15 best WordPress SEO plugins are in review

Search engines are becoming more intelligent to provide better results against searches of users. Therefore, SEO is one of the most critical factors that help to tell the search engines about the purpose of websites and the type of content available over it.  

However, SEO is a broad word, and the whole process comprises of a vast number of small factors that require a lot of time for complete and effective implementation.  

Furthermore, it is a tough task to keep in mind all the elements while publishing a post. Therefore, a lot of WordPress plugins are available that facilitate the users of WordPress for proper implementation of SEO factors.  

In this article, you can get comprehensive information about most of the popular WordPress plugins that are used to improve the rankings of the website in search engine results. But it is not recommended to use all the plugins or multiple plugins for the same purpose.  

For example, it is not worthwhile to use Yoast SEO Plugin or All in One SEO Pack at the same time because both these provide the same results.  

However, the users can use the multiple plugins designed for the same purpose to get the benefit of a particular feature. All the plugins help improve the performance of the website from every aspect like content optimization, keyword optimization, internal linking, external linking, tags, and many more. Let’s take a look at them comprehensively.   


1. All in One SEO Pack review

All in One SEO Pack is the popular plugin used for the improvement of SEO functionality. This plugin is specially designed for beginners to help them for getting better results of SEO for their website.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins- All in One

This plugin supports the users to implement all the elements of SEO effectively irrespective of the category of the website. For example, it helps to improve meta tags, avoid content duplication, image optimization, and many more.  

Key Features:  

1. XML Sitemap: It helps the users to submit the XML sitemap of the website in a better and advanced way and also submit the sitemap for images to improve the rankings in the search engine results.  

2. Intimation to Search Engines: This plugin is capable of notifying different search engines like Google and Bing about any changes or improvements on your website automatically.  

3. Automatic Title Optimization: It is capable to automatically optimize the title of various posts and pages as per the requirement of search engines for better rankings.  


This plugin offers a free version for beginners and also for small business owners with a limited budget. But it also offers three plans for their premium users with some advanced features. The individual plan is available at $57 per year that supports only one website while the business plan offers support for ten sites in just $97 per year.  

But if you are running an advertising agency or want to include this plugin for multiple websites, a business plan is available to serve you. A business plan offers support for unlimited websites at $419 per year.  


  • Easy to use  
  • The free version provides support for eCommerce  
  • Support 57 languages   


  • Poor customer support

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

All in one SEO pack is integrated with all the crucial features that are essential for effective SEO for a website. Even the free version of this plugin helps to integrate various third-party services for WordPress blog and also beneficial for the optimization of affiliate links inthe content of the website.  

In this way, you can improve your ranking as well as earn a handsome amount through affiliate links.  

User Comments 

Wildtoddman: “I am the owner of many websites, and I used four popular plugins for my different sites, but I found a noticeable difference in traffic on a website that is managed by using All in One SEO Pack. I tried this plugin on another website, and I got a fantastic result again. I found this plugin the best solution for SEO, and now I am shifting all my websites to this plugin”.  

Tomucho: “I just installed this plugin on my new website, and it is straightforward to integrate Google tracking ID with this plugin to track the performance of the entire website”.   


2. Premium SEO Pack review

Premium SEO Pack is developed by Calin Vingan to increase the value of SEO for every single post and page of the website.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Premium SEP pack

It helps to notify the search engine crawlers to see at your website in the same manner as you want to show. It helps to optimize all the essential elements effectively that are worthwhile to consider.  

Key Features:  

1. Track Keyword Position Of Competitors: It allows the users to add up to five competitors to track their keywords rankings in the search engine results and provide suggestions to improve the rankings of your keywords.  

2. Multiple Tracking Reports: This plugin facilitate its users with two types of reports, i.e., one for Website stats while the other provides information about changes in the rankings.  

3. Friendly Interface: It facilitates its users with a friendly interface that is easy to implement and understand. You will see a clear difference in the ranking of every keyword and get a ranking table as well.  


Fortunately, this WordPress plugin is totally free to use for every user. It offers all its current and future features without any cost. Therefore, users don’t have the need to look for premium support. Users just have to download and install the plugin, and it is ready to use from every aspect.  


  • Free to use  
  • Easy integration  
  • Nofollow and Noindex options for every post   


  • Lack of advanced features   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

As we mentioned earlier, it is simple and easy to use this plugin and helps the users from every possible way. It allows the users to customize every page or post from the post preview top bar, and also, you can use the admin top bar to perform the task. It also provides support for social media sharing optimizations.  

User Comments 

Artheok: “I just tested this plugin for my website and got terrific results. It is easy to integrate, and I strongly recommend this plugin for bloggers who are in the learning stage and don’t have an extra budget to buy the premium of the known plugin but want effective SEO results for their websites”.  

pds77: “It was difficult for me to move forward with the current performance of my website because I tried a lot of SEO plugins but was unable to get the desired results. Finally, I found all in one SEO pack and get an impressive improvement in the results in just two weeks after the integration of this plugin. Thanks for developing the excellent WordPress plugin, and I
really appreciate the cause behind the development of this plugin and facilitate the users without any cost”. 


3. WP Meta SEO review

WP Meta SEO is designed by JoomUnited to provide the complete control of website optimization to users with the help of useful and advanced tools.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - WP Meta SEO

It helps the users to apply the effective SEO techniques in low time, and the dashboard of this plugin provides you all the critical and essential information along with suggestions for the improvement of website rankings.  

Key Features: 

1. Meta Content Editing: It is capable of facilitating the users with fastest meta content editing with the help of amazing tools like bulk copy titles as meta titles, searching and filtering in post types as well as automatic saving.  

2. Use Google Search Console Data: This plugin allows the users to integrate Google search console for getting the performance data and provide the keyword optimization suggestions for better results.  

3. Context-Based Image Resizing: It is essential to display the images with their original size for getting the better output of SEO efforts. This plugin helps to resize the images with a single click depending on the type of content.  


Along with the free version of this plugin, you can choose between the two plans offered by this plugin. The start plan is available in just $39 for six months with support for unlimited domains, while the Pro plan is available in $49 per year with the same features that are included in the starter plan.  

You can get the backup support and updated version of this plugin without paying extra cost irrespective of the plan you choose for your website.  


  • Affordable  
  • Integration of Google Analytics  
  • Breadcrumb generator included   


  • Not suitable for video pages   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Sometimes, we ignore the importance of image optimization for SEO purposes and miss the chance of getting advantage of high rankings. Because the images on the website summarize the content of the site and worthwhile to consider.  

This plugin offers an image optimization check for every post and page by providing the suggestions of image title, description, alt tag, etc. that are important to get more organic traffic.  

User Comments 

Edflemi: “A perfect and professional solution from one side to get a better result by using simple configuration techniques. Thanks for providing a great solution”.  

Corey Kretsinger: “I have been using this plugin on some of my websites since
its release. At the start, I face some problems, but now it is working very well. This plugin really deserves five-star ratings for providing responsive and practical solutions. 100% recommended for bloggers”.   


4. Yoast SEO review

Yoast SEO plugin is the best and most popular among bloggers, especially the newbies. Because it not also helps to optimize the content using On-Page SEO techniques but also helps by providing suggestions to improve the readability of content.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Yoast SEO

This feature makes your content easy to read and understand for readers as well as for search engines.  

Key Features: 

1. Snippet Preview: It facilitates its users with a preview of your page and post that appears in the search engine results. It is beneficial to customize the show for creating more attraction for searchers and search engines as well.  

2. Compatible Plugin: Yoast SEO plugin is compatible to use with all versions of WordPress and easy to use with all the WordPress editors.  

3. Content Insights (Premium): This feature helps to optimize up to five related keywords in the content that is beneficial to ensure that content is in line with keywords and titles.  


Users can get a lot of advantages from the free version of this plugin, but some advanced features are accessible in the premium version only. For example, internal linking suggestions, content insights, customer support, and many more features are available with paid versions only.  

However, the premium version of this plugin is available at $89 per year for use with one website only. But you can get a 5% discount for every additional purchase.  


  • Easy to use  
  • Acts as a checklist of SEO factors  
  • Improve the appearance in search engines   


  • Lack of premium plans for multiple sites   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is a complete pack of SEO in terms of On-Page and Off-Page that is beneficial to point out the factors that can create problems in the rankings of the website.  

It is the perfect way to tell Google about your website and also avoid duplication of content on a website that may confuse the search engine crawlers and create an adverse impact on rankings.  

User Comments 

mrustem: “I used various plugins to improve the rankings but didn’t get impressive results with any plugin. This plugin not only helps to improve the rankings but also put my website in the top five results of search engines. I recommend this plugin to everyone.  

Viqar Najar Ahmad: “It is the best plugin for every person associated with SEO, irrespective of experience level. The userfriendly feature helps the users to get the maximum benefit of SEO. Thanks a lot!   


5. Rankie review

Rankie plugin is designed to track the rankings of the website in the search engine results. This plugin is capable of monitoring the position of keywords daily and can create reports that are useful to analyze the performance of the website.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Rankie

The powerful keyword research tool provides the list of most attractive keywords on Google.  

Key Features 

1. Keyword Research Tool: The powerful keyword research tool is capable of providing a list of useful keywords depending on the suggested terms supplied by search engines.  

2. Ranking Reports: This plugin provides the users with ranking reports in the pdf format so that you can share the performance of the website with other team members.  

3. Auto track searched keywords: It is capable to automatically save keywords that users used to visit your website and add that keyword in the dashboard for tracking in the future.  


The regular license of Rankie plugin is available in just $21 per year, but it also allows the users to convert into an extended plan with additional $6 for getting access to few advanced features that are not included in the regular program.  


  • Easy integration  
  • Received daily reports on email  
  • Hats off for excellent customer support. Proxy support   


  • Lack of free version  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin used multiple ways to collect data of ranking in search engines like Google. For example, it can get data directly from Google, Google Custom Search API, Google via F-secure.com, and Google via kproxy.com. The use of multiple platforms ensures the accuracy of the data.  

User Comments:  

giammi73: “This plugin works very well, and it is easy to use. It is the plugin that every blogger must use. But I give four stars to this plugin because it still needs some improvements and needs to add more features.  

LAScoop_2017: “I love this plugin. I am organizing a magazine for the last 11 years and face different problems for collecting and managing data, but this plugin made it so easy and saved a lot of time. It helps to configure the data in the same way as you want.  


6. Squirrly SEO review

Squirrly is an SEO software that helps the bloggers and digital marketers to dominate over the top positions in the search engine results.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Squirrly

It is all in one SEO tool that facilitates the users from every angle for getting higher rankings in the search engine and also help to maintain those positions as well. Squirrly intimate the users for weak elements of SEO by highlight that point in red color.  

Key Features 

1. Site Audits: It is capable of performing the site audit on demand and providing the audit report to users by highlighting the areas and also offer suggestions to cover that weakness.  

2. Rank Tracking: It is equipped with a powerful rank tracking tool that is capable of tracking thousands of keywords that drive traffic for your website from about more than 170 search engines.  

3. Keyword Research: This plugin provides all the information about keywords like competition, monthly volume, competitor research, etc. therefore, you don’t have a need to go for another keyword research tool.  


This plugin offers a free version of the plugin for its users and includes many features that are provided by many known plugins in their paid versions only. But the PRO version of this plugin is available in $29.99 per year that you can use for up to seven sites and can add five focus pages per site.  

The business plan of this plugin is available at $71.99 per year for use on seven websites, but you can add up to 10 focus pages for every website.  


  • Free education cloud  
  • Free coaching sessions  
  • Compatible with other SEO plugins   


  • Comprehensive but tricky  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

The focus page feature of this plugin helps the users by providing a crystal clear way to navigate ranking algorithms of search engines and works beyond the imaginations.  

It provides a road map for better rankings in the search engines and suggests improvements with proper checks about elements that are important for SEO.  

User Comments:  

Jaspur: “I am using the free version of this plugin for some time and get amazing results. Although it audits the site once in a week, it is enough for me because I don’t have to pay anything for that. But investing in the paid version is an excellent investment, and free learning about using the tool is fantastic. I am unable to find a single reason to complain about this tool.  

Havannainvestorsclub: “I use the free version for some time and get the paid version after getting amazing results in the free version. It is incredible and helps a lot to reach the top rankings in the search results and driving more traffic. I got a lot of new customers that significantly increase my earnings.   


7. SEOPress review

SEOPress is another amazing and powerful WordPress plugin for the optimization of the website. It facilitates the users in several ways like boosting traffic with improved social sharing, helps to build custom HTML, generate XML sitemaps, beneficial for adding structured data types for search engines, and many more. It is also equipped with a 301 redirection manager.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - SEOPress

Key Features: 

1. Titles and Meta Titles: This plugin is the best way to manage various essential elements of your website like titles, Meta robots, and Meta descriptions for every post and page type of website.  

2. Sitemap to Search Engines: It helps to improve the search engine crawling by providing an updated XML sitemap for every post and page type on the website. It also works very well, even for images, videos, and news.  

3. Improve Social Circle: It helps to improve social sharing by providing suggestions about using various social media tags on a wide range of social media platforms.  


It is the first plugin that offers its wide range of features in the free version, and the most attractive is that you can use it for unlimited sites. But the customer support is not available in the free version.  

However, the Pro version of this site is available at $39 for one year, along with customer support. The paid version also offers to use the plugin for an unlimited number of websites.  


  • A vast number of free tools  
  • Ads-free plugin  
  • Support Ecommerce   


  •     Somewhat complex and heavy

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin facilitates the users with comprehensive information about each and every aspect of your website. It not only collects data from Google products but can also help to import data from other SEO plugins. It is equipped with all the tools that you can imagine and essential for effective SEO.  

User Comments:  

Dr: “I buy the pro version just after using the free version for some time. Although it takes some time to adjust the settings for my website that I want for my site. Afterward, it provides fantastic results, and the pack of all the tools helps to save my time. It is the best SEO plugin at an affordable price, and it helps me to get rid of multiple installations for my website.  

Scraplocal: “I was the user of Yoast, but I switched my site to SEOpress because I want to use schema and a few other features that are not included in the free version of Yoast. I am satisfied with the results, and I get great results for my websites. I think SEOpress is responsible for higher rankings of my site in the search engine results.   


8. The SEO Framework – review

The SEO Framework plugin is designed to follow the white hat SEO techniques purely. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - theseoframework

This plugin doesn’t collect or save data of your website and doesn’t allow the users to integrate third-party plugins within it. It is capable of creating Meta tags by reading the WordPress environment intelligently.  

Key Features:  

1. Preconfigured Settings: This plugin provides a great starting point for the optimization of the website with the help of preconfigured settings. However, you can change the settings as per your needs and requirements.  

2. Improved Search Presence: It is an excellent option to getting higher rankings in the search engines by enabling the breadcrumbs for search engines and capable to automatically create titles and descriptions as per the guidelines of search engines.  

3. Helps to Avoid Mistakes: Possibilities of mistakes are always present even from experts. Therefore, this plugin supports the users for avoiding errors. For example, it automatically prevents duplicate content on your website with the help of strict canonical rules.  


This plugin offers three types of plans for paid versions along with the free version with limited features. The essential plan is available at just $49 per year for use with two websites, while the premium plan costs you $99 per year for four sites.  

Third and the final plan is an Enterprise plan that is available at $299 per year that users can use for up to eight websites. Lifetime updates are the plus point in all the plans.  


  • Easy to use  
  • More than 70 SEO checks  
  • Real-time caching   


  • Customer support needs improvement   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

The SEO Framework plugin is compatible to use with all WordPress websites irrespective of the category and size of the website. It is easy to integrate and access to interface from the dashboard. This plugin provides all its services without the integration of Ads, even in the free version.  

User Comments:  

Yavuzc: “I use the free version of this tool, and it fulfills all my expectations very well. It helps a lot with creating titles and descriptions for posts and pages automatically. Colors on the dashboard help to divert attention towards various factors that are crucial for rankings.  

jxcques: “I was the user of Yoast SEO plugin (free version), and one of my friends suggest me to use this plugin. After using the free version of this plugin, I am planning to get the paid version for better results.  


9. Rank Math review

Rank Math SEO Plugin helps to optimize the content of the website in a better way so that you can make your website prominent for search engine crawlers and outrank your competitors. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Rankmath

This plugin is featured with step by step installation along with a configuration wizard that helps to set up SEO for WordPress site effectively.  

Personally, it is trully one of the best and my favorite SEO plugin by far. (-GB)

Key Features 

1. Simple User Interface: Rank Math plugin is capable of providing the right information at the right time to cover up the deficiencies on time and in a better way.  

2. Multiple Keyword Optimization: This plugin helps to optimize the unlimited number of focus keywords and related keywords at the same time. However, by default, it supports the optimization of five keywords only, but you can change the number with the help of a filter.  

3. Module Based System: The design of this plugin is based on a module system and allow the users to enable or disable the module as per the needs for enhancing the speed and control.  


This powerful SEO suite is equipped with a vast number of tools, and the most beautiful part of this tool is that it allows the users to integrate all the features in the WordPress site without any cost. Users of this plugin don’t have a need to pay even a single penny as hidden charges. Absolutly free… at least at this time. 🙂 


  • Built-in redirect manager  
  • Automated image SEO  
  • Snipped preview   


  • Lack of support for multiple locations

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Metadata is the most important part of rankings in the search engine results because crawlers of search engines use information in Metadata for rankings. This plugin helps to add an article type rich snippet with a single click.  

Furthermore, the inclusion of article rich snippets for the posts increases the chances that it can appear in the SERP as a rich card. It automatically increases the rankings and improves click-through rate.  

User Comments  

jps69: “Thanks for providing an excellent SEO tool that is totally free to the user. It gives a useful and precise guide about SEO and helps to optimize the content quickly. The most attractive part of this plugin is that it is lightweight and doesn’t put an extra burden on the website. This feature helps to maintain the speed of the website.  

calgorix23: “It is easy to use this plugin, and it offers all the essential tools that are required to start the SEO of the site from zero easily. An excellent tool for all, especially for beginners.   


10. SmartCrawl review

SmartCrawl plugin is an excellent option if you want to improve the SEO of your website. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - SmartCrawl

This plugin works very well without exhausting settings; accurate working without guessing, and you will see a clear difference in the performance of the website. It helps to create explicit, bold, and targeted content for top rankings in any search engine.  

Key Features:  

1. Smart Page Analyzer: This plugin is equipped with a smart page analyzer that is capable of scanning all the pages and posts for different SEO elements like keyword density, readability issues and provides suggestions for improvement in optimization.  

2. 301 Redirect: It helps to redirect website traffic from one URL to another that helps to get the benefit of productive links and saves your hard work.  

3. Multi-Site Settings: This plugin allows the users to act as a super admin who saves the settings for multi-site and also can optimize the settings for a single site separately.  


This plugin is free to use for 30 days, and after the trial period, users have to pay $49 per month for the SEO pack with support for unlimited websites. But the option to cancel or change the order remains open during the 30 days. However, users can get a bonus of dedicated hosting for three sites.  


  • Comprehensive SEO tool pack  
  • Complete SEO checkup with reports   
  • Real-time analysis  


  • Expensive for single-site users   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This SEO plugin not only helps to create Meta tag titles but also provide description suggestions for search engines and users as well. It is also fruitful for the improvement of the social media circle with the help of twitter cards, open graphs, and applies many other techniques for a wide range of social media platforms.  

User Comments 

David P Faustina: “A great plugin with easy integration and user-friendly design. It is easy to complete all the tasks in a short time but in an effective way. It helps to save a lot of my time, and I put that time in the creation of quality content. WPMUDEV provides a fantastic plugin, and it is rare to get this type of plugin with excellent customer support.  

Brian Kerr: “This plugin helps to solve some issues that come inherently
with Google search console. Thanks   


11. SEO Keyword Hound review

SEO Keyword Hound is the first WordPress plugin that provides comprehensive suggestions for keywords use. It gives ideas by analyzing the keywords of your competitors and tell the users which keywords are best and where to place that keyword.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins  - seo keyword hound

It also provides various statistics and matrices of keywords that help to optimize the content within the WordPress editor.  

Key Features:  

1. Robust Keyword Tracking: This plugin is capable of tracking the keywords both from the page and the entire site with the help of keywords API. This helps to monitor the performance of keywords in the search engines.  

2. Unique Competitor Comparison: It facilitates the users with information on a competitor’s keywords in terms of density and location. It not only provides data on single competitors, but users can also make a comparison with a group of competitors.  

3. Easy to Import and Export: It facilitates the users with a secure method to import and export the keyword data in bulk in the CSV file format.  


The lite version of this plugin is available without any cost for free users. However, if you want advanced features, you may go for the Pro Version at just $79 per year with support for two websites.  

For managing up to five sites, the Pro version is available at $149 per month. Even then, if you want to add more websites, you can contact customer support and get the bulk pricing for more sites.  


  • Free video SEO course with every purchase  
  • Comprehensive product guide  
  • Smart notifications   


  • May create problems with site speed   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This SEO tool is capable of providing crystal, precise results with more accuracy. This plugin makes it easy to understand the impact of every change you make on the website for SEO.  

It allows the users to track the performance after content optimization and suggest improvements for keywords that need consideration along with other keywords that don’t require any further action.   


12. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant review

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant facilitates the users with real-time recommendations for content optimization, depending on the guidelines provided by Google and other search engines.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - seo writing assistant

It helps to rank on the top 10 results of search engines in a specified location. Bloggers or webmasters can make a comparison of their content with the content of competitors for analyzing and improving the performance.  

Key Features 

1. Readability Score: It facilitates the users with readability score by analyzing the content on every page and post. It helps to improve the content as per the suggestions of search engines and cover the gap for better rankings.  

2. Entire Website Score: This SEO tool check the overall performance of SEO on the website and calculate the SEO score depending on the article length and targeted keywords.  

3. Plagiarism Checker: This tool is featured with a plagiarism checker that ensures the uniqueness of the content on the website that is the most crucial part of SEO.  


This plugin is associated with the SEMrush account; therefore, you need to get the membership of a web-based SEM SEO tool for integration in the WordPress Plugin.  

The Pro plan of SEMrush is available at $99.95 per month if billed monthly; the Guru plan is available at $199.95 per month while the Business plan is available at $399.95 per month. All the plans offer more advanced features with an increase in the plan price.  


  • Wide range of SEO tool  
  • Comprehensive comparison reports  
  • Perfect market explorer   


  • Expensive  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is not only crucial for bloggers, but it also provides excellent support for digital marketing and eCommerce businesses irrespective of size. The analysis and comparison feature offers tons of reports along with suggestions for improvements in the performance.  

User Comments:  

Thegioiremcua: “This tool is very convenient to use and provide improved performance even with the free version of this plugin. After start using the free version, I feel a significant improvement in the loading speed of the website. And hopefully, the paid version provides excellent support for improving results as well.  

Bobsled: “I already had a SEMrush account, but I have to switch to the web page of SEMrush for getting data and suggestions. It easy for me to optimize the content quickly with this plugin and saves my time that is worthwhile to consider. A handy and useful way to improve the performance and update the existing posts and pages.   


13. ShortPixel Image Optimizer review

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is the image optimizer tool. As we know, SEO comprises of a vast number of small elements, and image optimization is one of them.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - Shortpixel

This plugin is the best way to optimize the images in terms of size, dimensions, titles, description, and many other ways.  

Visitors of search engines also like to search their desired results with the help of images; therefore, we can’t ignore the importance of image optimization for SEO.  

Key Features:  

1. Automatic Image Format Converter: It is capable of converting the image format from PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG depending on the results and suggests using the one with a small size and better performance.  

2. Entire Site Image Optimizer: This plugin helps to optimize the whole images available on the website, either in the gallery or NextGEN gallery.  

3. Great for Photographers: This plugin is the best option for photographers to optimize the images. It helps to remove EXIF data from images and provide suggestions if it loses quality. It is also beneficial to compress the images without losing image quality.  


Like all the other SEO plugins, this plugin also offers a free version but allows only 100 images to optimize per month. However, the paid version starts from $4.99 per month with a capacity to optimize 5,000 images per month.  

The Large plan offers to optimize 12,000 images at just $9.99 per month, and the XXL plan provides the optimization of 55,000 images at $29.99 per month.  


  • Minimize the burden of images on the website  
  • Bulk image optimization  
  • Quick backups   


  • Automatically consume limit even without sign in   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin helps to improve the ranking of the website in search engine results by optimizing the images in a better way that attracts customers and search engines as well.  

You can not only maximize the photos but also can optimize the PDF documents available on your website. It reduces the load and site and ultimately helps to increase the speed that is crucial for higher rankings.  

User Comments: 

susana42km: “This plugin is handy for the compression and optimization of images and facilitates users with impressive results. It helps to make the speed of my website better by reducing the load time, and a single purchase is enough for me to optimize all the images on my website”.  

chriss10000: “It works very well, and it is hard for me to find the alternate of this plugin. I strongly recommend this plugin to every photographer for getting the better performance of the website”.   


14. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets review

Schema Pro helps to provide a summary of the article or post in the search engine results in a better way. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - schema plugin

It is the best way to get ranking in the top stories section by providing a rich snippet. This plugin is specially designed for bloggers who are managing blogs for delivering

Key Features:  

1. Article and Pages: It is easy to enhance the appearance of the post in the search result with the help of structured markups. It is beneficial to drive more organic traffic and mainly
attracts news contributors.  

2. Recipe Schema Markup: This feature attracts bloggers who manage websites for providing cooking recipes and tips. It helps to add different fields like ingredients, cooking time, preparation time, etc.  

3. Support Multiple Content Types: This plugin is perfect to use for different types of content like video content, article, event, product review, and many more. Therefore, it is easy to use this plugin on websites from every category.  


This is another plugin – one of the rare ones that offer their services without any cost. But you can donate some amount as an appreciation for their efforts and to improve the features in the future.  


  • Support rating feature  
  • Summarize the content  
  • Support multiple niches   


  • Customer support is non-existent 

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin helps to provide particular and vital information to search engines along with photos, price, author, star rating features that helps to make your website prominent from competitors.  

Once you get rankings in the search engine results in the top stories section, you will get massive organic traffic.  

User Comments:  

Andyboyag: “I give five stars to this great plugin because it is easy to set up and use along with support for different languages. Although it is a free plugin, even then, the support center helps to solve the issues I had faced. It helps me to show star rankings in the search engine results. Great job!  

Deehell: “I mailed them about some issue in this free plugin, I got a quick response that solves my problem very well. I found this plugin the simplest and lightest among the others available over the internet. I recommend this plugin to every blogger.   


15. WordLift review

WordLift helps to organize the content of the website by suggesting facts and information for readers and search engines. It helps to optimize the content in a great way that provides meaningful context.  

Best WordPress SEO Plugins - wordlift

Moreover, it helps to add a semantic markup in the content that allows the search engine crawlers to understand the purpose of the content easily.  

Key Features:  

Content Engagement: It helps the bloggers to make their content attractive that can engage the readers for more time. As we know, more time the reader stays on the website,
the more benefit you get from your website or blog.  

2. Support Images: It allows the users to use images from a common community that could in any format of design like maps, astronomical images, photographs, artworks, or many more.  

3. Improve the Visibility of Content: This plugin helps to improve the visibility of web content for readers with the help of annotations, semantic markup, and semantic markup.  


The trial version is available for free to use for 30 days, but you have to buy any of the paid plans if you want to use this plugin after the trial period. The Light plan is available at 47 per month, while the standard plan is available at 79 per month with some advanced features. 

However, the Business plan is suitable for handling multiple projects and is available in 199 per month. A business plan is ideal for marketing agencies because they have to manage more sites at the same time.  


  • AI-powered  
  • Support multiple languages  
  • Support writing techniques   


  • Expensive 

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is perfect for optimizing the content by using internal vocabulary instead of traditional techniques that help the users and search engine crawlers as well to understand the content easily. It also helps to improve the navigation, content repurposing, and search engine rankings as well.  

User Comments:  

Bokauffmann: “I am using this plugin from the past few months, and it helps me to create the content with the help of expanded vocabulary for my blog designed for real estate. It is effortless to use, intuitive, and fun for me to use this plugin. Impressive plugin .

Derincag: “It is one of the most advanced WordPress plugins that ever I used for my blogs. WordLift is based on AI that provides in-depth suggestions to manage WordPress blogs. It also provides recommendations for the improvement of internal linkings.   



Effective and accurate SEO is essential for every website; either it is made for blogging purposes or for eCommerce. The plugins improve the performance in several ways to effectively implement the SEO techniques, and you get a lot of guidance for improvements.  

Furthermore, the plugins help to know about updated rules and regulations for high rankings implemented by various search engines.  

In the above article, we discussed almost all the essential plugins available over the internet, and the use of any of the above plugin will provide amazing results.  

Hopefully, you get a lot of information from our guide about plugins, and it helps you to select the best one for your website, depending on the category of the website.  


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