Writing a high-quality article for the website is fantastic, but is it enough to get instant visitors for your blog post?   

No, definitely not! You have to implement a few other important techniques for getting visitors instantly. Because every blog post needs some time to rank in the search engine results that may comprise of weeks to months.  


Why is it important to have a blog post promotion strategy?

Blog content promotion is essential, especially for digital marketers nowadays, because they need instant visitors to sell their products.  

In the past, businesses, that launched their blogs or websites in the early days of the internet, never performed promotional activities because it was easy for them to get visitors due to low competition. 

Nowadays, it is crucial because the number of companies increasing rapidly in every category and every company comes with its newsletters, webinars, eBooks, and videos.  

So, why is it important?

No doubt, it is not difficult to carry out promotional activities for your website or blog post, but it is not so simple, though. Because it requires a lot of time to perform the process effectively. Therefore, a promotional strategy is needed that helps to save time.  

For an effective promotional strategy, make a list of all the places or platforms where you want to share your content and make a tick on the record against every post.   

It is not only beneficial to save your time required for sharing your content, but also ensure that you promote your post on every platform that you select for content promotion.  

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Benefits Of Blog Post Promotions

Followings are few benefits of planning your blog post promotion; let’s take a look at them.  

By doing blog post promotion 

You can get a chance to tell people about your brand. In this way, you can get the attraction of visitors and also helpful for trust-building with customers. It will make your brand transparent that people love to deal with.  

However, blogs are an excellent option to express your observations and share knowledge with visitors about your industry and other relevant areas.  

Make your relationship strong 

Customer engagement is one of the critical elements of online marketing and brand promotion. However, blogging is the best way to connect you with your potential customers and to stay in connection with current customers.  

You can use your blog to connect with customers differently and more conversationally. By using the active comment section, you can follow the responses from visitors about your posts and respond to their comments directly.  

You can also get suggestions from people that could be your potential customers. It is a great way to make your relationship secure because you are connected with customers directly.  

Drive more traffic 

Blog post promotions help to drive more traffic to your blog by creating relevant content on the website. You can use this tactic as a marketing strategy for your business.  

The presence of blogs on various social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others will provide you relevant traffic for your blog. The inclusion of related images, along with links of blog posts, will give a reason for readers to click on it.  

Fact: Internet users in the US spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.


Where to promote blog post after publishing?

There are many ways through which you can promote your blog post by sharing it in different places. The following are a few important places that could help to drive vast and relevant traffic.  

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1. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide much attraction to bloggers and readers as well for getting and giving information. A considerable number of people use social media platforms regularly from around the world for different purposes. It also provides an opportunity for businesses for the promotion of its products.  

The following are a few major and most popular social media platforms that are much popular among people from around the world. We also mention the ways through which you can get the advantage of sharing posts.  

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1.1. Focebook

Facebook is on the top among various social media platforms available on the internet. It is the most popular and most extensive platform that people used for different purposes. Some people use this platform to share memories with friends and family, while some want to share their business ideas.

Many bloggers think that it is enough to share a post link on Facebook, but in actuality, it is not limited to this. You can use different strategies for sharing that can lead to the generation of enormous traffic volume for your website.

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*Courtesy of Statista 

The sharing strategies could be:

a) Facebook Groups

It is better to create a new group on Facebook for sharing the links of posts from your website. Try to find people relevant to your blog and add them to your group. A high number of group members will result in high traffic for your blog.

Make arrangements to engage the people in the group by sharing ideas, information, and ask them to suggest any improvements. User engagement is the most critical and tricky process, and if you get success in it, you can get a bunch of benefits from it.

You can also share your post link in many other groups, created by other users of Facebook, from your niche that have a considerable number of members. Just type your niche in the search bar of Facebook, you will get a list of various groups from your niche.

b) Status updates

It is another way that helps you to boost up the traffic for your blog. You can inform the people about your upcoming post and catch their attention with some attractive images. So that people can wait for your job.

You can get amazing results from this technique, and you can feel a clear difference in the traffic when post get published. The use of a URL shortener helps to get the exact number of visitors from Facebook.  


1.2. Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that usually used by people to share information or to express their feelings. The use of this platform is an excellent source for getting massive traffic.

The sharing process of this platform is slightly different from Facebook, you can use different hashtags from your niche to find a relevant audience. However, the use of twitter cards will lead to higher conversions.  

Fun fact: Approximately 350,000 Tweets are posted every minute.

promote blog after publishing - twitter bird

Even people who use Twitter on a regular basis may not know that the name of the blue bird is Larry.

The very first tweet was posted on March 21, 2006.

22% of Americans are on Twitter.

Only 550 million people have ever sent a tweet.

500 million people visit the site each month without logging in. 

* Courtesy of Brandwatch 

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Important Key Figures 

promote blog after publishing - statista key figures

*Courtesy of Statista


1.3. Pinterest

Pinterest is beneficial if you have good images for your blog post because this platform is considered as a visual social bookmarking site. Pinterest allows users to promote their pins by using proper hashtags, just like on twitter.

Pinterest group boards are an excellent way of getting referral traffic for your posts.

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Important Key Figures 

promote blog after publishing - Pinterest key figures

*Courtesy of Statista 


1.4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one more social media platform that is used by professionals who want to read and see. Sharing the links of your blog posts on this platform will result in getting real and targeted traffic. You can use LinkedIn groups to share the links for the most targeted audience.

Republish on LinkedIn?

Worrying about duplicate content if you repost the blog post from your website. You should not. According to John Esperian, it will not be a problem. He recommends a specific strategy on how it should be done.  

As John recommends:  

Best practice is to wait a day or two before republishing your content, to give Google time to register that the original content has come from your website. But don’t worry about duplicate content penalties.

Important Key Figures

promote blog after publishing - linkedin key figures

*Courtesy of Statista


1.5. Google +

Google+ is an underestimated social networking site that is assumed as a gem for bloggers and online marketers. This platform is helpful to make your networking and relationship secure and reliable because more than 90% of Google+ users are bloggers or online marketers.

Google+ falls at a second-place just below the Facebook ranking wise. Furthermore, Google+ recently launched a new feature with the title collection, which is considered as a competitor of Pinterest. You can really miss a considerable number of visitors if you are not using this platform.  


2. Outreach (influencer)

Outreach is the most effective way of promoting the blog post or website. In this type of blog post promotion, you have to make contact with different bloggers and influencers so that they can share your blog post on their website or social media accounts. In this way, you can enjoy the traffic from their friends and family circle.  

Furthermore, you can also get a quality backlink for your blog or website that is really worthwhile for getting higher rankings in the search engine results. Therefore, we recommend you to include a few quotes from known SEO experts or bloggers.  

In this way, you can provide the impression that you are giving them a hat off against their struggles in your post. This technique is also known as ego baiting. By using this trick, you can get a positive response most of the time.  

Very detailed explanations about influencer strategies are provided in the article by Brittany Berger in Mention

Influencer outreach may seem simple, but you quickly realize it’s not.

Usually, they show their expression for sharing your content link on their social media channels and on their blog posts.  


3. Guest Posts

Referral traffic is considered as gold by bloggers because it is the best way to drive traffic for your blog with the help of guest posting on various relevant blogs operating in your niche.  

The best way is to make contact with the webmaster of a known blog and offer to write a post for their blog and ask for a space in the author box along with a link for your website in return of post.  

You can also use this technique for your blog and allow other bloggers to write a post for your blog at the same cost. It can increase the chances of more referral traffic as well as you can expand your circle of relationships and capable of making your own networking strategy.  

Here is another most exciting and attractive part of this technique. You can make a content calendar and marks the dates on which you want to take a break from writing but also want to keep the consistency of publishing content regularly with the help of posts from other bloggers.  

Everything you need to know about the guest post strategy you can read in the Backlinko guide.


4. Email Newsletters

Here is another blog promotion technique that helps to get more relevant and loyal readers. Once you engage a reader in your content and force him to subscribe to the newsletter of your website, you can get the real return for your efforts.  

When a reader accepts the newsletter, it means he is interested in the information available on your website. Most probably, he can reach all the posts that you send him through email.  

Sending the links of published posts through email increases the chances of link sharing and an increase in conversion rate as well. Various free tools like MailChimp are available to help you in sharing of content.   

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*Courtesy of Oberlo 



Hopefully, you get a lot of useful information from this article regarding the promotion of blog posts. We try to highlight all the essential information that is required for understanding the importance of blog post promotion nowadays.  

However, all the techniques are not discussed here, but we try to provide you the most popular and effective methods that really work.  


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