Content portfolios

Easy to set up. Easy to update. And best of all? It’s free.

Example of content portfolio for freelancers: https://portfolio.blogely.com/@1/articles

Showcase your talent

Simple. Quick. Easy.

Organize and showcase all your documents, links, and more in one central location.

Using Blogely's Content Portfolio, you can display all your published content to your prospective clients. Think of it as a digital business card that you can email, text, and share on social media. Your content portfolio should accurately reflect your profession. It's important for potential clients to learn about you - the clients you've worked with, the topics you've covered, and the skills you've used.

Content portfolio freelancer app

A digital resume to share with clients

Comprehensive and informal.

Resumes and cover letters can only do so much. So think of a digital content profile that picks up where they leave off.

Content portfolio freelancer profile app