatuses above rundown suggestions. The absolute most basic fixes include:

  1. Compacting images and documents
  2. Choosing a fast web host
  3. Streamlining codes and content
  4. Utilizing a content delivery network
  5. Caching
  6. Decreasing the number of HTTP demands

Web performance is a key factor that requires attention from every web owner to get optimum benefit from SEO ranking, higher conversion rate, ensure lower bounce rate, and better user experience & engagement. There is a long list of website testing tools but the choice is yours to take advantage of it to achieve optimal performance.

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