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About The Roadmap

I have decided to create a recording for my YouTube channel to discuss the progress, issues, questions, challenges openly, and of course, our roadmap. I want to be open, share everything we have, and plan to do. I want to give the inside look of a single founder, bootstrapped SaaS. It is my first recording in this ROADMAP format, and sorry about not being too being polished. I prefer to be direct.  

Here you go – this video recording is my open and honest conversation about the Blogely, about its roadmap. The Spytools 🕵. “UNLIMITED EVERYTHING” (✅✅✅✅✅✅✅) of sumo-lings state of mind 🤯… the dog Micky 🐶…. and more. I want to dedicate my YouTube to uncover the survival of small single founder startup. It also will be posted on my Facebook group – Blogging resources. Come on and join me. It will be fun to share our survival methods and experiences.  



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