In order to better serve you, we’re constantly adding new features and making Blogely more useful.

This new Social Media feature has been in the works for months, and we are pleased to announce its release today. Integrations with Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and Instagram have been completed. LinkedIn and Twitter are still pending. 

So many of you have suggested this feature. We decided to embed the promotion of your content within the article itself and also, have the ability to run social media campaigns independently. So, people who do not care about blog content can still manage social media campaigns. 

Now you will be able to:

  • Create quickly social media posts connected with your article. 
  • Create recurring posts.
  • Create social media posts that can be distributed on multiple channels at once.
  • Create “multi-posts” that can be distributed at a specific time interval. 

Same as in the article’s block editor you can use notes and research aligned side-by-side in the Assets. 

Connecting Facebook page

Start in Blogely Settings.

Select the tab “Social media” and click on the button “Connect” for FB Page:

You should be logged in to your Facebook account. After the message “Successfully connected” showed up, you can close that tab. 

Select the page you want to connect to.  

Note: Connection of multiple pages is done one at a time. 

Verify the connection of the Facebook page in the “Connected services” tab: 

Verify connection of FB page

Your Facebook account now is connected, and the Facebook page selected for a connection is connected as well. 

You can add multiple FB pages the same way.  

Connecting Facebook Group

Go to the Facebook Group you are trying to add. You must be an admin for that group.

Start by adding the Blogely app in Facebook Groups settings.  


In your FB group, select “Group settings” on the left panel. 

Find the “Manage advanced settings” section and in “Apps” click on the edit icon. 

Select “Add apps” and find 

Facebook Add apps popup

Type Blogely in the search to find and select Blogely as your app. 

Adding Blogely app in FB group

Verify that the Blogely app has been allowed access. 

Select “Group apps” in the dropdown menu. 

Adding Blogely app in Group settings.

FB group access allowed.

Now go back to Blogely Settings – Social media tab and select the button “Connect” 

On the Facebook popup, select the group you want to connect to. If you have many groups, (FB limits the number of groups it shows in a popup) you want to identify specific access. Select “Chose what you allow” at this step: 

Chose what you allow for FB group

Uncheck “Select All” and select only the group that you need. 

Select group access

Now, go back to Blogely Settings to continue FB group connection. 

Select the Group you are trying to connect to and click OK. 

Verify that this FB group has been connected by going into the tab “Connected services”. 

FB group connected.

Connecting Instagram

​You must have a business account on Instagram in order to connect with Blogely and you must have a FB page. 

Link your Facebook page with your Instagram account. 

Find the Instagram tab in your FB page settings and click the button “Connect Instagram”.

Connect Instagram with FB page

Allow access and login to your Instagram account. 

Now you can connect Instagram here:

Connect Instagram

Verify the connection of Instagram in Blogely “Connected services”. 

You have connected your Instagram account. 

Note: Connection of multiple pages is done one at a time. 

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