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Top 20 Website Testing tools to Achieve Page Speed Optimization in WordPress

Have you ever thought of checking another website because of slow downloading speed? The foundation...
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Onboarding Blogely – recording of the demo meeting.

THE ULTIMATE TOOLKIT FOR COPYWRITERS. In my onboarding session, I asked for permission to share...
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Roundup: Blogely’s final week on AppSumo

Blogely Content Manager has one more week left to be on AppSumo. We have added...
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AI writer assistant for content creators

The AI writer assistant for content creators in Blogely was announced a few months ago....
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New feature: Social media campaigns (Integration)

In order to better serve you, we're constantly adding new features and making Blogely more...
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Focus mode for writers

Why is it so hard for most people to focus on writing?Concentration is a valuable...
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Understanding SEO Term Frequency — Inverse Document Frequency

This article contains a video explaining how to optimize the content in Blogely for SEO....
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Easy Blog SEO Content Optimization for Non-Techie Writers

As you already know, content SEO optimization involves enhancing a website's visibility on Google and...
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