Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate

WordPress is a website builder that helps the user create the website of his choice. It offers various functions and layouts which you can choose from to design your own site.   

It is widely used by bloggers, but it is perfect to create websites for businesses irrespective of category. The real estate business requires websites to display listings, prices, and many other things.  

Plugins are the set of codes used for adding certain functions in the WordPress website. There are a vast number of plugins to be found on the open web, a lot of them being free.   

We can use these plugins to further improve the functionality feature of a website. These plugins are codes written in PHP languages and allow the user to add various features to their WordPress website without having to know how to code.   

You may face problems in finding the perfect theme for developing a website for real estate. Still, various plugins are available to fill the gap of any function that is not offered in standard WordPress themes.   

Following is the list of most popular WordPress plugins that you can use for the development of the real estate website.   

1. Estatik plugin

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Estatik

Estatik real-estate plugin – WordPress plugin for real estate that is used to showcase listings for realtors. This plugin offers different dynamic themes to choose from and is easy to use.  

It provides an ajax powered auto-search. It also offers other small components such as widgets, multilingual support, google map support, and so on. The Estatik plugin contains free demos and themes, but its functionality is further increased by its paid IDX/MLS services and add-ons.   

Key Features:  

1. Sorting filters: With Ajax powered auto search and other filtering options, the user can sort listing based on date, price, or popularity.  

2. Social Sharing: This functionality enables the sharing of listings from social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.  

3. Photo Gallery and Video: having a photo gallery and video representation adds a more attractive look to your website, Video representation can be embedded by third-party platforms such as YouTube or video.   

The free version of the Estatik plugin does offer up a lot of features and widgets to experiment with. Still, for more features, you can buy the complete plugin package for $80, this premium package offers unlimited domains, lifetime updates agent support and so on.  


  • Unlimited Currencies  
  • Multilingual   
  • Saved searches and Wishlist  


  • Steep price range  

Why Should you buy Estatik real-estate plugin?  

The Estatik plugin offers organic MLS imports via RETS, meaning you can organize and maintain your personal database of listings and import more listings from MLS servers by connecting your website straight to the MLS database. Along with this, it regularly updates your server automatically to make sure all your listings are up to date.  

 User Comments 

 Inmocat: “Great software and support all the way!!  

JoanAldrich: “It is worth the investment for a premium plugin if you are looking for organic MLS integration. An excellent choice for realtors.  

2. Realtnya Organic

Realtyna is another real estate plugin for WordPress websites. It offers full flexibility, meaning you can add, change, or remove fields without having to change the database. It also provides a search option that allows the admin to set search parameters directly from the administration panel.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Realtnye

Realtyna organic also offers a flexible front-end dashboard for its users to add their listings quickly; users can add their profile, property location, custom fields, and more to their own personal dashboard.   

The Realtyna Organic or WPL Real Estate supports IDX listings in its premium version. IDX (Internet data exchange) is what you need the publicly display MLS listing on your website for users to see.  

Main features  

1. Dynamic Search Parameters: The user has full control of the search parameters set. The plugin offers dozens of filters to choose from to narrow down search results subsequently.  

2. Multilingual Support: Offers support for multiple languages for your website so you can be accessible to international clients as well.  

3. Profile Management: Gives the user the option to create their profile. You can add primary profile data such as your name, your company name, contact, pictures, so on, and so forth.  

4. Organic Data Feed Integration: Provides several different Add-Ons that cover all standard data feed integration (MLS, IDX, RETS, XML, CSV, DDF, and VOW).  

It offers a free version but with limited features. For using advanced features like Hosting Search Optimization and Ajax function, the basic Subscription package costs $199. By availing this one-time subscription, you can get access to all the features the plugin has to offer besides the add-ons such as IDX or MLS, which you have to purchase separately.   


  • Property Comparision  
  • Geo Meta Tags  
  • Frequent updates   


  • Not much to be offered in the free version.   

Why Should You buy Realtnya Organic?  

Realtnya Organic provides solid functionalities with multiple options that allow you to build and improve your website. By going for the premium version, you can add different widgets and get access to additional features like the Realtyna Mobile Application and the Advanced Portal Search option.  

User Comments 

 Jsmcculloch: “Great support! Best choice for adding MLS with WP!  

Jasonsugar: “Reliable Plugin, helpful support. Very easy to use.  

3. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate WordPress plugin for real estate that offers a versatile collection of features like editable and overwritable templates. It provides a user-friendly interface with excellent back-end support. This allows you to manage different property listings with ease. Essential Real Estate supports global payments and offers 3 payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer).  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Essential WP

It also offers agent management, and these features are mostly included in a premium version of most plugins. Still, Essential doesn’t ask you to pay for these great functions.  

Key Features  

1. Managing Properties: You can manage properties back-end as well as front-end   

2. Flexible search: You can add filters to narrow down search results  

3. Customizable: It offers the ability to add, remove and update different widgets on your webpage  

Essential Real Estate is a free-to-use plugin, but the company does accept donations to improve the performance of plugin in the future.  


  • Back-end and Front-end submissions  
  • Easy to customize  
  • Immersive compatibility  
  • Free Add-Ons   


  • Problems with new updates   

Why Should you use Essential Real Estate?  

If you want accessibility and great features like Invoices Management and ERE Mortgage Calculator without having to pay for them. Essential Real Estate is the plugin to go for. It is compatible with the visual composer and WPML plugins. Essential also offers free Add-Ons and Themes.  

User Comments 

 SaadfaKhan: “A fantastic thing to list your property.  

Ahmdogham: “ExcellentPlugin but has some issues with subtypes, and there should be a way to give a relation between property type and custom fields. All over this is the best real estate plugin for WordPress.   

4. Contempo Real Estate Custom posts

The Contempo plugin is best for those users looking to create a base for the theme of their website with customizable and easy to understand options. This plugin registers Custom post types with custom fields and taxonomies.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Contempo

This plugin is recommended for theme developers since there are no templates included. It serves as a foundation for theme authors to build custom real estate & listings themes.  

Key Features:  

1. Theme Developing: It helps theme developers to create custom real estate listings from scratch.  

2. Flexible Options: Provides adjustable features during the creating process of the website.  

3. Descriptive Design: Creating template files allows the user to build the website in their own vision from start to finish.  

The Contempo plugin is currently free to use with no premium feature yet introduced.  


  • Gives complete freedom while creating their webpage.  
  • Adjustable features  


  • Errors on every new update.   

Why Should you use the Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts Plugin?  

This plugin is open-source software, meaning anyone can suggest features to further improve the software, The Contempo plugin is best suited for those users who prefer to start from a clean slate with no guidelines or templates.  

User Comments 

 israelb1:: “I used the Plugin for a real-estate site – good Job, guys!  

Darkjest515: : “Best Real Estate Plugin out there.  

5. WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate plugin integrates seamlessly with the WordPress website. This plugin offers a comfortable and user-friendly interface that allows you to submit inquiries, listings, and oversee your agents all from the WordPress dashboard.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - WP Real estate

The plugin contains a collection of various features and functions. Recommended for those agents who are looking for a webpage to categorize their property listings and list properties for sale and rent.  

Key features:  

1. Advanced search: smart and customizable filters and landmarks that help you get the best relevant results.  

2. IDX/MLS Integration: Connects directly to the IDX server, which contains a whole database of already pre-defined listings.  

3. Gallery: Great looking gallery which offers drag and drop options. 

You can avail of the premium package for this plugin for $197, this premium package includes all the premium themes & plugins. The price is inclusive of tax.  


  • Compatible with all WordPress themes.  
  • Advance search forms  
  • WordPress customizer   


  • Plugin support is not ideal.   

Why Should you buy WP Real Estate Plugin?  

It enables customers to filter through buying and renting options. It allows the user to search by address, regions, zips, or landmarks. It also gives them a choice to explore different types of a house on the bases of their size, proportion, number of rooms, etc.  

User Comments 

 beetcore: “After using countless other plugins, this is the best one so far. Very easy to use and great.”  

TAZITRON: “Just what I needed. Great Plugin!”  

6. Real Estate Right Now

Real Estate Right Now WordPress plugin for real estate which provides a wide array of features. It offers excellent-searching options like a price range slider and the ability to create your own fields. It is a complete package of different Add-Ons, functions, and themes.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Real estate right now

Key Features  

1. Customizable Search Bar: You can add filters, landmarks and search fields to get the best results  

2. Price Range Slider: You can use the Price Range Slider to facilitate the users to do a search by applying their affordability range.  

3. Multilingual: Real Estate Right Now offers up to six different language files which include, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, and Spanish.  

Real Estate right now is also a free-to-use plugin that doesn’t have a premium version available as of yet.  


  • Create agents Front-end page through shortcuts  
  • Help manage different currencies  
  • Consistent updates and efficient support   


  • It doesn’t integrate with MLS   

Why Should you use Real Estate Right Now?  

Real Estate Right now is a real estate plugin that provides versatile searching options and excellent features for free. It has some issues with its multi-language pack, but other than that, it is a great plugin.  

User Comments 

 Shadowhelo: “It worked perfectly fine and did everything I needed it to.   

Emmapeuch:”A fantastic plugin with excellent, friendly, and accommodating support, Very much appreciated”.   

7. Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is the leading search engine plugin for WordPress websites. It fully integrates with the webpage, giving the user a portal-quality content search.IDX’s index allows you to search seamlessly through multiple MLS feeds.  

IDX is the most robust searching platform for real estate brokers, which helps make their webpage stand out and generate leads.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - IDX

Key Features:  

1. Widgets and Shortcuts: Codes that would typically take up multiple lines are shortened into one single line.  

2. Easy to add Map search: Allows you to add multiple polygon searches and add elements on the map.  

3. Mobile Device Compatibility: Offers a mobile app for users to get access to searching the listings or properties.  

The premium bundle costs $99.95 per month, this bundle includes advanced tools and more integration for your webpage.  


  • SEO friendly  
  • User-friendly property search  
  • State of the art mapping tools   


  • Costly monthly fees

Why Should you buy Showcase IDX Plugin?  

This plugin allows you to capture leads that help in gaining insight into your clientele and prevents future slipups with automatic followups and managing functionality. With this plugin, you can customize where and when clients are interested in registering for listings.  

User reviews:  

Thexconcept : “IDX provides a friendly IDX solution. As a web development org. Owner, it is very crucial for me, and my clients to deliver an SEO friendly solution. It provides everything you would need for an IDX solution and more.  

 Nullmem 5 Stars. I have used many IDX plugins for WordPress, and nothing comes even close when it comes to simplicity and elegance. Search Functionality, I really want to give this 5 stars, because the search functionality is terrific with almost every item in the MLS searchable.  

8. WP-Property

WP-Property is a WordPress plugin for managing or creating customizable property listings. WP-Property is flexible and easy to use the plugin. It is not only bound to real estate listings, but you can also find other products like livestock and vehicles. WP-property offers different types of widgets to help you manage your listings.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - WP property

Key Features  

1. Flexibility: Although the name suggests that this plugin is useful for property listings only, it can also be used for other products as well. You can find or publish anything you want as long as it is legal. Livestock, vehicles, and electronic equipment are the most common examples of the products you can find on this plugin.  

2. Excellent filtering options: WP-Property allows you to specify your search criteria and get the perfect results. This become possible due to its dynamic filtering feature.  

3. Dynamic Property Listings: It seamlessly integrates with WordPress without any coding required.  

The WP-property plugins premiums versions cost $83, this includes the add-ons and is also inclusive of tax, if you feel that this plugin is not for you you can return it within 30 days with a 100% money back policy  


  • Free Add-Ons and Themes  
  • SEO Friendly URLs  
  • Customizable widgets  


  • Poor tech support 

Why Should you buy WP-Property?  

The WP- property plugin offers versatility and flexibility, through this plugin, you can create the webpage which is best suited for you. You can add listing create drop boxes, add widgets, and update location. It is an excellent option for real estate management. 

User Comments 

RomeRo43: “The Plugin has been super helpful. I would rate it ten stars if I could.   

9. SimplyRETS

SimplyRETS is a plugin that allows you to search and display Real Estate Listings directly on the WordPress site. It has a user-friendly interface and is very simple to use. SimplyRETS offers dynamic filtering options.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - SimplyRETS

With over 20 different ways to create listings for your site, it is a reliable and versatile plugin for any Real Estate site.  

Key Features:  

1. Flexible: SimplyRETS is built around using shortcodes. This provides flexibility for customizing
your own layout. It also offers a customizable interface with no Iframes and excellent SEO.   

2. Geo-Coding: Geo-Coding allows you to add Longitude and Latitude to your locations, which helps make the build more efficient.  

3. Listing APIs: This feature helps make your website or app more customizable using your IDX data.  

SimplyRets offers three plans, the Basic plan, Premium Plan, and the Enterprise plan. SimplyRETS pricing works per app or domain. It allows you to connect multiple MLS to a single project. Each MLS connection requires a one time $199 connection fee.  

Other than that, the basic plan costs about $49/month, and the premium is for $99/month, whereas the Enterprise plan costs around $199/month.  


  • Market Analysis  
  • Robust Shortcodes  
  • Filters for searches   


  • Difficult to customize the output   

Why should You Buy SimplyRETS?  

SimplyRETS is an excellent plugin for developers and agents to build real estate websites or apps. You can connect multiple listings from your MLS. It offers a clean, well-documented, and reliable API and is worth spending your money on.  

User Comments 

Davidcate: “It’s easy and fun to use the Plugin, and it has fantastic API and support.  

Markwoodruff: “An impressive plugin with excellent support, Glad we chose this Plugin.   

10. Cherry Real Estate

Cherry Real Estate. If you want to start a new real estate project and are looking for a plugin to help you manage your listings. Then you should definitely check it out. It is an absolutely free plugin with no additional charges or anything.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Cherry Real Estate

You can use Cherry Real Estate for managing your Real Estate website or personal webpage. It also offers the ability to build your catalog.  

Key Features:  

1. Email Template Editor: Cherry Real Estate plugin offers an Email Template Editor, which gives you control over the messages people will get during registration or submission.   

2. Site Optimization: This Plugin offers a fantastic feature of site optimization. It upgrades the structure of your content while dealing with the database and cache in such a way that your site will gain popularity.  

3. Front-End Submission form: Front-End Submission Form helps you add agents and manage them. It also gets announcements from your site visitors.  

Cherry Real Estate is an absolutely free plugin and has no extra charges. It provides a great set of tools and functions for your Real Estate Projects without any charges.  


  • Three language packs  
  • Custom Widgets  
  • Advanced Search Forms   


  • Somewhat buggy (reported)

Why Should you Buy Cherry Real Estate?  

It is a great plugin that you can use to boost your website; it will help you adjust your site to the requirements of the site visitors and will provide you a set of tools to help build the perfect Real Estate Site.  

User Comments 

Derrick Zembower: “Cherry Real Estate is probably the best and easiest to use Real Estate Plugin I have ever used.  

AbelSpiwak: “Looking forward to the next update. Great Job, keep it up!   

11. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings is one of the most popular and dynamic plugins available for WordPress. It is very easy to and provides a set of advanced features, shortcodes, and editable templates to give you immaculate results.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Easy property listing

Key Features:  

1. Easy integration: You can easily integrate or link this Plugin to any WordPress site.  

2. Free Templates: This Plugin gives you access to more than a hundred free theme Templates to help build your site.  

3. Customizable: Easy Property Listings is a Fully Customizable and versatile Plugin, which means that it is compatible with any theme or framework.  

Easy Property listings provide a basic plan with great features like support for one site and one-on-one Email support. It is a great plan for personal use and offers 45 days access. It costs around $97 exclusive of tax.   


  • No coding Required  
  • No technical experience required (Easy to use)  
  • Over 100 Custom Fields   


  • Unclear Import  

Why should you Buy Easy Property Listings?  

Easy Property Listings is a responsive and mobile-ready Real Estate plugin for WordPress. It is fully customizable and displays listings in a beautiful grid format. The Plugin is worth the investment due to its amazing features and functionality.  

User Comments 

Avodahphoto: “Excellent service and Great Product. I highly recommend this great product.  

Michaels358: “The Plugin works well, and the support is amazing, highly recommended.   

12. Opal Estate Pro

Opal Estate pro. If you want to create a website for your Real Estate Business, you would want to pick a suitable and reliable Real Estate Plugin to install on your site. This plugin is a great choice to help build and control your site.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Opal

It has a user-friendly interface and provides a range of advanced features like API support.  

Key Features:  

1. SEO friendly: Opal Estate Pro generates SEO friendly URLs and offers a Mobile-friendly layout.  

2. Easy To Sort: The user-friendly interface allows the user to sort, search, and manage their property listings with ease.  

3. Extensive range of filters: The Dynamic and extensive range of filters allow the user to quickly search properties and agents.  

Opal Estate Pro starts at $39 and offers a four-month membership with two domain licenses and complete access to all themes.


  • Quick to set up  
  • Customizable  
  • Custom Labels and Translation support   


  • Slow Updates  

Why Should You Buy Opal Estate Pro?  

It is an excellent plugin with powerful features best for realtors. It is specially created for the selling, buying, and renting of property. It is a worthy investment and will not disappoint at all.  

User Comments 

Talkingtree: “Amazing product with amazing features!  

Manhnv: “A very advanced and rich-featured extension for Real Estate. I am building a property system, and this Plugin is doing great.   

13. IMPress Listings

IMPress Listings is version 2.0 of the already popular Plugin WP listings, or you can say that it is an improved version of its predecessor that provides additional functionality. It is used to create a fully-responsive listing management system for your webpage.   

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - Impress

Impress Listings is a dynamic and versatile plugin that can be used with any WordPress theme. It also includes several widgets that provide great functionality.  

Key Features:  

1. Automatic Map Insertion: This feature makes everything a lot easier for a realtor. You do not have to embed the map in your Listings manually, Just enter the latitude and longitude of the property, and the Plugin will automatically add a map to the listing page.  

2. Integration: You can link this Plugin with the Genesis agent profiles Plugin to display agents.  

3. Contact Forms: The Plugin offers a contact form for visitors to inquire about a certain property. It is included in the listing pages of the Plugin.  

IMPress Listings is currently free on WordPress.org  


  • Easy to Customize  
  • Flexible Search  
  • Compatible with almost every WordPress Themes   


  • Rarely any updates  

Why Should You Buy IMPress Listings?  

This Plugin offers an automatic listing display, meaning there is no need for shortcodes to display listings.  

User Reviews  

Webvalue: “Excellent Plugin and great support  

Walladolid: “Excellent Plugin! I will continue testing.   

14. PropertyHive

The PropertyHive plugin gives you access to the functionalities of real estate software, and this Plugin helps you manage listing and residencies, agents, owners, and customers. It is also compatible with other add-ons, which help boost the functionality of the overall Plugin.   

Best WordPress Plugins for Real Estate - PropertyHyve

This Plugin is best suited for those users who want a professional set up for their real-estate website, while at the same time being simple and easy to use.  

Key features:  

1. Premium add-ons: Add-ons, which significantly improve the functionality of the Plugin.  

2. Agency management: You can manage not only your customers but also your agents.  

3. Integrates: Hive is a platform that can integrate itself into any property website.  


The core plugin is currently free, but to access the plugins, you will have to pay for each separate add-on.  


  • Customizable  
  • Filtered search   
  • Updated regularly    


  • Poor Premium support  

Why should you buy Property Hive?  

The most attractive feature of the property hive plugin is that it is open-source software, meaning anyone from any corner of the globe can access and improve its back-end coding allowing constant updates for its betterment.  

User Comments 

m4cfarlane : “Great Support, Great Plugin”  

dexit: “Pleasant to work with and great customer support.”


Plugins offer great flexibility for adding any functionality in the WordPress based website irrespective of website category and purpose. Therefore, website owners don’t have the need to learn coding languages for developing particular functions. 

In the above article, we provide you with a list of the most popular plugins for real estate websites. These plugins offer all the necessary functions that you need in your real estate business. 

However, sometimes it could be challenging to find the complete functionality that you want for your website. But the above elaboration of all the features will surely help to find the one that fulfills your requirements very well. 

Any feedback? 😁 😥

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