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A content creator meaning came from the beginning of the digital age. It is a person responsible for the contribution of digital information to any media. In other words, – a person engaged in coordinating blog content plan and distribution of any form of content that can be viewed on a digital platform. Distributed digital content material is available for the consumption of a specific audience. Content can range from blogs and news articles to even video updates and banner creation, and hence forms a broad scope of words and imagery that can be combined.

The primary job of a content manager is not only to organize thoughts and ideas but also to find a way to do it efficiently.

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How important is your online content writing development?

Every person who visits your online business page will be sure to develop an impression based on the content they see. The content that is present on your online web page can include a general description of your products and services, and even images and videos to draw in the attention of the visitor. In the world of content creation, one must remember that written content is of utmost value and comes before other visual content like images and videos. When consumers visit your website, they should be impressed with the words you have chosen to market your products and services, and these very words should compel them to invest further time in viewing what you have to offer.

When creating a web page, one must understand that design itself cannot do the job. An eye-catching design can only bring the viewer to spend some extra time scrolling through the website. To get a potential customer to become interested in your business, you will need to develop website content that they can associate with freely. Taglines and slogans are often customer-centric and can go a long way in creating a lasting impression in the mind of the customer.

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Grow your website with blog content plan

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your online site is to offer more than the potential customer expects. This would mean that the website must be an engaging platform and not just a portal where your products and services are displayed. As a potential customer, the person visiting your website should be able to read some information or watch a video that can give them a clearer picture of your business.

Content in the form of blog articles that discuss any notable features related to your products and services will offer the customer something engaging and informative, while still working as a marketing strategy for your business. For example, if you run a car servicing company, including a blog article on your website about the importance of regular maintenance for cars, it will make your potential customers want to take up your services more readily. Along the same lines, images and videos are also an excellent way to boost your website engagement. For example, if you run an online fashion portal, investing in an experienced photographer or videographer to skilfully capture the appeal of your products, will create visually attractive content that the customer will be drawn to it.

The average blog post takes 3.5 hours to write.

Bloggers who write articles of 2,000+ words are far more likely to have strong results.

46% of bloggers edit their own work, while 54% have editors or have at least shown their work to someone else to review.

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Content SEO manager responsibilities

SEO Manager drives SEO strategy and implementation across the company website. SEO Manager is focused on improving organic search rankings and identifying content requiring further optimization. SEO Manager has a strong digital marketing experience that drives sales, marketing plans, and solid technical knowledge of how to drive website performance. The overall tasks of an SEO Manager would include:

  • Developing a long-term SEO strategy
  • Creation of SEO-friendly content
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Technical SEO Audits and on-page website SEO optimization
  • Backlink analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Reporting SEO performance


Skills required for a successful content writer

Along the lines of what we discussed earlier, well-written content is indeed one of the more defining aspects of the overall appeal of your website. While impressive imagery and videos can surely pique the interest of the viewer, a solid written content gives them an insight into the business and further improve their chances of being a customer.

A marketing content writer is a person who has the skill to create content for businesses or establishments, and this content can range from blog posts, copywriting material, articles, social media updates, and much more. A good marketing content writer is someone who can skillfully translate the approach of the business into written material that engages the audience. This content will successfully meet the needs of the customer in some form or the other, which ultimately leads to some engagement and potentially sales returns. Here are some of the skills required by a good content writer:

  • Adaptability

One of the strongest qualities for a content writer to possess is the ability to mold their writing abilities to suit the needs of the business. A content writer must make themselves adaptable to the tone and message that the brand wishes to portray to their customers.

  • Research skills

A content writer is valued not just on the way they write, but also by their ability to offer credible information that can be associated with a brand. For this reason, the content writer must possess excellent research skills that will allow them to find the most relevant content from reliable online sources, without any form of plagiarism.

  • Time management

Great marketing content writer must be able to effectively meet deadlines to come across as valuable to any business. This skill comes from an understanding that even clients have deadlines to meet. The ability to deliver high-quality content within a stipulated amount of time will lend you a streak of professionalism, which will be highly valued by your clients.

  • Editing skills

A good content writer must know that no first draft is perfect. No matter how much a person relies on the flow of their thoughts to be sufficient and engaging, online content writing will require frequent editing before it is submitted for publishing. Editing in terms of proper sentence formation, removal of grammatical errors, or even incorporating requirements of the client are all highly for online content writing.


Organizing online marketing content

As a business owner, you will continuously need to find marketing content that can be moulded into engaging material for your website audience. Marketing ideas always pop up in your mind, and it is important to organize these ideas into an online marketing strategy. The reason why the organization is so important is that it offers a sense of direction for your company’s online marketing agenda.

Knowing what must be published and when it must be done will provide a greater sense of clarity, especially with regards to tracking your overall website growth. Ensure that you make use of planners to jot down essential deadlines so that you are vigilant about the time and effort to be put into every piece of content you produce. At the same time, maintain a journal to keep track of your ideas, so that they are all present in one spot to give you a greater sense of clarity while you create content. Several editorial tools (Blogely is one of them) can help you effectively manage and organize your online marketing content.

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Important digital content marketing strategies

The most common and fundamental content marketing strategies that can help you maximize the effect of your digital content to drive sales:


Search engine optimization or SEO is an incredibly powerful instrument that is used by many businesses to gain more engagement with their websites. SEO is a form of search engine marketing wherein the search engine results are optimized to showcase achievements most relevant to the keyword entered by the user. Business owners will have to create content that is SEO-approved to obtain the best results from their content marketing efforts.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing makes use of a more relaxed and engaging platform like social media to communicate with the audience and also to gather any relevant information from their user experience.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the most common strategy in the business world, and rightly so. This simple yet effective form of marketing will ensure that the target audience is kept engaged with important business updates, which will, in turn, significantly improve sales and conversion rates.

Moreover, email allows you to add social share icons, and even links to referral reward systems, which makes it one of the most integrated marketing platforms out there.

Focus on understanding the customer

One of the most important digital content marketing strategies is to continually analyze and determine your target audience and tailor your digital marketing efforts to catch their attention. Knowing the people who might turn out to be your potential customers, and marketing the product based on what appeals to this group of people is one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

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Creating effective blog post articles

One of the main aspects involved with digital content writing is the production of effective blog articles. While bloggers are constantly generating blog posts without any specified intent or purpose, serious businesses cannot afford to do the same. Every single blog post published on a business website must offer credible information, backed up with ample illustrations and relatable content.

Once again, understanding the target audience is one of the most time-tested strategies to use while generating blog posts. Doing so will allow the marketing content writer to curate content tailored to appeal to the select audience successfully and will motivate the viewer to become a potential customer.

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Increasing social media presence using blog content

Today, every single business finds value from having some or the other form of social media engagement. Several authorities have recognized the fact that social media is a highly impactful marketing tool for marketing and sales. Businesses can increase their social media presence by creating blog content that is suitable for a social media user. Unlike website blogs, social media blog posts are more precise while being highly engaging. Social media blog posts also warrant the use of attractive imagery or catchy headlines to draw in the attention of the viewer.

Ultimately, the blog post has to be engaging enough to prompt the viewer to visit the business website and move further along on the sales chain.

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Boosting website ranking with digital business tools

It is quite clear to everyone that content is the king; the businesses must also invest time and effort to ensure that their content viewed and discussed online. To do so, companies will have to make use of specific digital business tools to boost their website ranking, making it appear at the top of the search results page. The more prominently your web content appears online, the more chances of it being effective in driving sales. Here are some simple tools that can be used to boost your website ranking:


Blogging examples

The role of a marketing content writer includes the creation of several blog posts that are about topics in correlation with any primary or secondary pursuit of the business concerned. Some examples of blogging include:

  • writing a product review for a skincare brand,
  • gathering diet tips for a blog post catering to a health and fitness website,
  • writing about a car’s performance for an automobile dealership blog,
  • a celebrity style review for an entertainment blog company,
  • a write-up on the most effective marketing tools for a marketing and events management company blogpost,
  • pet health care tips for a pet food brand and more.



Establishing the website content development workflow is vital to the overall success of the website SEO. By using the right words and imagery, you are providing the customer with a background to your services. The customer must be engaged right from the moment they visit the website until they have decided to move further along the sales chain.

For this very reason, online writing content, especially copywriting material, must offer a clear value proposition and also include a compelling call to action. By investing in a professional marketing content writer, you will be able to create an edge for your business and ultimately draw in the attention of your intended audience.

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