WordPress plugins for developers

WordPress is a website builder that helps the user create and manage the website of his choice. It offers multiple functions and layouts which you can utilize to design your site.  

WordPress is a perfect platform to create websites; It is used by developers to create websites for their businesses irrespective of category. Developers can use WordPress to manage their sites as it offers different plugins which provide vast customization and functions.  

Plugins are a set of codes that are used for adding different features and functions in a WordPress site and highly improve its functionality. These plugins are straightforward to use; therefore, anyone can use them without any complicated coding.  

There are over 50k plugins to choose from in THE WordPress marketplace.

The Worldwide web is a profound place, and you will have no problem finding the perfect Plugin or theme to customize or build your website as per your need. Most of the Plugins offered by WordPress are free, but there are some which provide extra features but charge a specific price.  

Today, we will discuss some of the best plugins that every developer can use to improve the performance of their Webpage and add more character and functionality.  

Following is a detailed perspective of every Plugin. So, let’s jump right in. 

1. LambdaTest (WordPress plugin for developers)

LambdaTest is a plugin that provides the ability of cross-browser testing. It is a process of testing webpages and applications across different browsers.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Lambatest

It checks the compatibility of your page or app through various web browsers to make sure that it works fine. LambdaTest also takes full-page screenshots directly from the WordPress Admin panels and utilizes them to find the compatibility issues of your WP pages.  

Key Features:  

1. Extensive Access: LambdaTest provides access to over 2500 different browsers and OS combinations. It also works with mobile versions of the browsers.  

2. Integrated Debugging: It offers a set of integrated developer tools to help you debug issues through live testing.  

3. Geo-Location Testing: LambdaTest also allows you to test from different locations to make sure every user is getting the perfect experience no matter where they are situated.  

LambaTest offers a free package, but it provides limited features. However, the premium version, which costs around $99/month, offers impressive features like Unlimited Web and Mobile Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, and 3rd party App integrations. LambdaTesting also provides free testing without having to enter credit card information or any sort of sign up. You can also save up to 20% by subscribing to annual plans.  


  • Automated Testing
  • Smart UI  
  • Real-time interactive testing   


  • Steep-price-range for premium packages.   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

LambdaTest is an excellent choice for developers to manage their webpages and posts as it offers remarkable features like Live testing and cross-browser testing. It is a resourceful tool and can prove to be quite handy because it eliminates any manual work you have to do and replaces it with its smart and responsive automated system.  

User Comments: 

Ramakant: “An amazing product. It is fast and easy to use, and it helped save a lot of time.
I am fully satisfied with LambdaTest. Great work!   

MortenSkytEriksen: “I am in love with the product and the excellent responsiveness the site has to offer. I totally recommend LambdaTest!!!  

2. Debug Bar (WordPress plugin for developers)

Debug bar is a plugin that allows the user to add a debug menu to the admin bar. This debug menu lists queries, caches, and other significant debugging info. This menu is quite useful for developers and should be installed on every WordPress site. 

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - DebagBar

Key Features:   

1. Multiple Add-Ons: Debug bar offers various Add-Ons like Shortcodes, Language files, and Filters. These Add-Ons can be used to gain additional insight.  

2. Timeline: This Plugin also offers a timeline where you can see which part of the execution takes the most time and resolve it.  

3. Categorized Lists: The Debug bar plugins offers a categorized list of all the hooks triggered on the page and also a list of loaded PHP files.  

You can install the Debug Bar plugin from WordPress for free and utilize all of its features.  


  • Open Source Software  
  • Single-click Enable/Disable   
  • Multiple Add-Ons   


  • Some compatibility Issues reported

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

The Debug Bar is an efficient way to check the issues with WordPress installations. It can help list down the problems in a shared view from where you can work to get read of them with ease.  

User Comments:  

Jason: “Debug Bar is a great debugging tool with many other supporting plugins available. It is quite simple and extensible. A must-have plugin for developers!  

Spacetime: “It is a great debugging tool and does an excellent job. I found it quite useful when I was debugging my plugins. Fantastic work, guys!   

3. Usersnap (WordPress plugin for developers)

Usersnap is a bug-tracking plugin for WordPress; it offers a set of project management tools and a point and clicks reporting system, which makes catching bugs a piece of cake.  

If you are using Usersnap, then you don’t need to install anything else as you can get visual feedback and reports directly from your customers. Usersnap also uses screenshots of your browser and provides efficient communication between you and the customer.

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Usersnap

Key Features:

1. Seamless Integrations: Usersnap allows the user to integrate the Plugin with other bug tracking or project management plugins. This provides improved performance.  

2. Multilanguage Support: Usersnap offers a multilanguage pack with over eight different languages. So, you can communicate with your users quite easily to collect visual feedback.  

3. Context Capturing: This Feature allows you to check which device, resolution, or browser caused the bug or problem.  

Usersnap offers a basic plan for $9/month, which offers unlimited screens and unlimited reporters, and if you want extra features, Usersnap also offers more significant packages. There is a free trial available for every plan so you can test it out and see if it satisfies you.  


  • No tickets  
  • Unlimited feedback reporters  
  • Mobile support   


  • Does not work with the embedded content   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

While creating or managing a webpage, a developer faces many problems. The biggest issue a developer faces is the issue of bugs. These bugs can cause different errors for the users visiting your site. Usersnap helps you track these bugs and help get rid of them by finding out the cause of the problem. So, that is why Usersnap is a necessary plugin for developers.  

User Comments: 

LeBear: “I subscribed to the 14-day trial and have been using this Plugin for a couple of days now, and I have to say that I am quite impressed. This Plugin is easy to install and configure, and I will definitely purchase it after the trial is over.  

Erinbosquet: “This Plugin offers excellent usability and is a perfect tool for marketers. I am
super happy with my purchase!   

4. ThemeCheck (WordPress plugin for developers)

Theme Check plugin is an excellent tool for testing the theme of your site and ensure that it is up to date and spec with the theme review standards. The Theme Check team reviews the themes and pastes the output in Trac tickets. Theme Check also has its own markup language.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Themecheck

Key Features:  

1. Code Packages: The Theme Check plugin provides code packages for available themes to use on other sites.  

2. Significant Add-Ons: Theme Check Plugin offers many different Shortcodes and Widgets like Registered Sidebars and Dynamic Sidebars.  

Theme Check is currently free to download on WordPress.org and contains no extra purchases.  


  • Customizable themes   
  • Supports Standard Avatar Functions   
  • Personal Markup Language  


  • Lesser Updates   

Why should you use this Plugin?  

If you are a theme developer and want your themes to support the latest WordPress theme standards, theme Check Plugin is an excellent choice for you. It checks to see if your themes are up to date and if they are outdated, Theme Check helps customize them and ensures that they are up to the latest WordPress theme standards.  

User Comments: 

Organic Themes:: “We use Theme Check Regularly for the development of our themes, and we must say that it is a necessity for theme developers. Thanks for creating such a useful Plugin.  

Jose: “Theme Check is undoubtedly one of the best plugins for theme developers. It is the perfect tool for developers.   

5. User Switching

User Switching plugin allows you to switch between multiple user accounts very quickly. With just a click of a button, you can switch between your accounts. It offers a user-friendly interface and requires no complicated steps to set up.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - User Switching

Key Features:  

1. Instant switching: You can easily switch between users from the user’s screen. It logs you out of one account but retains the ability to log back in instantly.  

2. Implemented Security System: The User Switching Plugin implements the security system so those who want to switch user can switch them.  

3. Full Support: Userswitch offers full support for user validation and user administration over SSL.  

UserSwitch is a free-to-use plugin that you can download from WordPress.org. It requires no billing information or any additional charges.  


  • Cookie authentication system  
  • Multisite Installations  
  • Compatible with many sites   


  • Somewhat buggy yet

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

If you have to complete specific administrative tasks that require you to work through multiple user accounts, User switching is just the Plugin for you. It offers efficiency, so you may switch between accounts without wasting any time.  

User Comments 

BegomarioGarde: “I use User switching for development; it is a fantastic tool to switch between users quickly. I simply love it.  

Organic themes: “It is such a useful plugin. We use user switching regularly, and we have to say that User Switching is a necessary plugin for any WordPress site. Great Plugin!   

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most preferred and popular plugins; it is used to help optimize your site so it can get higher rankings in the search engines. SEO is an excellent choice for developers as anyone can use it.  

Yoast Introduced SEO with an aim that everyone can use it, ranging from a local shop from your neighborhood to some of the most popular sites in the world; SEO has many users.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Yeast SEO

Key Features:  

1. Increases Readability: All of us know that content matters the most. The best way to attract more visitors to your site is to have engaging content that is easy-to-digest. SEO does just that with its readability analysis feature, which makes sure that you are writing engaging content.  

2. Title Templates: SEO offers Title templating and meta description templating, which customizes and provides dynamic titles for improved branding. Hence, your site shows up in the top results and attracts a lot of visitors.  

3. Snippet Preview: The Snippet preview feature shows you what your site or post will look like in the search results. Snippet preview can be used on both PC and Mobile.  

Yoast SEO is free to use but offers limited features in its free version. So, if you want premium features like faster indexing, multiple keyword optimization, and readability check, you will have to pay $89/site. This package also includes a year of free updates and support.  


Full control over your Breadcrumbs  

Content Insights  

Internal Linking suggestions   


Limited features in the free version   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

 If you want your site to look great, get higher ranks on search engines, and attract a ton of visitors. Then, you should use Yoast SEO because it offers various editable templates to improve the quality of your site without any hassle, and it also keeps an eye on your website so it may not get outdated. In short, Yoast SEO offers many excellent features for the optimization of your site.  

User Comments 

Teslan: “SEO is a handy plugin; it makes SEO much more manageable and should be installed on every site from the beginning.  

Danielhay: “Yoast SEO is the must-have Plugin for every site owner. It is easy-to-install and easy-to-configure. Plugins like Yoast SEO should just be a part of the WordPress core. Love it!   

Teslan: “SEO is a handy plugin; it makes SEO much more manageable and should be installed on every site from the beginning.  

Danielhay: “Yoast SEO is the must-have Plugin for every site owner. It is easy-to-install and easy-to-configure. Plugins like Yoast SEO should just be a part of the WordPress core. Love it!   

7. WordFence Security

WordFence Security plugin protects your site from malware. Just like the name suggests, Wordfence creates a barrier or a fence around your WP site, which acts as a barrier to offer protection against malware. It provides a simple setup process and a user-friendly interface so that anyone can easily set it up.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - WordFence Security

Key Features:  

1. Country Blocking: WordFence Security offers the ability to block certain countries that are involved in malicious activities, and this is a great feature that helps protect your site.  

2. Deep Integration: WordFence Security plugin offers an in-depth integration feature. By enabling this feature, you can protect your site from hackers.  

3. Security Scanner: The WordFence Security plugin has a powerful scanning tool which scans the core files, themes, and the traffic and gets rid of the spambots and bad URLs.  

The WordFence security Plugin offers a free version but with limited features. If you want to get access to premium features like an IP blocker and a Realtime BlackList, you will have to pay $99/license. You can also avail of a discount of 10% by buying four licenses at once.  


  • Advanced Manual Blocking  
  • Leaked Password Protection  
  • File Repairing feature   


  • Problems in newer Updates.   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin is one of the most secure plugins you can find on the internet. It offers an excellent security system and is also featured with the latest two-factor-authentication method for logins. It is a must-buy if you want to keep your data secure.  

User Comments 

Raywjohnson: “It is a great plugin with amazing and friendly support. I am delighted that I purchased this Plugin, and I use it to manage multiple sites. It is effortless to keep them
Secure with WordFence Security Plugin.  

Ktbowes: “WordFence Security is, without a doubt, a fantastic product, and it works flawlessly. The support is even better, and they treat their customers with respect and kindness. It did exactly what it promised.   

8. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus plugin allows you to simplify backup restoration. It is one of the highest-ranked backup plugins in the world and has over 2 million active installations. Updraft Plus backs up your files into the cloud, which you can restore with a single click. A reliable backup plugin is essential as the vast range of WordPress deployment is very complicated.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers Updraft

Key Features:   

1. Central Updates: Updraft Plus provides constant updates on themes and plugins. The Plugin also offers a central dashboard for managing the settings.  

2. Advanced Admin Tools: You can easily inspect your system information and manage your site.   

3. Advanced Support system: Updraft provides an efficient and professional ticketed support system and a live active forum.  

Updraft Plus offers a load of different Add-Ons like incremental backups, Wp-CLI integration, and enhanced reporting. All of these features have a price. The premium package includes all Add-Ons, Updates, and Support; it costs around $42/year.  


  • Free Updates  
  • Free Storage  
  • Unlimited Annual Cloud subscription   


  • Poor Support  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

When managing a lot of data, you need to have a safe backup where you can store it. A secure backup allows you to restore your data in case it gets deleted or corrupted. Updraft Plus offers just that; with unlimited cloud storage and a robust security system, it is a splendid choice for developers.  

User Comments 

Earid.A: “A super awesome plugin! I use it whenever I back up my data from WordPress sites. Its just what I needed, Thanks!  

Marieperier: “I don’t know about a WordPress backup plugin better than Updraft plus. I have
been using this tool for some time now and for twenty different websites. I am extremely satisfied!   

9. Query Monitor

Query Monitor is a WordPress Plugin that offers a developer tools panel. The tool panel allows you to enable debugging, Hooks, Actions, and API calls.  

So basically, it is used to display information by showing aggregate database queries in a categorized form, which will allow you to pick out the poor performing plugins and themes.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers Query monitor

Key Features:  

1. Hooks: Query Monitor tracks a list of hooks related to the panel, and lists them in the Sub-Menu whenever you attach a theme or Plugin. This feature helps you find the attachments that make changes to your site.  

2. Advanced Features: Query Monitor includes many advanced features like User Capability checks that check if the system meets the sets of requirements, and Ajax call debugging logs all AJAX tools to the Developer tools console and makes debugging much easier.  

3. Organized Templates: It provides an organized list of templates with the filenames and every Loaded/Unloaded part.  

Query Monitor is available to every user for free and can be downloaded directly from WordPress.org  


  • Loaded Translation Files  
  • Environment Information  
  • Database Queries   


  • Inconsistent updates  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin is perfect for developers working on a complex site as it makes it easier to find problems and detect bugs. The Impacting Layout can track down queries, API calls, and timeouts. The best thing about Query Monitor is that its free to use.  

User Comments 

Pitichampi: “Hey! I am so grateful for such a fantastic plugin, thanks to this Plugin, I have been able to understand why my commerce site was slow. Query Monitor has helped me grow my website. Indeed a best friend for a developer!  

Mrdumont: “Query Monitor is an excellent plugin for developers; it shows the best and the worst and makes it very easy to detect problems and improve your site. Absolutely Brilliant!   

10. Style Guide

StyleGuide is a plugin that helps edit your WordPress themes by changing the fonts and font colors. It is used to give your website a new look and to add more character to it. You can eliminate the hassle of complex coding because StyleGuide is compatible with almost every WordPress theme.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Style Guide

Key Features:  

1. Developer Functionality: This feature allows the user to add support to other themes. One can also add more fonts through this feature.  

2. Preview feature: You can customize your site trough StyleGuide and then get a live preview of your work before saving the settings. This can add more precision to your work.  

3. Additional Character Sets: StyleGuide Features fonts with different character sets like Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.  

StyleGuide fonts-and-colors is also free-to-use and is available to download directly from their site and WordPress.org. It requires no billing information or extra charges.  


  • 45 different fonts available  
  • Filter Fonts feature  
  • Customizable   


  • Rare updates  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

An attractive WebPage can attract visitors if you want to give your Webpage some quirks by changing the font and font color to add more character, and to make it look more presentable. Then, StyleGuide is a necessity.  

User Comments 

AdamBrown82: “StyleGuide is a fantastic plugin. It has changed the fonts on my site and made them more appealing and pleasant. Well Done!  

Grueni62: “I’m glad that I came across StyleGuide. It is very reachable and has an excellent responsive system. The support is beneficial too. It works just right for me!   

11. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails plugin provides the ability to regenerate thumbnail sizes for the images stored in your media library. You can also delete unused and old thumbnails to free up space.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Developers - Regenerate thumbnails

Key Features:  

1. New sizes: The Regenerate Thumbnail plugin keeps on adding new thumbnail sizes through updates so that you can choose that size for your saved thumbnails.  

2. Customizable: The Regenerate Plugin allows you to change the dimensions of a thumbnail size and edit it.  

3. Image Regenerator: This Feature changes the dimensions of a picture to remove its blurriness and makes it clear.  

You can download the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin for free form WordPress.org without any additional charges.   


  • Free-to-use  
  • Fully Customizable  
  • Excellent automated support system   


  • Complicated interface  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

If you want to choose a theme for your site or Webpage, it will need a thumbnail. The Regenerate Plugin helps you regenerate any image from your media library, and it changes the dimensions for it to be the perfect size for a thumbnail.  

User Comments 

Organic Theme: “It is a must-have plugin for all the developers out there. I have been using it for two years now, and it has helped a lot. Thanks. A lot! For this wonderful Plugin.  

Alaninteradm100: “This Plugin worked very well and saved me a lot and helped me with my job. It makes uploading images very quick and easy. I would rate it ten stars if I could.   

12. RTL Tester

RTL Tester is an easy-to-use plugin. It offers a simple function which is quite useful. RTL adds a button to the admin bar; this button provides the ability to switch the direction of the site. RTL stands for Right-to-left and, this Plugin allows you to test your themes with Right-to-Left text direction.  

RTL Tester - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. Easy to Use: When you install the RTL tester Plugin, it’ll add a button to the admin bar, which is basically a point and click system and makes things a lot simpler.  

2. Multilanguage pack: RTL Tester plugin offers more than five languages, Chinese, English, Hebrew, Japanese, Urdu, and Arabic.  

RTL Tester is also free to use and has no extra charges.   


  • User-Friendly  
  • Compatible with all versions of WordPress  
  • No hooks   


  • Buggy

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

RTL Tester Plugin is an essential plugin when it comes to creating or testing an RTL Theme and provides a lot of efficiencies. So, if you are looking to create a multilingual WordPress site, you should definitely use RTL tester so you can attract a vast audience from across the globe. By doing this, you will get appreciation from your visitors.  

User Comments 

MukeshMali: “A perfect tool for testing RTL themes, and it also helps create Urdu and Arabic websites. A great Plugin!  

JaneMaddison89: “I used this Plugin recently, and it is absolutely amazing, and I also tested my website theme with this. A useful Plugin. Thanks!   

13. Health Check and Troubleshooting

Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin is used to run tests on the WordPress library to detect common problems and issues. It can also be used to check themes and plugins. Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin offers several sections that provide multiple functions like the debug section, which is used to gather information and server configuration. In contrast, the Tools section checks your files and emails.  

Health Check - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:   

1. Troubleshooting: This Feature helps you maintain your WordPress sections by cleaning them thoroughly.  

2. Consistent Checks: The Plugin checks the WP files, Emails, and themes to see if there is any issue or If the files are compatible with the new updates.  

3. Wide range of languages: Health Check and Troubleshooting offers a lot of different languages. Some of which are Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, and many more.  

The Health Check and Troubleshooting Plugin is created by the WordPress.org community and can be downloaded and used for free without any extra charges.  


  • Ability to add checks to themes   
  • Fantastic Support  
  • Compatible with PHP version Updates   


  • Errors reported in Troubleshooting mode   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin checks your site, themes, and plugins to keep track of whats going on and removes any sort of errors or tampered mails. So, it is quite useful for developers.  

User Comments 

ContentMeister: “It is a useful plugin, andI’m glad that it exists. It is perfect to see if something is wrong, I tested it on one site, and it proved to be quite useful, so I installed it on all of my WordPress sites. Amazing Plugin!  

Vtveiteras: “It works just the way it is supposed to, and I had no problems using Health Check and Troubleshooting Plugin. I installed it, and it showed me the issues with my themes right away. Thank you for making this available.   

14. Log Deprecated Notices

Log Deprecated Notices plugin provides the ability to log the use of deprecated files and functions. When the Plugin detects the usage of deprecated data, it highlights the file and offers an alternative.  

Log Depreciation - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. Plugin Identification: This Feature detects the plugins being used on your WordPress site and also provides details.  

2. Filtered files: The Plugin applies filters on the deprecated files and plugins.  

The Log Deprecated Notices plugin is totally free. Just download the zip file, and after that, upload it to your WordPress site.  


  • Auto-Purgeable Logs  
  • Multisite Support  
  • Improved Logging for Improper usage entries   


  • Compatibility issues  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

It is an Important plugin to use for detecting the usage of deprecated files and incorrect functions. It quickly highlights the problems and provides effective alternatives. Log Deprecated Notices is a fairly new plugin and is getting better with every update.  

User Comments: 

Capbussat: “It is effortless to use and is impressive for debugging plugins. It is just what I needed. Now I can quickly identify the issues with the log files. Brilliant, Thanks!  

Stimpygato: “I needed to get rid of a deprecated call message; I am so glad that I found this Plugin. This is now a must-use plugin for me. Thanks a lot!   

15. WP Reset

WP Rest plugin restores the data of your site back to its default state. You can choose the parts you want to delete, or it will delete all the customizations and files. With WP reset, you can never lose your data because It provides a restore function, which is extremely useful in case you accidentally delete your data.   

WP Reset - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. WP-CLI compatible: WP Reset is fully compatible with WP-CLI and is very fast and efficient.  

2. In-house free support: WP Reset offers an excellent support system that is free and reliable. You can ask for help from the team behind WP Reset and the people who use it every day for free.  

3. Selective Reset Tools: When you are about to reset your site through WP Reset, it gives you the option to choose the things you don’t want to delete like themes, plugins, media, and Database Tables.  

WP Reset offers many amazing features, and surprisingly, it is free. You can download WP Reset directly from WordPress.org  


  • Web-book integration  
  • Nuclear Reset  
  • DB Snapshots   


  • Sudden crashes  

User Comments  

Arkanum: “I have to say that I am quite impressed with the functionality of this tool. It completely resets the tour site back to its original state with just one click. Wow!  

StephRa: “It is an excellent tool for developers and non-developers. I use it regularly to reset WordPress and practice on a fresh install. The Recommendations to delete unnecessary files and themes are really good. Thanks!   

16. Advanced CSS editor

Advanced CSS editor is an effective plugin that allows you to customize your site and modify the design of its theme. This Plugin helps you improve your WordPress theme. Perfect if you want your website to have a new and improved look.  

Advanced CSS - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:   

1. Live Customizer: Advanced CSS editor offers a live customizer, which lets you see the outcome.  

2. Device-specific coding: Advanced CSS editor allows you to write different codes for different devices like mobile, tablet, and PC.  

Advanced CSS editor is free-to-use. The site has a donations tab where you can donate any kind of money, and it will go straight to charity.  


  • Adjustable  
  • Custom CSS for every device  
  • Customizable Appearance   


  • Too complicated for a beginner   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

CSS is a sophisticated computer language, and that is why most of the people don’t know how to code. This Plugin helps design the website by allowing custom codes and customizing it to look better without affecting the performance.  

User Comments 

Besfe: “This Plugin works great. It is beneficial and works perfectly without any sort of issue. Very Creative and straightforward to use!  

TheBBcreamGirl: “It is a handy plugin and makes it easy to customize CSS. I love the fact that you can edit directly from the WordPress customize section. Highly recommended for CSS pros!   

17. Password Protected

Password Protected offers a straightforward function of adding a password to your WordPress Site. It is only used to add a password to the WP content. It does not apply to the uploaded files or images, which means that they will remain accessible.  

Password Protected - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. Administrators access: This feature allows the administrator to access the site without entering the password.  

2. Available feeds: This Feature allows access to the feeds.  

3. Third-Party App Support: Password Protected plugin allows support for the Uber Login logo Plugin and also works with Mark Jaquith login logo plugin.  


Password Protected provides an excellent feature for free. It is available to download from WordPress.   


  • Password Protection for your WP sites  
  • Highly Compatible  
  • Reliable    


  • No settings option  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

Every developer needs to install this Plugin because it is better safe than sorry. A password can protect your WP site and its content from being stolen.  

User Comments 

Dragoeco: “I am pleased, and thank you very much for this splendid Plugin! It is simple, easy-to-use, and does exactly what I want.  

Mqfell: “This is a simple, easy-to-use, and fantastic Plugin to add a password to protect your site. Satisfied!!!   

18. Theme Switcha

Theme Switcha plugin took the best of features from other plugins and removed the drawbacks and created the best theme switching plugin for WordPress. It offers a smart UI and an excellent theme-switching function.  

Theme Switcha - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. Frontend switching: This Feature allows the user to switch between themes through the Frontend page.  

2. Customizable: This Feature allows the user to create their theme or customize an older theme in private.  

3. Shortcodes: Theme Switcha provides the user with shortcodes, which enable them to switch themes.  

Theme Swithca is an excellent and free plugin. You can download Theme Switcha from


  • Flexible  
  • One-click-restore option  
  • Built with WP API   


  • Lack of support  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

You should use Theme Switcha if you want to develop themes for your sites. You can test and build new themes via the Frontend page, and the visitors will neve know. It also works great with other WordPress plugins.  

User Comments 

Isk: “I am currently using this Plugin to build a multilingual site with a template and a database, and so far, Theme Switcha has been working flawlessly. I am grateful to theme switcha! Thanks  

Abdelfatah Aboelghit: “Theme Switcha is an amazing plugin! Thank you very much for this tool. It is beneficial for developers, and now it is a permanent part of my dev tools.

19. File Manager

File Manager is used for managing files – delete, copy and paste, download, upload, and basically manage data through the backend page of WordPress. It is effortless to use and provides unparalleled flexibility.  

File Manager - Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Key Features:  

1. Control over File types: You have complete control over the files you want to download and the files you want to upload.  

2. Hide Files: The file manager gives admin access to hide files and folders.  

3. High Performance: It has a lightweight UI and a secure backend server, which significantly increases performance levels.  

File Manager offers a free package with limited features and a pro version with many amazing features like FrontEnd Access and DropBox Integration. The pro version costs around $25/site.  


  • Email notifications  
  • Shortcode Generator  
  • Lifetime Updates   


Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

As a developer, you will have to do a lot of downloads and uploads. To manage all of these files is one hell of a job, but the file manager has made it easier to manage these files. So, every developer or non-developer should give it a try.  

User Reviews:  

Ianxalot: “A handy plugin that works perfectly, and it is designed the way it should be. Such a useful tool, brilliant job! Thank you.  

Phinos: “I have used many plugins, but this one is the best. I don’t have to go through the hassle of the Cpanel, which saves me a lot of time. A very Useful Plugin.   


Indeed, WordPress plugins have become a necessity for developers. Choosing the right plugin for the right job is a critical task, and the performance of your website depends upon the plugins you used.  

We have listed some of the best plugins that can drastically improve your performance. All of the Plugins listed in the above article are very useful for improving the quality of your sit. These plugins can also help attract several visitors.  

Before downloading a plugin, make sure you read about it and confirm that it is suitable for your webpage. Good Luck!  


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