Why syncing with WordPress?

WordPress is a fantastic application and powers innumerable web and blog sites. However, when you go to WordPress to publish a post, you may notice that you’ve spent more time than you initially estimated.

Reduce the effort required to get your content onto a WordPress site to just a single click.

SIMPLE & FAST one-click publishing

Avoid sluggishness and complexity.

Video content

What is special in Blogely Publishing?

Sure, you can use copy and paste from Preview. If it works for you, it is okay. There are a few downsides, though: 

  • SEO metadata will not be processed (must be added manually).
  • The featured image will not be processed (must be done manually).
  • It still requires manual entry to WordPress for every update (manual update).
  • It will not be visible as processed in your Blogely account (it will be considered non-published).
  • The social sharing function will not be possible for non-published articles.

So, publishing is a vital functionality achieved in Blogely, and it saves a tremendous amount of time.

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