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Online content writing jobs for freelancers online content writing jobs

Although writing tasks are somehow complicated and tricky, you can earn a handsome amount from this work. You have to find the relevant data from authentic sources to ensure the quality of work. Also, extensive research is required in this work to get the latest information as well.

Different types of writing works are available, and you can do any of them depending on your writing skills. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways and places to find jobs. It helps you to start earning a handsome amount for online writing shortly.  


1. Become a blogger

Blogging is the fastest growing and one of the best ways to start earning from online writing work. Many bloggers start earning a good amount from their blog after a few months of starting the blog.  

But you need to learn about creating and managing the blog for earning through the blog. Various online and offline website builders are available over the internet that let bloggers create the website in a short time without learning about coding.  

WordPress is the most popular and widely used platform that lets users create a website in a few simple steps. But it requires some investment for buying hosting and domain name.


1.2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of online earning through which bloggers can earn a handsome amount. Due to the increase in online shopping trends, many platforms offer affiliate programs to improve their sales graph and profit as well.  

In affiliate marketing, bloggers have to share the links of products on their blogs or social media accounts. They can get a commission as anyone purchases the product by using the link they shared.  

Many online stores offer affiliate programs, including Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, and many others. But Amazon is on the top of the list, and people like to purchase from Amazon.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Affiliate marketing

2. Earning and marketing through guest blogging

Guest blogging is used for various purposes, including for making backlinks with other sites as well as for earning through posting content on other sites.  

Usually, the sites that pay for guest blogging fall into two categories, i.e., revenue sharing and fixed payout. Writing guest blogs is a good way to market yourself to expand your hiring strategy for online content writing jobs from home.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - guest blogging

A huge list of the active guest positing sites is listed on Repostseo site.

2.1. Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing websites pay per view or click on Ads that they placed on your post. This way suits you to earn some pocket money but may not earn as much as you can earn through blogging or the other way.  

The following are the few websites for which you can write articles and get a share of ad revenue.  

i. Hubpages

This website offers a simple method to join the network. You just need to sign up for an account by providing some necessary information like name, email id, and password, etc.  

Hubpages accepts articles with a minimum word count of 700, and it must be unique as well as free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. The minimum payout is $100, which you can receive through cheque.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - revenue sharing

ii. Teckler

Teckler offers 70% of ad revenue for its contributors to their articles. You can share your article as well as you can share audio clips, videos, and images as well.  

This site offers a minimum payout of $0.5 that is tremendous, and writers don’t need to wait for more time to approach the payout rate limit.  

iii. Dailytwocents

This site (dailytwocents ) offers similar services to that of BubbleWS with few minor differences. The first one is the difference in a payout that is $5 instead of $50, and the other is a low pay rate.  

It pays at the rate of $0.005 per view, and the impression must be of 30 seconds. Otherwise, the impression can’t be counted.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Dailytowcents

 iv. ShoutMeLoud  

ShoutMeLoud is a popular blog about blogging, WordPress, SEO, online earning, and many other web-related topics. It let the users upload the articles and earn directly through their AdSense account. It means users have to apply for their own AdSense and place ads on their posts.  

However, you don’t get good earnings from this platform at the start, but it will increase as you upload more articles.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - shoutmeload

2.2. Fix payout

You can earn a handsome amount from this method through your writing skills. Many websites are operating over the internet that is reputable in their niche and has a good number of visitors per day.  

Creator: PublicDomainPictures | Source: Pixabay

They offer to pay a fixed amount for every article instead of calculating the visits to your article. The plus side of this way is that you can approach the huge number of audiences that they have in their circle. However, it is somehow tricky to get approval in this method, and you have to write an A-Grade article to get approval.  

The following is the list of few websites that offer fix pay rate for every article or post.  

i. iWriter

This website (iWriter) offers a fixed payout of $80 for an article of 500 words. It offers an easy sign-up process; just make a free account and choose the category or type of content you want to write.  

After sign up, you can receive a topic to write, and after submitting the completed task, your article will be reviewed by the client. If the client accepts the article, you will receive the payment; otherwise, no payment.  

Also, if you get thirty 4 star reviews, you will be promoted to a premium category, and you will get almost double the pay rate. If the ratings go up to 4.5 stars, you could be eligible for the elite category where payment is three times the beginner’s account.  

ii. Textbroker

This site (Textbroker) is good to earn a handsome income, but the services of this site are available for writers from the US only. Writers have to submit the article for creating the account, and the site staff reviews the article. If they accept the article, you can get the star ratings between 2 to 4, and you will get paid based on these ratings.  

The minimum payout is $10 through PayPal once a week.  

iii. TutsPlus 

TutsPlus is looking for writers of tutorials on coding, web design, software creation, and web development. If you are an expert in one or more of these fields, you can send in your application and write articles on quick tips and full-length tutorials. 

Pay can range between $50-$250 per article.

3. Look for work in your circle

You can find a lot of people in your friends or family circle who needs writing services for different purposes or occasions. The work that you can find from your circle includes:   

  • Resume writing
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Advertisement
  • Event invitations

It is best to visit the schools in your area to meet the teachers and parents as well. It helps you to get the editing and copywriting work for online content writing jobs from home strategy. 

4. Freelance magazine journalism

Have you ever read an article on a topic close to your heat and thought I know more than the writer? You do not need to be a professional journalist to contribute freelance articles to the publications.  

You can turn your hobby, specialism, or all-consuming interests into a money-spinner by writing pieces for the magazines. You can earn huge profits by writing definite, knowledgeable articles on specialist subjects.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - freelancing

5. Writing competitions and win

You check the websites regularly as they conduct different writing competitions almost every week and also offer tempting prizes for the winners.  

The annual Writing Magazine competition guides features half a million pounds in the winning titles. Anyone can win the competition and can get the prizes, so why should not it be you?  

You can participate in this kind of competition and can win prizes. What you need to do is to polish your work, submit the entry fees as the investment. You may not win the competition at the first attempt, but it will help you in becoming a better writer and a more fluent writer. So, pay the charges and get your entry.   

If you participate in all the writing competitions happening around the world, you may win any one of them. For example, if you participate in twelve competitions round the year, and write twelve essays. You may not get success in a single one, but it will polish your abilities. Furthermore, you can also publish the articles by yourself.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - writing competition

6. Write online articles

You can write online articles and can earn up to $30 per submission. You can find a large number of websites where you can write and submit reports and can get paid. For instance, Cracked.com asks you to writes funny items, and there are many more. You can select a site according to your taste or interest and can start writing for that one.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - writing blog articles

Before you start writing, you can search for different websites. It will help you to find the topic/site of your interest.   

Keep in mind that magazine brands require a constant stream of content for their website, and online budgets are lower than the print budgets. They may charge you a fee, mainly if your article is not a part of their promotional activity for the product of your own.    

7. Write and sell direct on Blogely

Blogely is the place where anyone can write an article on any topic and put it up for sale. You can price the article yourself and receive payout after articles are sold. Payouts are twice per month. Blogely is an all-in-one tool that helps writers to create content and manage it. A writer can use the storage provided, keep all resources – i.e. attachments, docs, links, pdf files, including research notes for the article. 

Blogely - best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home website

Blogely user (depending on the subscription level) can optimize the article for SEO (on-page technical SEO), run plagiarism scans, and sell content with plagiarism report included with the article. 

Blogely commission is between 10% to 15% depending on the subscription level. 

8. Website building

If the internet is like a country, the websites are like real estates. And if you are starting a website, it means you are creating your plot of online land.  

You can fill the land whatever you want. But you will have to promote it through social media or any other platform which you think can give a chance to be successful. When you get massive traffic for your website, you can sell whatever you have to offer.   

To start the website, you need a host, a template, and the content. The first two parts are easy to find the content, and the content is a difficult task to accomplish. You can post different blogs, items for sale and pictures, videos, or whatever you are interested in. If you have your website, it will give you the potential to make money from the avenues.   

9. Pitch your Alma Mater

Your alumni magazine may need writers, and they love to hire former students. You need to read the magazines’ pitch guidelines, get to know a few back issues, and send them a compelling idea.  

You may interview another alumnus, who is doing something amazing and unique. And in this way, you can get a story. You can also write about your college education, which has prepared you for a lucrative writing career.    

10. Sign up with a content site

The content writers create everything like articles to text messages. You can sign up with a content site to earn and write short, simple, and original stories for them.  

According to the expert content writers, you need to get familiar with AP Style. Because most of the content clients are going to want error-free writing, learn much about the site and its style so that you can become an expert before the entry test. And after that, you can take an entry test; if you did not pass the test, you might have to wait for months to avail the second chance.   

Do not add your ideas, interests, or thoughts in the articles. The clients want a clean, simple copy, not quirkiness, and puns.  

You can find some better sites as compared to others in terms of the pay rate and quality of the assignments. Content websites offer good freelance writing jobs for beginners. Still, you can move on to better pay opportunities once you strengthen your writing skills.    

11. Become a copywriter

Once you have learned to write a clean copy for the content sites, you can become a copywriter in the next step. You do not need one year of experience to become a copywriter. You can search for many copy sites like Get a Copywriter and start applying for the jobs.    

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - copywriting

* Courtesy of marketingsherpa 

1.1. Earning through ads

Various ad platforms are available that provide ads for bloggers to place on the blog and share the ad revenue. Google AdSense is the most popular and highly paid network that offers to share the revenue at the ratio of 60:40 that is not offered by any other network.  

AdSense offers payout rates for per views or per click, you can select either based on your choice or can use both at the same time.

Make money writing online - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

12. Write a fiction

You can also write fiction content. Different sites like Amazon Kindle Words are ready to pay you for the canon, licensed fan fiction about television shows as the Pretty Little Liars, and many more.  

You may get a task to write 10,000 words about your favorite personalities, and then Amazon will pay you 35 % on your sales. Experts, as well as beginners, are equally welcomed here.   

13. Pitch for jobs

You can find a job as a freelancer very quickly. It is not possible to succeed in this business without having writing skills and a willingness to work hard. You search for different freelance blogging job boards like ProBlogger. It will help you to learn about freelance writing, and you can get more job opportunities.   

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - Problogger

14. Proofreader

There are many online jobs, which allow you to earn money. Proofreading is less in-depth than editing. Instead of making extensive corrections and suggestions, you work as the second set of eyes.  

You search for typos, spelling errors, and other minor issues so that corrections can be made accordingly. You need to clean up all the errors before a writer submits the paper.    

There are sites like Upwork or Fiverr where you can post your profile and search for clients. 

15. Textbook seller

Students are the best source for the book sourcing or selling the textbooks online. There are many students on college campuses that have no interest in selling textbooks.  

You can take advantage of their books and sell their books online. You need to select a suitable price for books. You can make use of the internet to sell all of these books online.    

16. Data entry specialist

Data entry jobs are reliable options for those who are searching for online jobs to earn money. It is a straightforward job and but tend to pay less. And you need to spend more time as compared to other tasks.  

The best thing about a data entry job is that it is flexible; you can do any when you want. You can complete the work as much or as little as you needed according to your schedule. If you are interested in finding online jobs, you can search for on different platforms like DionData Solutions or Clickworker.   

17. Budgeter/Bookkeeper

Budgeting and bookkeeping are similar, though budgeting related more to the individuals and accounting to the business.   

If you have successfully created, managed, and stuck to a budget in your own life, go ahead and take it as your job. You can earn profit by sharing it with others through different platforms like Fiverr, social media, or any other website.  

If you like organizing fiancés for the business, you can work as a bookkeeper. Being working as a bookkeeper, you can work with different other companies and help them in keeping their financial matters in order.  

You can keep the record of their earnings and expenses, can prepare the financial reports, create and send the invoices, and can also collect the payments from the clients. You can do this task either by hand or by using the bookkeeping software. It is quite flexible, so you can work wither from or from anywhere you want.  

For the marketing of your services, you can use different types of platforms like Facebook and many other social media platforms. Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your business.   

18. Tutor

You can offer tuition classes to the students, and it is fantastic. It is the fastest way of making money. You can search for the sites where you can deliver online lectures. And after getting sign in, you are ready to deliver the lectures.    

19. Course creator

You can create online courses even though you are not a teacher. It is an excellent way to earn extra money for teachers. You can create a course related to any subject, as you are not going to teach the subject. You can create a course to teach the students about knitting a sweater or how to plant a garden.  

You can create easy to edit videos along with the courses. After publishing the course, take some time and create a marketing strategy. Connect with affiliate partners to sell your course and earn residual income.   

20. Amazon Ebook publisher

Publishing a book on the Amazon Kindle is easy and straightforward. It is not a guaranteed way to make money. The papers should well know, edited, have a catchy cover, and must have a clear marketing strategy.   

If you have a good idea, eBooks can provide you a way to earn money. Beside it you can also write exciting stories, drawing cartoons, or picture books. You can create all the stuff and upload it to earn money. It can be fun for you to make money with creativity.   

21. Travel writer

If you love traveling and want to explore the world, it is a perfect way to pursue your hobby as a career. If you are visiting the world, you can write about your journey. It is the best opportunity to write about the experience, and you can get paid.   

Making money as a travel writer is not easy; you must be able to sell your articles or create a blog. You can work hard to earn a huge profit if you are interested in and passionate about this work.    

22. Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant, you should be organized and resourceful. The virtual assistant can make money by helping other people. You can also assist the businesses by doing different tasks such as data entry or research to the customer’s services. There is no limit on this task.  

VANetworking was founded by the virtual assistant and is loaded with tips and job leads. You can follow it to get assistance for your job.   

23. One-story

One Story is a nonprofit literary magazine benefiting the people of all ages to publish their stories. You can submit the story between 15th January to 31st May and 3rd September to 14th November.  

Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home - onestory

The optimum word length for the stories is 3000 words to 8000 words. You can submit your stories online through their portal. The submission format for the file is PDF, RTF, TXT, and should be under the 500KB. You can write short stories on any topic or them, according to your choice.   

24. Daily Science Fiction

It is a publication platform (Daily Science Fiction) where you can publish science fiction stories daily. This platform demands brilliant and original science fiction stories.  

Daily Science Fiction - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

The length of the story is a crucial factor. This site will prefer your account if it is shorter in length as compared to other stories. You can submit a story from 100 to 1500 words.  

The story should be related to science and is t should not be horror. So, follow the guidelines given on the website before submitting it. You can submit the stories through an online form, for which instructions are provided on their site. You can also send your artwork to this platform.   

25. The Sun

It is well known the magazine (The Sun), which has published many stories and articles on the different world issues and reached the right audience. The site is open for all the writers.  

The site publishes personal essays, poetry, stories, and stories related to political or cultural issues. The site has never published any article longer than 7000 words.   

You can submit your articles online through posts. To submit your article online, you will need an ID on the website and then can use this portal for work submission.  

The site can pay up to $300 for essay and fiction stories. And $100 to $250 for poetry. The will you if your article got accepted.   

26. Clarkworld

Clarkword is a science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes stories and articles monthly. The magazines publish science fiction stories that have useful writing languages. Therefore, it the best option to avoid lengthy paragraphs. They accept all the stories which are written in English.  

When you are writing a story for the submission, do avoid clichés mentioned on the Clarkword website and follow the manuscript guidelines. Your story should be written between 1000 to 2000 words, and it must be submitted online.  

You can also submit the non.fiction articles, too, but will have to follow the guidelines provided on the website.  

They pay either through PayPal or Check. They can offer you 10 cents for each word that you will write.   

27. Carve

Carve Magazine site accepts the short stories, poetry, non-fiction throughout the whole year and publishes them on their website. They publish stories and poetry, which is original and has emotional depth.  

There is no specific time for the submission of articles—that’s why you can easily submit the articles online. The word limit is 10000 for the fiction and nonfiction articles and 2000 for the poetry.  

Carve - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

The site accepts literary writing only. That’s why it will not publish the horror, mystery or fantasy, etc.  

Before you submit the articles, you will need a cover letter. If they do not accept the article, you can publish it anywhere, in any magazine and you will be get paid. The site pays $100 for the fiction stories and $25 for the non-fiction stories.   

28. Penpee

Penpee is an online reading platform, which allows the writers to submit their stories and earn through story views. If you want to upload a story, you will have to sign up and have to get a membership.   

Penpee - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

Writers who have free membership can write up to 3000 words, and those with a paid membership can write more than 12000 words. Once you have published the story, you can get the credit for the number of readers for the story.    

29. Wattpad

Wattpad is the most extensive readers and writers platform and the best platform to fulfill your hobby of story writing. The site invites some viewers for their paid program. The articles are selected based on their originality, creativity, and the course of the market value. Well, this opportunity is available only for some Wattpad writers.  

Wattpad - Best Online Content Writing Jobs From Home

You will get paid only when your article will get accepted for the pub; location. If you love writing and have the skills to write amazing literary pieces, it is the best option to make the best use of your abilities.    

30. Analog

If you love science and science-related stories, it is the best platform. You can publish your own stories related to science. It is the leading science fiction magazine, which publishes the best science fiction and has a perfect scientific base. The site also posts the fact articles in the leading research on science.  

Analog will publish your article on the base of merit. The site looks for professional and realistic scientific stories. You can also submit your story. But your story needs to be appealing and related to your story.  

You can also submit articles and stories related to magazines.you can submit only six poems and four stories or articles at a time. You will have to submit a cover letter with the manuscript, and the cover letter should include your name, publishing history. You need to check the formatting and writing style from the website so that you can write accordingly.   

The payment depends on acceptance. Analog pays 8 to 10 cents per word, and for the short fiction, you will get 6 cents per word and 9 cents per word for the fact articles. The site will offer you $1 for each lin of the poetry. They pay $1200 for the colored cover art and $125 for the black and white cover.   

31. Agni

Agni is a literary magazine and accepts essays and poetry. The magazine can allow aspiring writers or literary writers to publish their articles through them.  

You will get the payment according to your articles. Agni accepts the manuscripts generally from September 1st to May 31st.   

Send your manuscript electronically or by post. There is no word limit for the essays, but the length of the article may decide whether it be published or not. You can write short stories on romance, horror, mystery, or science fiction. The magazine is interested in personal essays, memories, think pieces, poems, and short stories.  

If you are interested in these genera, you can write the articles and submit them in the magazine for the publication. You can submit one story and five poems at a time, but your writing should not be published anywhere else. You should add the double space and page number before your article gets submitted.  

Agni pays $10 per page for the short stories or essays and $20 per page for the poetry. You need to keep in mind that you will be get paid only when your story will be accepted in the magazine.   


Writing the content for online earning is good to earn a handsome income, but you have to do a lot of planning to get and complete the work. First of all, you have to choose the type of work you want to get based on your abilities.  

Hopefully, you can find the work that suits your abilities, and you can do it easily and efficiently. Once you have built your profile, it is easy for you to get the regular work and improves your earning graph.  

Any feedback? 😊 ☹


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