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Example of content portfolio for freelancers: https://portfolio.blogely.com/@1/articles

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Showcase your talent

Simple. Quick. Easy.

Organize and showcase all your documents, links, and more in one central location.

Using Blogely’s Content Portfolio, you can display all your published content to your prospective clients. Think of it as a digital business card that you can email, text, and share on social media.


Committed to originality

You’re an original; prove your work is too.

We’re known as Blogely Original for a reason; we feel all content sold should be non-plagiarized. We use CopyLeaks to help you document your originality.

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Official record

Report of originality tied to your article

Once you run the CopyLeaks report, you receive a PDF documenting the results. It stays with your article, and if sold, it is is conveyed to a buyer with all the other article assets. You retain a copy as well for future reference.

Having an official record of originality will make the buyer feel comfortable purchasing your article. Peace of mind for a buyer is essential. But, protecting yourself against future misuse of your content is equally as important. Out process accomplishes both.

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