WordPress plugins for Events for bloggers

WordPress is a broad platform that provides equal opportunity to people or bloggers from every niche for developing the website on WordPress. A vast number of WordPress themes are available for every category to help the users to get the desired website design, and they can add particular functionality like event management.  

However, every feature is not available in every theme; therefore, the use of plugins to expand its functionality is the only way if you don’t know about coding. Event management is a particular feature that is usually not offered by themes, or users have to buy the premium version of the theme if they provide this feature.  

83% of event creators use an event app.

Some more statistics from Eventbright:

96% of event creators plan to stream live video this year. Viewers spend 8x longer with live video than with recorded video, and 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a live video.

By using the plugin for event management, you can display information about different events on the website in an attractive way. You can use certain features of event management like online visitor registration, selling tickets, create an event calendar, and many more.  

All these features collectively create a remarkable impact on your website to users, and inevitably you will better results.  

There are over 55K plugins currently listed on the WordPress marketplace. If you are searching by keyword “events” there are about a thousand plugins filtered in the search. Which one to pick?  

Best WordPress Plugins for Events in wordpress marketplace

Hosting an event can take considerable time and effort to carry out, so you need to find the best tools to make your job easier. 

In this article, we will discuss various event management WordPress plugins, especially for bloggers who don’t want to buy a premium theme of events but want to add event management function on their website. Let’s take a quick review of the best plugins for events.


1. Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso 4 Decaf helps the bloggers or event managers to manage their events in a modern way. It helps to manage particular events from the WordPress dashboard and reduces the cost of admins.  

For example, you can sell tickets for the concert, conference, training, or various other events. You can also and pricing plans and payment features with this plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins for Events Espresso

Key Features:  

1. Event Registration Forms: Data collection is the most critical part of a successful event. You can create a registration form with this plugin to gather the desired data.  

2. Support Wide Range of Events: You can use this plugin for managing the full range of events, from short courses to online training sessions, concert events to festival events, etc.  

3. Secured Financial Transactions: This plugin is designed in compliance with rules and regulations of GDPR to ensure the safety of financial transactions. It is essential for event organizers and for the participant to keep the information of credit card secure.  


The Personal support license of this plugin is $79.95 that you can integrate with one website only. However, the developer support license costs $299.95 for integration in five websites.  

Everything support license is also available at $299.95 for a large business that needs additional options for their event but only for a single site. All the price
plans are offered in yearly plans.  


  • Multiple payment options  
  • Tax administration  
  • Invoice system   


  • Single site support in business plan   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Along with multiple payment options, this plugin is also integrated with the invoice system that is capable of generating the invoice automatically as the customer completes the payment process.  

This plugin sends the invoice automatically to the email of the participant. The invoice includes all the necessary information about the attendee.  

User Comments:  

Devinu: “The customer support team of Event Espresso performs very well. I like their working style because they inform about development effectively. I strongly recommend this WordPress plugin for every event manager for handling the event effortlessly”.  

Janecarole: “I needed to register the people for an event from my blog. My friend suggest me to use Event Espresso 4 Decaf, and it really helps me to complete the process thoroughly, and I hope, I can make the transition of the previous year’s registration to this year’”.   


2. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is the most popular and comprehensive WordPress plugin for managing the events online. It is equipped with all the necessary and essential functions that are required for maintaining the event website.  

It is the perfect way to display the events gallery in a grid form or in any format you want to show the information about the event.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Events - theeventscalendar

Key Features:  

1. Style Sheets: It helps to create a responsive and attractive style for displaying the event calendar and bypass the theme styling with the help of a built-in Skeleton option.  

2. Custom Event Recurrence: It is easy to manage a recurring event calendar by using custom recurring event designs.  

3. Advanced Widgets: Many advance widgets are included in this plugin that is beneficial to share the events on your website. For example, you can use a mini-calendar view, featured venue, upcoming events list, and a countdown to event is a bonus.  


The free version of this plugin is useful but up to a specific limit. Therefore, four premium plans are available if you want to get benefit from advanced features. The personal plan is $89 per year for use in a single website; the business plan offers support for three sites is $149 per year.  

The agency plan supports ten websites at $299 per year, and the unlimited plan is available to support an unlimited number of websites at $750 per year. But users can get support for an unlimited number of sites if they buy a multi-site network plan is $349 per year.  


  • Map view to an event venue  
  • Venue and organizer view  
  • Responsive   


  • Can be tricky to use  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is capable of covering the event details comprehensively, but there could be some details other than specific information like date, venue, organizer, etc.  

For adding additional information on the event, extra fields are available that allow the users to add the details they want to add for any particular event.  

User Comments:  

Tonybel: “This tool helps us in gathering information about all live music events in our area and uses that information later on in our magazine by downloading in a CVS file. This plugin allows the visitors to add information about their event in the calendar and put all the necessary information.  

Kellymichaelskelton: “This plugin helps to set up a calendar easily and in the right way. I just add “events” like to add “posts” in standard WordPress. This is an excellent plugin.  


3. Modern Events Calendar (Freemium)

Modern Events Calendar is a user-friendly, responsive, and mobile-friendly WordPress plugin to manage events from the WordPress dashboard.  

It helps the users to create an event calendar in the desired design as well as perfect for adding various functions in the blog like ticket selling, online booking, and invoicing. Furthermore, it allows users to migrate data from other plugins easily.

Best WordPress Plugins for Events - modern events calendar

Key Features:  

1. Front-end Event Submission: This feature allows the visitors to submit information about their event along with all the necessary information that helps the event planners to manage them accordingly.  

2. User Dashboard (Premium): This feature helps to create exclusive pages for visitors that comprise various functions like ticket purchases by creating the login account.  

3. WooCommerce Cart Integration (Premium): It is loaded with cart options like in the Woo-Commerce site that users can use not only for selling tickets but also for other Woo-Commerce products.  


There are three types of premium plans offered by this plugin, along with the free version. Single website support at $75 per year, while the support for five websites is $255 per year. The last plan provides support for ten sites at $455 per year.  

Furthermore, various add-ons are available to purchase separately with different price tags, and if you want to just add a specific feature in the free version, you can go for that add-on only.  


  • Add-ons are available  
  • Multi-Site Event Sync  
  • Comprehensive tools   


  • Need training for using all the features   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

One of the most beautiful and useful features of this plugin is that it offers free add-on of fluent skins. All these skins are designed as per the recent trends and meet all the demanding requirements. It helps to magically turn the design of the event calendar in the most attractive form for visitors.  

User Comments:  

Moehringp: “I install this plugin yesterday on the suggestion of my friend, and I found it excellent. It helps to make my event calendar attractive by providing a modern design. A huge collection of skins is available to meet the needs of everyone.  

r1rider: “before using this plugin, I try a few others, but some come with bugs while some require coding to get the desired results. But this plugin makes it so easy for me to get the desired design and functions.  


4. All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is developed by Time.ly Network Inc. to facilitate the event planners for managing the event calendar efficiently and effectively.  

It offers all the necessary tools and functions that are essential to organize the event calendar. It supports different features like import/export event details, creating modern and responsive designs, etc.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Events all-in-one event calendar

Key Features: 

1. Embedded Feature: It allows the users to integrate the calendar on every page of the WordPress site without requiring any modification in the theme.  

2. Easy to Share: It is easy to share the event calendar on your website on different platforms like Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal, and many more that support iCalendar (.ics) feeds.  

3. Easy to Import: This plugin allows the users to import the events data from other calendars by using category and event tags.  


The Pro version of this plugin is at $14.99 per month, with some advanced features that are not offered in the free version.  

While the HUBLITE plan offers additional features are at $37.50 per month, and HUB plan is at $83.10 per month. All the plans are billed for annual premiums instead of the monthly amount.  


  • Multiple view options. Web application.
  • Support various languages  
  • Embedded Google maps   


  • Poor customer support  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin offers the Events Discovery feature that helps the users to find the different events on Timely and add those events in their event calendar. It not only beneficial for gathering the data for your calendar but also attracts people to attend the events.  

User Comments:  

Mike Austin: “It is the best plugin that is suitable for managing a calendar for Buddhist charity that is organizing the classes on weekend evening and weekend day with free admission. It is easy to use with the free version”.  

Wendywestbrook: “We have been working with this plugin for many years, and all the features work very well. We find it the best among all the other plugins available for managing events.  


5. My Calendar

My Calendar plugin helps to display the events calendar in a richly customizable way. This plugin is perfect for displaying the calendar on WordPress Multisite.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Events - my calendar

It also allows the users to display multiple calendars depending on the categories, organizers, and locations or can display the list for upcoming events. It is easy to use both for developers and designers with enormous flexibility to design a custom calendar.  

Key Features:  

1. Responsive Mode: Tables are not responsive enough by nature, especially for mobile users. This plugin helps to create mobile-friendly tables and calendar for events with a massive collection style sheets.  

2. Create Posts from Events: Blog posts create more sense for a particular event. This plugin helps to add custom content for every event with specific and general information.  

3. Import Events: With the help of this plugin, users can import events from various platforms by using iCal formats or custom CSV files. You can also do it by just providing a URL for the specified form.  


This plugin is available to use for free but with limited features and also offers lifetime license along with customer support at $199.  

If you don’t want to get this plugin for a lifetime, then you can go for a single-year license that is $49. The yearly plan includes all the features and tools that are included in the lifetime plan.  


  • Easy to integrate  
  • Schedule recurring events  
  • Integrated help page   


Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is perfect to create and share the events in different styles within the website and on many social media platforms by using various built-in widgets. In simple words, it creates hype for the upcoming events with easy to share feature.  

User Comments:  

Vielfalterguestrow: “I love this plugin because it helps a lot in managing the event. But if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can optimize the display in a more attractive way that suits your website. Great plugin!  

Currantommy: “I really like this plugin due to user-friendly nature and easy to setup. It is perfect to use for all types of devices. Hopefully, it meets all my needs in the future.  


6. Amelia

Amelia plugin is designed to add the automatic booking system on the WordPress website. It is easy to integrate and designed explicitly for small businesses and for people who want a reliable booking center at a low cost.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Events - amelia

Amelia is equipped with enterprise-level technology for both front end and back end that helps to ensure the smooth working in a user-friendly

Key Features:  

1. Support Wide Range of Businesses: This plugin is perfect to use for a smooth booking system for a massive number of industries like law consultants, fitness centers, private clinics, and many more.  

2. Minimize the Cost: It helps to reduce the cost of assistant by providing sufficient guidance to the customer, sending real-time SMS, taking care of payment, and send alerts to both client and employee about the appointment.  

3. Easy Configuration: It is straightforward to integrate and configure the settings as per needs and requirements that help the client and user to get the desired function with few clicks.  


Along with the free version, Amelia offered three premium plans with some advanced features. The Basic plan is $59 per year for use in a single website; the Pro plan is open to use in three domains is $109 per year while the Developer plan is available to support an unlimited number of sites is $249 per year.  

However, this plugin also allows the users to buy the lifetime version for all the plans depending on needs or business requirements. The basic plan is available in $189 for a lifetime and supports a single site only.  

The Pro plan offers support for three sites at $389 for a lifetime, and the Developer plan is $589 for a lifetime. Lifetime customer support is available in all the lifetime packages.  


  • Appointment management page  
  • Automatic emails to clients about appointment status  
  • Easy to customize   


  • The export option is not available in free version   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

One of the most attractive features of this plugin is that it offers a classic step by step booking process designed by keeping in mind the UX, in a single page layout.  

It helps the clients to easily pick the services, locations, employees, and time and payment details. It also allows the clients to change the details without leaving the page.  

User Comments:  

thomasadamsxp: ” A superb plugin! It is prepared with all the necessary features, while the front end UI is extraordinary. Customer support is incredible, which helps to set up the plugin with more accuracy.  

monika17: “Thanks to the developing and support team to provide an excellent solution that completes the work in a short time. Best wishes for all.  


7. Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is designed to add event promotional activities in the WordPress site. This user-friendly is perfect to create the calendar for one-time events as well as for recurring events.  

wordpress plugins for events - Event calendar WD

It is equipped with various easy to use features that help visitors as well as an event planner to organize the calendar. It also offers multiple social media sharing buttons, and front end search options make it easy for visitors to find the event around them.  

Key Features:  

1. Distinct Appearance: By using various view options, customization settings, and a variety of style sheets, users can create a separate, attractive, and modern look for the event calendar.  

2. Complete Control and Flexibility: This plugin is highly configurable. It means you can get full control of displaying the calendar and events on the website.  

3. Detailed Descriptions: This plugin is perfect for providing the complete details about the event in the description option like event venue, event hosts, organizers, and any other aspect.  


The free version of this plugin works very well but with limited access to features. Therefore, premium plans are available to support users with advanced features.  

The Basic plan of this plugin is open to use for a single website is $25 for six months. The standard version is available to use for three domains is $40 for one year, and the thirty domains are supported by the Advance plan is $60 per year.  

Furthermore, the plugins bundle is available, which comprises premium event calendar plugin, 45+ premium themes/extensions, and 14+ premium events for six months is $100 for use in 30 domains.  


  • Ticketing system  
  • Import/Export option  
  • Subscribe option   


  • Lack of adequate customer support   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin helps to use the power of social networks effectively, and it is easy to create the hype of events that let the audience know about different events. It is easy to share the event calendar over various platforms by just pressing a share button.  

User Comments:  

rinustp: :I am happy with this plugin because it is easy to work with it, and it provides excellent results as well”. Fortunately, this plugin is compatible to use with Elementor. If you are looking for a well-functioning and straightforward plugin, select this one”.  

enel9: “An excellent plugin for adding the event calendar on the website. It is responsive and works smoothly, which makes me put a comment about it”.  


8. Events Manager

Events Manager is a reliable event calendar designed for event registration from every aspect like user registration, ticket purchasing, advance booking, and many more.  

wordpress plugins for events - event manager plugin

The built-in map helps the visitors to locate the event in their area along with all the necessary information and support. The flexible features help to design the calendar as per needs and requirements.  

Key Features:  

1. Secure Bookings and Payments: Booking the event is a tough job. This plugin is capable of completing the booking procedure by using different features and restrictions like capacity, multiple tickets, dates, and collect payment with the help of various payment methods before confirming a booking.  

2. Multiple Display Options: It helps to display the calendar in various styles with the help of widgets and shortcodes on different pages.  

3. Custom Booking Forms: Built-in booking forms offer a wide range of fields, and many of them may not be necessary for your event. Custom booking forms helps to eliminate the extra fields or add the additional.  


The free version offers a lot of features, but the Pro version is available with advanced features and many Add-ons. The Pro plan provides support for a single website is $75 per year and facilitates the five sites is $150 per year. All add-ons are free for the Pro versions.  


  • Import/Export Option  
  • RSS Feeds  
  • Compatible with SEO plugins   


  • Unable to delete Built-in pages   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

The Pro version of this plugin helps to fulfill the requirements of all the GDPR rules and regulations. This feature not only increases the trust of attendees and ensures the security of their payment details but also helps to keep the hackers away from your website.  

User Comments:  

Preecer: “I have used this plugin for my previous websites, and I was going to use it on a new one. But unfortunately, the website that offers the Pro version faces the problems of the server down. I think it’s not a good sign for excellent customer support.  

VERYA:”Finally, I got a comprehensive plugin that offers all the features that I was looking for, for a long time. The customization feature makes it prominent over other available plugins for events.”  


9. WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a lightweight and scalable event registration plugin that is perfect for integrating the entire functionality in the WordPress site.  

wordpress plugins for events - wp event manager

It is compatible to use with any theme with easy to customize options. Users can manage the event listings from the WordPress admin panel with a variety of layouts for calendars and displaying the events.  

Key Features:  

1. Search and Filter: Search and filter options are included based on Ajax features and use where you want to show by using shortcodes in a user-friendly environment.  

2. Event Listing Box Layout: It not only allows the event planners to design the display for events but also allows the users to select from the available options for a better view as per their needs.  

3. Event Dashboard: It is essential to list all the events for easy management. Therefore, this plugin offers an event dashboard that facilitates the users either as an author or organizer to manage the activities entirely.  


This is the only plugin that is free to use, but the advanced features are available as add-ons, and users have to buy the add-ons that they require to add a particular function. For example, users have to pay for every add-on like payment options, selling tickets, attendee information, and many more.  


  • Front end form submission  
  • Easy to use  
  • Event submission preview   


  • Lack of payment plans  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

There are lots of event types that you have to add in the calendar to attract more visitors. This plugin offers to add filters for events based on category.  

It will help the visitors to find the events for a particular type in their area. For example, by applying filters, they can get information about all the live music concerts in their area.  

User Comments:  

zepher38: “It is the best WP plugin that I never used before. It allows users to define multiple levels of users with their job title. It is easy to create various profiles and related pages quickly and in a well-mannered format.  

Pcdesign: “Extremely reactive support, it replied against my query in a few seconds that helps me to solve the problem. Even I contact them several times for diverse questioning, but they maintain the level of support. Many Thanks!  


10. Event Organizer

Event Organizer is developed by Stephen Harris that is capable of integrating the entire event management tool in the WordPress site. It is easy to use and offers to work in the same format, just like the standard post.  

best wordpress plugins for events - event organizer

This plugin is capable of handling all the complex functions and recurring events with a user-friendly interface. It also offers a wide range of widgets to display the calendar in the desired place and design.  

Key Feature:  

1. Advanced Event Management: This plugin offers many advanced features in the free version, like multi-day event support and complex event recurrence schedules, along with an option to add or remove individual dates.  

2. Highly Customizable Booking Forms: It allows the users to customize the booking forms as per needs that fulfill their requirements perfectly in a user-friendly environment.  

3. Massive Number of Extensions: It offers a wide range of extensions for better results like gateways, discount codes, front end event submissions, iCal Sync, and many more.  


This is the only WordPress plugin that offers many advanced features in the free version to facilitate the users to improve the performance, three premium plans are also available. The Personal plan is £50 per year for integration in a single website while the Business plan offers integrations for five sites is £90 per year.  

However, the Developer plan is available to facilitate up to ten websites is £120 with a vast range of extensions and additional features.  


  • Extensive range of extensions  
  • Support different types of events  
  • Custom permissions for users   


  • Consume more hosting memory   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

By using the flexible booking features, it not only allows the users to specify and integrate the restrictions for booking like time and date for booking. But also allow viewing and downloading the booking and attendees detail in the CVS format to keep the record separately.  

User Comments:  

Initsolutions: “Thanks a lot for developing an excellent plugin. Flexibility is the main feature that attracts me. I found it extremely flexible that it is not possible with any other known plugins. Great work!!  

Mike Oberdick: “I used this plugin once for my one project, but now I want to use it for my other projects permanently. It fulfills all my needs and requirements by providing full control over the entire functions and events in a well-mannered way.  


11. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is specifically designed to find the availability of holiday homes. It is perfect to use for people on their website if they have the business of renting the house to tourists from around the world. It is easy to use and display all the information about booking and availability, along with timing and all the necessary information.  

wordpress plugins for events wp simple booking calendar

Key Features:  

1. Edit Multiple Dates: It allows the users to edit multiple dates with just a single click and also can set a date range to find the availability of the home.  

2. Create Your Own Calendar: It allows the users to create the custom calendar by using a wide range of colors, text fonts, symbols along with the translation feature that supports a massive number of languages.  

3. Save Data: It is capable of saving all the booking data for every date for all the booking calendars you used on the website.  


Like many other plugins, this plugin also offers different premium plans along with the free version. The Personal program of this plugin provides support for a single website at $39, while the Business plan is available to use in five sites at $69.  

The Developer plan is designed for agencies to integrate this plugin in an unlimited number of websites at $139. All the plans are billed annually.  


  • Unlimited number of calendars (Pro)  
  • Display a tooltip with info  
  • Hide booking history from visitors   


  • Limited features in free version   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This is lightweight and easy to use a plugin that offers its services for a wide range of businesses. It provides an extensive range of customization options but also provides the best built-in settings that reduce the load of customization. It also offers support for import and export data from a wide range of other platforms.  

User Comments:  

1tuurie: “This plugin provides excellent results to manage the matters of our small home rental company and also allows connecting with external booking sites. The customer support is excellent and always provides helpful guidance with a quick response.  

Sonnheim: “It is suitable to use for booking websites. It not only helps to replace the expensive booking system but also offers many advanced features. I found their customer support exceptionally good.”  


12. Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar is designed to provide the modern and attractive look of the event calendar quickly and simply without complexion of work.  

wordpress plugins for events  - sugar calendar

It is a lightweight plugin that offers only the original features that are necessary for the integration of the event management system. It provides excellent support for different types of events.  

Key Features:  

1. Translation Ready: Translation is the foremost hurdle when foreigners have to book for an event. This plugin is fully localized and provides support for a massive number of languages.  

2. Start and End Times: It not only helps to assign the starting and ending dates for a particular event but also allows the users to assign a specific duration for the events.  

3. Single and Multi-Day Events: This plugin allows the users to handle the events that are held for multiple days or for a single day with specific timing.  


Other than the free version, this plugin offers four premium plans for its users. The Personal plan is available to use is $29 per year, but for a single website and the Plus plan offers integration for three sites is $49 per year. The professional plan is designed for agencies for inclusion in an unlimited number of websites in $89 per annum.  

The fourth plan of this plugin requires a one-time payment and gives access to entire features of the plugin for a lifetime. Users have to pay $249 once for getting lifetime access. All the premium plans provide access to all free add-ons.  


  • Three free add-ons  
  • Custom events posts  
  • Ajax-enabled calendar view   


  • Some basic features are missing like payment   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This is a simple event management plugin that offers to integrate the location of the event venue that helps the visitors to find the event in their area and locate the place as well.  

User Comments:  

Jon Schroeder: “It is the best option if you are looking for a simple event management system. If you know the basics of CSS and PHP, you can get extraordinary results. I have tried many other plugins, but this one is better.  

Vervetom: “This plugin is not like the packaged calendars that provide dozens of features that are useless for many users and create a burden on the website. Instead, the lightweight and responsive plugin that helps to manage the event smoothly”.  


13. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is an original and perfect way to show the availability of property or services for a particular day or time. It is designed in a user-friendly environment that allows visitors to find the desired results in no time.  

wordpress plugins for events - booking calendar

This plugin is specially developed for people who have to manage a hotel or apartment booking site or for service providers.  

Key Features:  

1. Advanced Day Selection: It allows the users to select the different booking options like
single day booking, multiple-day booking, minimum, or maximum days booking. It also provides support for half-day booking as well.  

2. Advanced Costs and Rates: This plugin allow the users to integrate seasonal rates and costs for a specific date or a set of dates. It also allows the use of deposit payments or coupons.  

3. Revise Existing Bookings: It not only allows the admins, but visitors can also change the bookings as per needs.  


This plugin offers five premium plans for the users, i.e., Personal, Business Small, Business Medium, Business Large, and Multi-User plan. The unique feature of pricing plans is they offer all the programs for single to multiple sites depending on the requirement of users.  


  • Flexible functionality  
  • Responsive front end  
  • Booking Calendar Blocks   


  • Problems with time booking   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

It is easy to activate and configure email formats for various booking actions by using different shortcodes. It automatically sends the emails with particular wording to visitors as they perform specific work on your booking form.  

User Comments:  

Colalf: “This plugin does its job accurately the same as the development team claims. I used various booking systems, but this plugin meets my entire demands very well. Besides, customer support is very responsive.  

Mmtrh: “It really meets the requirements of my website. I am running the rooms and service providing businesses. It was not so easy to manage the entire system, but it helps a lot to make it perfect”.  


14. Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress

Timetable and Event Schedule is an excellent option for creating a modern calendar for events with custom details like name, address, etc. It is capable of creating a unique event head avatars with background colors.  

wordpress plugins for events - timetable and events

A user-friendly tool kit is available to help the users for organizing events, customize settings, and finalizing the timetable.  

Key Features:  

1. Attractive Design for Upcoming Events: This plugin displays the upcoming events in a modern and beautiful way in the sidebar of the website. It provides all the necessary information along with an elegant look.  

2. Fast Schedule Functionality: By using different shortcodes, it helps to enhance the speed of the calendar for operating and finding the events by visitors.  

3. Flexible Timeframes: It helps the users to book the event or appointment with more flexibility in time by splitting the hours into four parts.  


Motopress is a WordPress plugin and theme developing company and offers a wide range of both products. In the premium plan, they include all premium plugins and themes under a single plan.  

Therefore, users can enjoy all premium services at the cost of a single product. The yearly plan is $249, while the lifetime plan is $699.  


  • Several column types  
  • Several filter styles  
  • Unique IDs for multiple timetables   


  • Lack of sufficient payment plans   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

The responsive design of this plugin is perfect for mobile visitors. It offers multiple layout options, i.e., grid layout or list layout.  

Both of these options are mobile-friendly, but if the grid layout creates viewing problems, then users can use list options for finding the events. Various widgets are also available to display the events.  

User Comments:  

Siteshack: “Great plugin and complete all the tasks placed over it. I use the free version, but the Pro definitely provides much better results. However, we need some more effort to improve performance. Great job!  

Mightyoak “Handy and flexible plugin, it works smoothly and provides excellent output. I face a few problems regarding shortcodes, but the customer support helps amazingly even though I was the free user. Doing well!  


15. Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy is developed by Franky Van Liedekerke to create a comprehensive and useful event management system in WordPress based website.  

wordpress plugins for events - events made easy

It holds a lot of features like recurring events feature, membership, location management, and several payment options. It is easy to install and create events calendars in different styles.  

Key Features:  

1. PDF Creation: It is capable of providing booking and membership details in PDF format in a well-mannered form.  

2. Automatic Email System: It facilitates the visitors with an auto-generated email that includes the membership card or ticket they booked through this system.  

3. Payment Gateways: It offers support for a vast number of payment gateways, including PayPal and many more.  


This is an open-source plugin, and anyone can use it on a WordPress site and get customer support in free as well. But you may donate some amount as appreciation for developers.  


  • Multi-site compatible  
  • Membership management  
  • RSS and ICAL feeds   


  • No problem because it’s free   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Along with a bunch of premium features free, it also offers support for a wide range of languages that allow visitors from around the world to use the system quickly.  

User Comments:  

timb111: “This plugin is perfect for managing the event, from creating tickets to booking the appointment. It is flexible to use with a wide range of customization options. Importantly, all features at no cost, amazing.  

Michaelrieder: “Franky, you have done a great job. I never see the plugin with such flexibility that it is perfect for managing the information about different events. Hats off to you for backend support. Five stars for you, buddy!!  



Well, we discussed the most popular event plugins for WordPress. However, it is difficult to suggest the best one because they all provide exceptional services. But for your easiness, we highlight all the significant and essential features that help you to find the perfect one that suits your demands.  

All the above plugins provide supports for almost every category and help you to complete the tasks efficiently.  


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