Research docs

Comprehensive and fast search analysis


Comprehensive search of top 100 SERPs

Research efficiently and confidently

Create a comprehensive record of every search you conduct. Simply start a new research document in Blogely. You’ll get aggregated summaries of the first 100 results, excerpts of content with questions and statistics, and more, without the typical distractions.

Blog software research documents
Content management app - research docs


Ties directly to the content

Easy tracking with click-to capture

Forget cut and paste, don’t worry about which content you’ve included already. A few simple clicks and your content is placed and formatted. And highlighted in your research to eliminate duplication.


Create a standalone Research doc

Document your research for approval before starting an article – or get paid to research

Blogely allows you to create a standalone research document on par with your articles and other pieces. Use it to get a client’s or superior’s approval or make money producing robust research documents.