7 Creative Strategies To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

The “right traffic” matters for the website.

Focus on generating relevant and targeted traffic by optimizing your blog to improve the likelihood of conversions. Small tweaks can make a big difference.

Fact: Organic SEO results are about 6 times better than paid search ads.

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1. Know Your Audience

It is the most important thing for a content creator that he must be aware of what he is going to create and for whom he is creating. If you don’t have any idea who is reading your blog or utilizing your product, then how might you hope to get a greater amount of that type of person to return?

So, before you start making content for your blog, it is essential to invest a little energy understanding your intended audience and what they are searching for in relation to the theme of your website. I personally use Quora and Reddit

Understanding your target audience is integral to gain excellent traffic to your site. Do the research on your subject matter using social platforms and you will better know what kind of individuals taking an interest in what you need to state.

So, what is the procedure for seeing who is engaging with your content? This segment will cover a few significant points that will assist you with increasing a superior feeling of who your crowd is, and how to make compelling content for them.

The points are:

  • How to know who your target audience is?
  • What issues are they confronting that you can help and explain to them?
  • What type of content are they searching for?
  • How to plan out quality content to address audience struggles?

Responding to these frequently asked questions will assist you with getting a clearer image of your target audience.

2. Generate Quality Content

If you need to build blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite improve your content and make it high-quality content. You have most likely heard this previously, the expression, “content is king.” It is true because if your content quality is not appreciable, you will not be able to gain more traffic towards your blog.

“Content is king.”

The most significant thing that clients and search engines look for is better quality content. For a blog, high-quality content is typically a complete article on a particular theme or topic that covers all the details in it. This strategy makes it amazingly accommodating for users.

The best effective content is the kind that meets a particular need. Consider your audience and what user love. Content quite often can be categorized as one of two classes: cool and entertaining or valuable and educational. Always try to create evergreen content that can live forever and always in trend:

  • Understand your audience
  • Generate content ideas
  • Create evergreen content
  • Timely update your content

An outline to follow while creating powerful content:

  • Make attractive Headlines
  • Lead
  • Define problem
  • Give an optimal solution
  • Conclusion

3. SEO Optimized Content

When you are beginning a blog, every blog post you compose ought to have a keyword at the top of the priority list. You need to pick the most encouraging and promising keywords and afterward give as a lot of data as you could in one long-structure article.

How to optimize your content and rank it high on Google?

There are some key points to follow if you want to rank your content high on Google:

  • Plan the strategy of what content to write
  • Make a list of useful keywords
  • Intelligently use these keywords in your content

Let the attractive keywords impact your layout and help conceptualize your post. Use SEO tactics to increase your blog traffic and rank number 1 on Google. The search engines are the greatest traffic source for the blogs.

This strategy would not occur from the very first day as it will require some investment to stand out enough to be noticed. Try not to ignore doing this from the very beginning as it requires persistence and will require significant time.

It has proved from different researches that long-structure content performs preferred in search results over short posts. The long-form content refers to posts with high word checks that go into depth on a specific topic.

4. Easy Readability Content

Always remember that the users and search engines love longer and complete articles that give all the data and information they need. But it includes human nature; they have a short attention span. Compose, make and post the best powerful content you can. This step will progressively stream over the web and generate brand awareness.

It may not be clear to a few; however, if you make quality content that takes care of individual’s issues and adds values to their lives, you will gather obsessive fans. They will connect to your blog, and they will share it. 

If your content is difficult and complicated, it will put off your users, and they will leave without reading all the information you have provided. For increase the readability of your content, some useful points will make your content friendlier and increase its readability:

  • Use short sentences and write smaller paragraphs. In this way, it offers the users an easier way to look and read. 
  • Always try to improve typography by utilizing progressively meaningful and readable fonts, large text sizes, and a lot of line spacing. This strategy will provide an attractive look to the users.
  • Check the readability score for your content by utilizing online readability checkers. 
  • Always try to convey your message in a short, simple, and clear-cut form. 

Increase blog traffic with creative strategies

Utilizing backlinks for blog traffic generation is a good strategy but clear the goals in your mind. The backlinks are those links that link to your content from an external website. You can say that backlinks are one of the most compelling signals in Google’s rankings.

Getting backlinks from a reputable and high-rank website or blog is troublesome. It is not only difficult for beginners, even the experienced blogger’s struggle with it. A variety of backlinks from exceptional and unique sites connects firmly with organic search traffic.

There are several link building strategies that we are going to tell you. Some important tips to get unique and quality backlinks to your website or blog:

  • Connect with influencers and highly regarded blogs in your industry. Afterward, inform them concerning a particular type of content on your site that they should link.
  • Try to write guest posts on other blogs and websites. Utilizing a guest blogging campaign for blog traffic generation can be a good methodology.
  • Meeting influencers and bloggers and interview them on your blog. They will probably need to tell their clients to come to check out their meetings on your blog. In this way, you will get a backlink.
  • The most effortless approach to get a backlink is to add a link to your site on all of your social media profiles.

increase blog traffic

6. Generate Email List

How would you ensure that clients come back to your site? The secret to developing your blog traffic is not to get new guests; however, you likewise need to keep existing guests returning.

Once you have to grab guest attention towards your blog, you ought to consistently catch their email address. This point permits you to inform guests using e-newsletter of new blog posts, which can bring about more traffic and offers.

You do that by requesting the visitors to subscribe to your blog. People can subscribe to your site’s web-based social media profiles. But in many cases, most social networks used to limit your span, and your visitors can observe a portion of your content. This step will be the reason for generating an email list.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” LEE ODDEN

The best thing about your email list is that you claim it. Nobody can restrict your reach and scope, and you get immediate access to your client’s inboxes. Email marketing is the most effective and exceptionally powerful tool available to you.

The email list facilitates you in many ways. If you build an email list, you can easily send email newsletters to catch more audience to your blog regularly. You can also use Facebook’s precise targeting to attract the right audience to your blog.

7. Add images and charts to convey your message visually

It is the fact that the articles that contain more images in it get more views than the articles without images. Adding images and charts in your blog makes it more attractive and readable. Its human nature, our mind, attracts more towards visual components. 

We love different colors and objects because it awakes enthusiastic reactions in our brains. This strategy makes us progressively engaged in and submerged in our environment. People mostly look at images because they make information more engaging. 

Try to add attractive and informative images in your blog. It increases the chance to grab the audience’s attention towards your blog. In this way, this creative strategy will help to increase your blog traffic. 

The more the images you add, the more it gains the traffic to your blog. Pictures in your blog catch the client’s eye and assist them with concentrating on the visual element as well as the content around it.

There are some main points you should take into account while adding images into your blog: 

  • Remember that you cannot simply add any photograph from Google since you risk violating copyright rules.
  • Always add clear images into your article
  • Try to use your own generated images, graphics, and photographs. 
  • If you are not able to add your own generated images, there are some best resources to find royalty-free images. 

Increase blog traffic

Quick Tricks To Optimize Your Blog Traffic

If you don’t have time to read all the creative strategies we have mentioned above, you should read these useful points.

  • Always be creative                                                
  • Create quality content 
  • Write eye-catching titles
  • Promote your blog with social media
  • Go visual
  • Utilize the best keywords
  • Add links

As of today, WordPress is the most widely used platform for bloggers. There are plenty of plugins are on the market that will help you to do implement all those strategies. 

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You’re probably using some of these marketing strategies already, however, if you’re not getting the results you want you should mix things up. Driving traffic to your blog may take some time, but if you follow the right steps you’ll speed up the process.

Remember the golden rule: More Traffic = More Customers

More traffic. Better traffic. People are spending more. You are making more money.

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