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Website contact us page examples

Usually, web developers ignore the importance of the contact us page while building the website and put it on the back end.   

The contact us page is one of the most visited pages of any website. If you want to know about the worth and legality of any website, most probably, you see the contact us page to collect information about it.  

Besides, the contact us page is essential to provide easiness of communication to customers. Sometimes, it is difficult for web developers to find the best layout for their websites.   

Therefore, in the below article, we provide you the 30 best examples of contact us pages. It helps you to design the effective and efficient contact us page for your website.   

Why your contact page is so important?

The first and the most significant function of the website contact us page is to interact with the customers efficiently and effectively.   

Therefore, it is essential to build the contact us page wisely and provide the necessary information decently and attractively—the easier for the visitors or customers to find the contact information. The more chances to get the customers and increase the ROI of the business.  

Due to the increase in scams on the internet, the contact us page is widely used to figure out the legitimacy of business from the information provided on it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to provide the right information all the time.  

The contact us page on any website is used for dual purposes. This page is the best place to implement the call to action technique that is widely used by the marketers. It is one of the best effective methods to get a considerable number of customers.  

But you have to make sure that the contact us page is placed on the front end instead of the back end. It creates easiness for the visitors and customers to contact the support team and get the desired information.   

1. Contact us page: Tune

Tune.com perfectly manages the contact us page for their business. On one side, it is easy for the visitor to contact by filling the simple form in a few minutes.  

Additionally, it displays the business activities on the side of the contact form that is the best way to put a call to action for potential customers.  

The primary purpose of the contact us page is to create an attraction for the customer from every possible aspect. Along with the contact form, it not only provides the address and contact
information of headquarters but also mentions the location of additional offices in different countries. It shows the strength of the company.

website contact us page - tune.com

2. Contact us page: HubSpot

HubSpot knows it very well that how to use the “Contact us” page as a tool to gain more customers. Most probably, anyone who visited the contact us page is interested in the product or services of the company. By providing the customer with a comfortable and attractive way of communication results in an increase in chances of sales.  

As you land on the contact-us page of HubSpot, we find a message from HubSpot on the top of the page that “Get in Touch.” As well as, they put the customer care center and sales team that looks great as a call to action purpose.  

The purpose of displaying both buttons indicates that they not only interested in sales all the time. But also, their customer support team is ready to serve the customers.  

Moreover, it displays the contact number of their offices available in various countries from around the world. It creates easiness for customers to get in contact with the local team instead of calling or contacts the team in headquarter.   

website contact us page - hubspot

3. Contact us page: MarvelApp

MarvelApp provides a standard and straightforward contact on the website. Visitors just have to fill the four fields only to contact the representatives of the company.  

Moreover, it provides quick links to their press releases. It helps to find the latest information about the company and its services. Visitors may not feel to contact any more to get specific details after reading the press release.  

Cartoon with a pencil in hands displayed on the contact-us page indicates the creative nature of the company. It represents the purpose of the services they offered. In our opinion, there is nothing best to describe the goal by using an image. If you write a paragraph about your services or company, there are few chances that visitors spend time reading it.   

website contact us page - MarvelApp

4. Contact us page: Moz

Moz is a famous SEO tool and service provider and popular among bloggers as well as digital marketers. You can find a contact us page on Moz’s website in a straightforward style. As you open the page under the about us tab, you see the office address along with the location on the map.  

The button of contact the help team is placed just below the address, which takes to you on the contact form page. The form is designed in a comprehensive but straightforward format. It provides a lot of easiness for the customers to explain the matter.   

website contact us page - Moz

5. Contact us page: WPForms

The contact-us form on the website of WPForms displays the two categories for visitors. The first category is for those who have a general question or query and the second with technical issues. Both options will lead the visitors to contact forms where they can easily select the type of services they want.  

The division of form helps the visitors to contact the right team quickly for their problems or query.   

website contact us page - WPForms

6. Contact us page: Choice Screening

If you want a complete contact us page for website, there is nothing better than offered by Choice Screening on their contact us page. They welcomed the visitors with a headline of “Talk to a human.” It not only provides the address and contact details of the corporate office but also provides email addresses of their every department.  

Just below the welcome statement and company introductory paragraph, they publish a contact form in a specific format. This user-friendly form is designed for both current and expected customers.  

Potential customers can easily select the type of service they want. In contrast, current customers use the same form to provide suggestions.   

website contact us page - ChoiceScreaning

7. Contact us page: Pixpa

The contact us page on Pixpa looks like a combination of a marketing page and a contact us page. Pixpa offers its services for web development. They welcome the visitor to the contact us page with a term of inviting the visitors to get started with them.  

It also offers services for a trial period of 15 days. It means, there are huge chances that the customers will choose to go with Pixpa before reaching the contact form for putting any query.  

The contact form is quite simple and requires a name, email address, and a box for a message.   

website contact us page - Pixpa

8. Contact us page: Peoplemetrics

Peoplemetrics display all the necessary information that a contact page of the website must-have for their customers. They also place a map on the right side for their customers to quickly locate the business address.  

Moreover, the contact us form is designed in user-friendly nature and just requires the name and email address to send the message. Just below the contact form, the company displays information about services in a colorful design.   

website contact us page - Peoplemetrics

9. Contact us page: Sleeknote

If you want to see a perfect call to action, then just visit the contact us page on Sleeknote.com. The welcome note put the impression that they were waiting for you and in a hurry to start a business with you.  

You can find a form on the right side of the page, and they offer a demo on the left side. Just below the contact form, they mention their trusted customers. It is a great marketing technique to attract customers on a real-time basis.  

Moreover, if you want to contact on the phone or email them separately besides from the contact form, you can also get information there.   

website contact us page - Sleeknote

10. Contact us page: Survicate

Survicate – the welcome notes on the top of the contact us page offer the visitors to work collectively to get a remarkable result. It is an excellent way to put the call to action technique.  

The contact-us form is designed in a simple format and requires filling three fields only to send the message. The email of the sales team is also mentioned for people who want to directly contact the sales personal instead of the customer support team.   

website contact us page - survicate

11. Contact us page: Gill Andrews

Gil Andrews – this web site is about copywriting and web development. That’s why they know very well how to capture potential customers. A message is displayed as a welcome note mention the average response time. It also invites the users to send an email directly if they don’t want to use the contact form.  

However, the contact us form is also designed in a user-friendly layout. It requires visitors to submit their queries by just filling three fields. It is the best way to put a call for action and get more customers.  

Additionally, the most beautiful thing that we like is that they also leave the message for different types of service providers that prevent them from sending promotional content. It helps the organizations to save time from reading unnecessary messages and use this time to engage customers.   

website contact us page - Gill Andrews

12. Contact us page: Yummygum

Yummygum popup contact-us pages provide a modern and elegant look to the website. It attracts customers who like creativity in every field of life. This design represents the uniqueness and quality of services they offer.  

A popup window opens as the visitor click on the contact us button on the top right side of the home page. There, visitors are welcomed with the business address along with the integration of maps that let the visitors find the location easily.  

They also ask questions from visitors on the right side that lead them to the right contact page to connect with the right department.   

website contact us page - Yummygum

13. Contact us page: Zendesk

Zendesk has another comprehensive example contact us page. It is divided into two types of visitors, one who wants to communicate with the sales team while the others who wish to contact with technical team. It helps the visitors to get contact with the right person without having the process of referring to the concerned person.  

Other than the contact us form, you can find the contact details and addresses of offices from around the world. The address of every office is integrated into the map. It helps the visitors to contact the nearby office.   

website contact us page Zendesk

14. Contact us page: Hulu

The contact us page on Hulu.com is a perfect example of a page that represents the information about services offered by the company. It implements a great marketing tactic that is perfect for turning the visitor into the client.  

You can find all the details that visitors usually ask from the customer support team. The frequently asked question part includes information like pricing plan, the products, and services, etc.

This technique helps the website owners to get specific queries that could be a potential client.   

website contact us page - Hulu

15. Contact us page: Freshworks

Freshworks manages the user-friendly and straightforward contact us page. You can find a simple contact form on the right side of the page while on the left side; you can find the contact number of the sales team from around the world. It helps the visitors to contact the
local salesperson. page, there is detailed information about different offices in various countries.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the s. The welcome note forces the visitors to contact about any question in mind, and we will provide you the answer to your question.   

website contact us page - Freshworks

16. Contact us page: Copper

Copper. You see the two buttons on the contact us page of this website. One for the contact us form while the other button takes you to the customer care center. Just below the buttons, you can find the services that you can get from each button.  

Moreover, you can also find the email addresses of the business development and sales team on the bottom of the contact us page. In short, you can find every type of information that you need to contact the right department of the company.   

website contact us page - copper

17. Contact us page: Stripe

Stripe contact us page is managed in a clean and straightforward design. As they mention in the welcome note, the form is specially designed for people who want to contact the sales team.  

While for people who want to ask general questions or need a technical assistant. Separate email addresses are mentioned just below the contact form.  

However, there is a shortage of business information on this page. But they mention the main categories of their business on the right side of the contact form in which they deal. It is a clean but useful format that user-friendly environment for both users and companies for managing purposes.   

website contact us page  - Stripe

18. Contact us page: Yeti

The contact page of Yeti.com is perfectly designed as per the nature of the products they offered for people. They displayed a different type of information about the company, including FAQs, warranty information, refund policy, and many more.  

Rather than covering the page space with a contact form, they just place a single button that leads to another page that contains a contact form.  

They use the space of contact form for promotional content. But they decently put the business address of their different offices. Additionally, you can find the email addresses of various departments working in this company for direct contact.  

It provides comprehensive information from different aspects but decently and attractively.   

website contact us page - yeti

19. Contact us page: Atlassian

Atlassian software is offering a wide range of products that various organizations that need to manage their system. They organized the contact us page in a simple and organized way that is easy for the visitors to find the particular type of help directly.  

The contact details for pricing, technical support, and product advice center are displayed attractively and decently.  

Along with the general information, you can also find the section for feedback. It is the most attractive section for us because it is rare that companies ask for feedback from customers and general visitors as well.  

This company has more than ten offices in various countries, and you can find the contact details and addresses of all locations on the bottom of the page. It is an easy way to capture the client by providing services from a nearby location because it helps to increase the confidence level.   

website contact us page - atlassian

20. Contact us page: Infinum

Infinum. The unique feature of this website is that the contact us page is designed to facilitate both career seekers and clients as well. The contact us page provides different buttons for both career seekers and clients to contact the right person.  

If you want to get general information about the services, you contact on email displayed just below the hire us button. They also provide contact details of different offices on the bottom of the page. It is a useful but straightforward format that offers easy to use the feature.   

website contact us page - Infinum

21. Contact us page: Zeroqode

Zeroqode manages the contact us page in a simple and elegant design. The page provides an impression of a collective page for pricing and contact information. However, they mention only the most attractive and affordable plan on this page to capture the customers. It is a smart marketing strategy.  

However, for creating more attraction, they provide the table of the critical features just below the contact us form. In this way, users can know about the working style of the company. The attractive representation of crucial elements surely provides the desired
results for getting more clients.   

22. Contact us page: Dollarshaveclub

Dollarshaveclub welcomed their visitors on the contact-us page by providing the frequently asked questions by the visitors. You can see almost all the information about services on the list that are offered by the company.  

This layout helps to save the time of the customer support team and let them consume this time in facilitating the current customers.  

Rather than displaying the contact us form, they put the link for inquiries and ideas submission. This link takes the users to another page that is designed to show the different categories. It is easy for users to get information about any particular type of service displayed on this page.   

website contact us page - dollarshaveclub

23. Contact us page: Buzzworthystudio

Buzzworthystudio website puts a direct call to action as the visitor opens the contact us page in an attractive and beautiful design. The welcome note offers visitors work collectively and create something new.  

Just below the welcome note, you can find the address and contact details of the company along with the integration of the map. It is beneficial for local clients to find the location easily. If you want the most straightforward and useful contact us page, there is nothing best than this contact us page.   

website contact us page buzzworthystudio

24. Contact us page: Healthsolutions

This website is designed for providing health services to visitors and patients. Therefore, the contact us page on this website offers a separate contact form for every type of service they offer. So that the visitors can contact the right consultant directly instead of asking for referring to the right person.  

They placed different links under the contact form section like customer support, brand partnership, and few more. It helps the visitors to contact the correct department easily.   

25. Contact us page: Adobe

Almost everyone knows about Adobe and its services. They provide amazing services for a wide range of users from different fields. However, users can avail of most of the services free of cost, but they also offer paid products with some advanced features. The contact us page divides the contact options into support and sales sections. It let the users use the desired services.  

Users can also get links for other services related to security issues and locations for offices around the world. In this way, users can get information from nearby offices and can arrange the B2B meeting at their office.   

website contact us page - adobe

26. Contact us page: Activecampaign

Usually, the contact us page of marketing companies is managed in a better way as compared to others. Because they know very well that how to convert the visitor in customers and how to get business from them. The contact us page of the Active campaign is an excellent example for marketing companies.  

You can find different useful links for other purposes. You can find links for customer support, live chat, training, etc. it is easy for the customers to get contact details quickly from there.   

website contact us page - activecampaign

27. Contact us page: Hootsuite

The contact page on Hootsuite made it exceptionally easy for the users to get connected with the customer care center. However, you can find a detailed but straightforward contact form that creates easiness for the support team to provide particular information.  

Still, it is easy for the visitors to fill the form because it requires some necessary information about the customer. This form is designed to contact the sales team, but if you contact the support team or want quick support. The links are placed on the right side of the form.  

The contact us page of this website contains rich information in terms of social media presence and contact information of various company offices from around the world.   

website contact us page hootsuite

28. Contact us page: PayPal

The services of PayPal is widely used by the online community for receiving and making payment for different purposes. The contact us page on the website of PayPal starts by asking the visitors about their problem. Visitors can also use the frequently asked question for a specific type of information.  

Still, if they can’t find the solution for their problem, PayPal integrates the chatbot feature to help them. It makes it much easy to get the desired information quickly.  

The most attractive part of this contact page is that they provide the link to keep in touch with the community. If they face any problem or want to know about something, they can ask the community and get an answer to their question.  

In short, PayPal integrates the information elegantly and easily that visitors expect from the customer center.   

website contact us page Paypal

29. Contact us page: Basecamp

Basecamp has a superb and attractive design of contact us page that I can ever see on the website. As you open the contact us page, you can see a large image and a sweet welcome note. They mention the time of 23 minutes they take in responding to the query. It is amazing.  

Just below the image and welcome note, they place different options related to your questions and problems. If you still not get a satisfying answer, you cant send a request to the customer support team.  

The most attractive part of this contacts us form is that users can get the option to attach a file or image for getting to the point information. This feature also helps the support team to understand the requirements of users.  

If you want to provide extraordinary services to your customers, you can follow this example.   

website contact us page basecamp

30. Contact us page: Bluebottlecoffee

Building the list of visitors is just like to cover a significant milestone for the success of your business. Bluebottlecoffee implements a unique technique to enrich the list of visitors. They placed a link to sign up by just providing the email address on the top of the page.  

On the bottom side of the contact us page, you can find a contact form and email addresses of different departments side by side. They also put the physical address and contact number of their office. We find it the best contact us page due to the implementation of marketing strategies in an effective way.   

website contact us page bluebottlecoffee


If you want to improve the contact us page on your website, you can follow any of the layouts mentioned above. All these layouts work effectively and efficiently to provide the information and help to capture the customers.  

But make sure that you must acquire the information that is important to stay in touch with the visitor. Also, try to provide a prompt response to any query you received. It is an essential element of customer support services, along with the layout of the page.   

Any feedback?  


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