Best WordPress form builder plugins

WordPress offers a variety of plugins that help improve the quality and performance of your site. These plugins provide various features that you can use to build a WordPress site. Developers, bloggers, and businesses can all use these plugins to promote their websites.  

Every website needs a support form that allows visitors to have a user-friendly experience and submit their reports or problems without leaving the site. You can improve your website experience through the use of these forms.   

These forms can help increase the number of visitors, engagement, and conversions. They include checkboxes, text fields, and buttons to make things easier for site users.  

You can find thousands of different plugins on the internet for creating forms, but every Plugin is not perfect. So, we listed down some of the best plugins for Forms.   

Let’s take a look.

1. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is considered one of the most user-friendly WordPress plugins. It allows you to create contact forms for your Website easily. You can use Ninja Forms to design comprehensive forms to get visitors’ data as per the desired format without knowing how to code.  

It also provides the ability to add a row and column layout and create an upload form by uploading files. The dynamic support team is always available to solve all your problems or issues.  

WordPress form builder plugins - Ninja FOrms

Main Features: 

1. Export Submissions: This feature allows you to export or send multiple submissions in PDFs, Excel files, and sheets.  

2. Simple GDPR Compliance: This Feature allows simple and easy GDPR compliance and Easy-to-use built-in templates to help create comprehensive forms.  

3. Extensive Language Packs: Ninja Forms offers a Multi-Language pack with over 16 different languages. Some of which are English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Chinese.  

Ninja Forms offers different Form Building essentials with a 20% discount on any future Add-On after getting the subscription of Plugin at $49 per year.  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

Ninja Forms offers one of the most secure authentication services (Two Factor authentication). It is excellent for protecting your data and blocking foreign login attempts. You can also create multiple forms quickly and effectively by using this Plugin.  


  • Drag and drop form builder  
  • SEO friendly  
  • Developer Friendly   


  • Buggy Add-Ons  

User Reviews:  

Rogerajasavage: “What a fantastic customer team Ninja Form offer. It is one of the best plugins I have ever used, and I highly recommend this Plugin to everyone.  

Camblerino: “I could never think about using my client sites without Ninja Forms. I highly
appreciate the fantastic support. Thank you!  

2. WPForms

WPForms allows you to create and add different forms to stay in touch with your visitors and clients. Through WPForms, you can add registration forms, Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, and many other types in a matter of seconds without any hassle. This Plugin also utilizes the drag and drop form builder feature to create your forms easily.  

WordPress form builder plugins - WPForms

Main Features:  

1. Mobile Responsive: You can view your created forms on any mobile device thanks to this
splendid feature, which makes all the forms created mobile friendly.  

2. File Uploads: This feature offers the ability to create forms that include a file uploading option. Usually, these files are images, and many companies want a registration form with a file uploading option. So, this feature makes things a lot easier.  

3. MultiPage Forms: WPForms grants you the ability to split your forms into multi-page forms to enhance user engagement and make your site user-friendly.  

WPForms offers a free version with limited features. If you want access to premium features like payment options, client management, and many more, you will need to purchase the premium subscription, which starts at $39/year with a single site basic plan.   


  • Pre-Built Form Templates  
  • Extensive integration options  
  • Drag and Drop feature   


  • The free version doesn’t offer much.   

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin provides pre-built form templates, which will reduce the amount of time required to create a form. These templates will make things easier and will minimize the risk of missing any important information.  

User Reviews  

Jerrardsmith: “I highly appreciate WPForms, the design it has to offer, and the excellent features this Plugin provides. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the Plugin. Great job, guys!!  

Howardjacobson: “WPForms is genuinely a remarkable product. It performs exceptionally well and delivers all that the team claims. I can’t think of a better product.   

3. Contact Forms 7

Contact Forms 7 allows you to manage multiple contact forms at once. The Plugin also offers the ability to customize the contact forms and their contents. Contact form 7 has many other remarkable features like custom captcha, AJAX powered submissions and spam filtering.

WordPress form builder plugins Contact Forms 7

Main Features:

1. Fantastic Privacy Options: Contact Form 7 has great privacy options by default. It does not track users or send any data to external servers.

2. Auto-Spam Blocker: This feature blocks almost every spam that is responsible for the downgrade of your site.

3. reCAPTCHA Security feature: The reCaptcha security feature protects your site form abuse. The Advanced risk analysis it offers detects the bots and blocks them.

Contact Form7 is entirely free to use. But Contact Form 7 accepts donations from its users so that they can improve the performance of their Plugin.


  • Free-to-use
  • Custom Captcha
  • Constant Contact


  • Random crashes  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?

If you want to manage or create multiple forms at once and you don’t want to spend any money. This Plugin is perfect for you as it provides advanced features like spam blocker for free.

User Reviews: 

 Reinwaldknagg “I have been using this Plugin for quite some time now, and I’ve got to say that it is an excellent plugin. It works perfectly!”

Romelindemne “This Plugin has helped me so much. It is lighter than other plugins and is very easy to use. Contact form 7 deserves five stars. Awesome Plugin!”


4. Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a free-to-use WordPress plugin that allows the user to create comprehensive and responsive forms with a simple drag and drop function. Caldera form also offers many free Add-Ons like ActiveCampaign and connected forms.  

WordPress form builder plugins - Caldera

Main Features:  

1. Visual Editor: This feature makes the form building quite easy. It allows you to add multiple columns, pages, and user response data to collect robust data and information.  

2. Anti-Spam: This feature enables the spam blocker, AJAX, and DBE tracking to maintain a secure site.  

3. Form Templates: Caldera form has a lot of available templates to help you get started. You can create stunning responsive themes and also modify them quickly through the base form builder.  

Caldera Forms is also free-to-use, but they also offer a premium plan which includes some advanced tools and functions like Geo-Location and Conditional Falls. The Premium plan costs around $49/year.  


  • Easy to use  
  • Front-end Post Submissions   
  • Anti-Spam   


  • Poor Support  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin is an excellent choice for creating forms; the logic and conditions module can help create fantastic forms. The best thing about this Plugin is that it is free, and you can use all these features without spending any money.  

User Reviews:  

Marc Lacroix “It is one of my all-time favorites. Caldera Forms offers a lot of dynamic functions and hooks to optimize the performance and behavior of your site. Thank You!” 

Calderwood “I have used this Plugin on several sites and created some payment forms. I am quite impressed with the performance this Plugin has to offer. Truly grateful for this!”  

5. Easy Registration Forms

Easy registration forms Just As the name suggests, allow the user to create robust registration forms. You can create a simple form or a complex multi-page registration form with ease. This Plugin also offers a wide array of dynamic features like an active reporting system and pre-defined logic validations.  

WordPress plugins for Forms - Easy Registration

Main Features:  

1. Drag and Drop Form Builder: This feature allows you to create a form with a simple and easy drag and drop form building interface.  

2. Built-in Registration form templates: Easy registration forms offer Built-in User registration forms with pre-defined fields and a layout. This feature helps the user create forms easily and quickly.  

3. Efficient Reporting System: This feature gathers and relays information to multiple clients in an efficient manner.  

ERF offers a free version that includes Unlimited Forms and submissions. But if you want additional Add-Ons and conditional logic, you will have to pay $59/site.  


  • Built-in login widgets  
  • Responsive Form Design  
  • Recaptcha Configuration   


  • Buggy  

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

ERF is used to create user registration forms quickly and easily. Most of the features it offers are free. So, it is a superb choice if you want to create multiple registration forms without wasting your time on complicated design.  

User Reviews:  

Tr4nslat0r: “The features the free version offers are spectacular. I got everything I wanted without spending any money. The interface is fantastic!”  

Bohadankremnyi: “The support team is terrific! They helped me a couple of times and fixed my issues in no time. I love this Plugin!”  

6. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is a WordPress Plugin that allows the user to create and manage all types of forms for your WP site. You can create a complete contact form in a matter of minutes and also add fields with just one click. VFB makes form building a piece of cake!  

WordPress form builder plugins -Visual form builder

Main Features:  

1. ShortCodes: This feature provides the user with different shortcodes that work on every page with the help of widgets.  

2. Form Duplication: This Feature allows you to copy an already built form and duplicate it in one click. This helps save a lot of time.  

3. Multiple Field Layout Options: This feature allows you to arrange the fields and customize
your forms.  

VFB Offers a free version with limited features. You can also purchase the VFB pro version for $29 that includes unlimited Forms and Fields.   


  • Standard Fields  
  • JQuery Form Validation  
  • Drag and Drop Reordering   


  • Security issues

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin offers excellent functionality and a user-friendly interface. You can design and create new forms and get the finished product almost immediately and also use conditional logic to create complex forms.  

User Reviews:  

Caronoodles: “Visual Form Builder is a formidable plugin, and the Free version is excellent. I am impressed with the features. Can’t do anything without it!  

Dealerprincipal: “I have been using VFB for several years now, and I have never been disappointed. The customer service is one of the best and always fix your problems. Great Job!” 

7. Trippeto

Trippeto is a powerful plugin, and you can use it to build forms without any sort of coding required. The Plugin does not integrate with third party accounts. The Plugin offers a realtime view option, which lets you see your final product.  

WordPress form builder plugins Trippeto

Main Features:  

1. Theming Options: Trippeto offers a lot of theme options that you can utilize to design your form and make it better.  

2. Visual Form Building: This feature allows you to build your forms on a visual drawing board.   

3. Embedded Forms: This Feature adds a shortcode that can be added to your WP project Page.  


Trippeto is also a free-to-use plugin, but like every Plugin, the free version offers limited features. The premium version provides Zapier Integration and Removed Watermark and costs around $8.33/ Month.  


  • Fullscreen Overlay Option  
  • Deployable Forms  
  • Advanced Logics   


  • Fewer Updates 

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

Tripetto is not an ordinary form builder; it is an improved version of every other form building plugins as it does not require any complicated coding, and you can form maintainable structures.  

User Reviews:  

Idoboscolo: “Tripetto is, by far, one of the best plugins I have ever used to build survey forms. It provides a lot of functionality, and the premium version offers many dynamic features to create your forms. I highly recommend it!  

Avijeet15: “This Plugin is literally the best free form builder. It provides excellent versatility; I always use this Plugin whenever I need to build forms for my client sites. The support is also fantastic. Thanks, Guys!   

8. Registration Magic

Registration Magic is a robust form building tool that allows the user to create WP registration forms with total control over registrations and stats. You can manage your users, analyze the stats, and track submissions.   

WordPress plugin for forms Registration magic

Main Features:  

1. Integrateable User Roles: RegistrationMagic provides you with the ability to create and integrate new user roles with your WP registration system.  

2. User Management Module: RegistrationMagic offers a complete User Management module. It provides essential information and data.  

3. Custom Status Guide: This feature adds a custom status system that completes and combines multiple commands and actions in a single click.  

The Free version of RegistrationMagic offers more than 90 different features like profile grid integration and many more. The premium version costs around $89 and provides a year of free support and updates. It also offers 52 different extensions.  

Why Should You Use This Plugin? 

If you want complete control over the user registrations on your site and a reliable form building tool with secure publishing, analyzing, and configuring toolkit.  

User Reviews:  

Tunglam87: “Fantastic Plugin with fantastic support. The support is swift and reliable; I have been using registration magic for more than a year. Quite frankly, I am enjoying it a lot!”  

Unnatibhatt: “It is the perfect Plugin for creating registrations that can easily be synced. The free version has many great features and designs for forms. A helpful tool indeed!” 

9. TypeForms

TypeForms is a dynamic plugin that allows you to create eye-catching forms to engage with your users. You can build survey forms with a user-friendly interface that enables the site to get better responses and feedback. 

WordPress form builder plugins - Typeforms

 Main Features:  

1. Customizable: This feature enables the user to customize the fonts, background, and color schemes to give your site a dynamic look.  

2. Pre-built Templates: You won’t need any complex designing skills as TypeForms offers many different templates to choose form. So, you don’t need to start from scratch.  

3. Dashboard: This feature adds a panel to your WordPress site that includes completion rates, visits, and responses.  

Typeform offers an initial plan that includes all the essentials required to build a WP
registration form. It is priced at $35/month.  


  • Extensive Integration options  
  • Ability to add logic jumps  
  • Friendly support   


  • No free version 

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

This Plugin is excellent for building forms, surveys, polls, and quizzes. It offers versatility and many dynamic features. So, if you want to make extensive forms, it is totally worth it.  

User Reviews:  

ToInfinity: “Toforms Plugin is really easy-to-use, and the team behind the Plugin is super friendly and helpful. Excellent!”  

NomadStoryTeller: “I recently switched over to this Plugin from NinjaForms, and so far, it has been amazing. I am super convinced with the performance of ToForms. Thank you So much!”  

10. Formidable Form Builder

Formidable Form Builder is the first-ever solution-focused WordPress Plugin. This Plugin also offers a simple drag and drop form building function. You can use it to create forms, surveys, and almost everything.  

WordPress form builder plugins - Formidable

Main Features:  

1. Mobile Responsive: Formidable Form Builder is 100% mobile-responsive, which means that you can access your forms on a mobile device, and it will look fantastic on every other device.  

2. Form Fields: This feature gives the user access to form fields that can be utilized to create solution-focused forms.  

3. Entry Management: This feature adds a dashboard to your WordPress site that allows the user to view every entry made on the WP site.  

Formidable Form Builder offers a premium plan for $399/year; it includes all the business features like elite support, Active Campaign, and Salesforce.  


  • Advanced form styler  
  • Marketing integrations  
  • Campaign monitor   


  • Steep price range 

Why Should You Use This Plugin?  

Formidable Form Builder is optimized to provide high server speeds, and it can be used without any third-party tools, so if you want to create complicated registration forms quickly. This Plugin is for you. 

User Reviews:   

PnHaveri1974: “It offers excellent features and functions to accommodate many unique requirements. You don’t need any other plugins. Super Happy!” 

Rolandw: “I have used Formidable Form Builder for multiple sites, and it works flawlessly. It is quite compelling and is my favorite form-building Plugin.!” 


Plugins are an essential part of WordPress sites, and you will need the perfect WordPress form builder plugin to get the desired function. The Right Plugins can definitely improve the performance of your WordPress sites.  

We discussed some of the best plugins for building forms that will help you develop fantastic forms to improve the quality of your sites and increase user engagement.  

Make sure that you choose the right Plugin depending on the type of form you want to create.   

Any feedback? 🙂 😩

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