If you are planning to create a WordPress blog in 2020 or want to improve the performance of the current blog, you must have to use some plugins to gain the desired results. Because WordPress plugins are a great tool to enhance the appearance and to get higher rankings in the search engines.  

There are thousands of WordPress plugins that are available over the internet to serve WordPress blogs. Many of them are industry-specific, while there is a good number of plugins that webmasters need to improve the performance of their blog.  

Plugins are specifically designed for bloggers who don’t have the knowledge of coding required for developing blogs for adding functionality. These are beneficial for blog owners as well as for readers because they make navigation easy.  

However, you can also find multiple plugins from different developers for the same feature. But you have to select the one that fulfills your needs and requirements very well. Furthermore, some of these are free to use while some come with the paid version.  

People frequently asked for plugins that are effective to improve the performance of the blog in terms of speed, security, rankings, and to add a certain type of functionality.  

Today, we will discuss fifteen plugins that every blog owner must know, irrespective of industry and category, to add functionality and improve performance.  

Let’s take a comprehensive look at them.   

1. Wordfence – – must have wordpress plugin

Wordfence plugin is used to keep your blog safe from malware by creating a fence around the WordPress blog.  

must have wordpress plugins - wordfence

Most WordPress blog owners don’t have the knowledge of coding for creating sufficient security for their blog. Therefore, Wordfence helps them to keep the hackers away from their blogs.  

Distinct Features 

Some distinct features of this plugin are:  

1. Powerful scanning tool: It is featured with a powerful scanning tool that is capable of stopping the threats from suspicious and malicious code, backdoors and MySQL injection, etc.  

2. Real-time IP blocker (Premium feature): It helps to efficiently scan the traffic from automated bots, including search engine crawlers and data mining bots. It quickly finds the spambots and blocks them.  

3. Deep Integration: This plugin protects the blog by enabling deep integration with WordPress that is much effective than cloud-based alternatives with a lack of encryption ability.  

Pricing info 

Wordfence plugin is free to use but with limited access, and you can enjoy advanced features like a real-time IP blocker with a premium version only.  

The standard price starts from $99 for one license, but you can get a discount of 10% on the standard price if you buy up to 4 licenses at once.  

The discount rate will be 15% if you buy 5 to 9 licenses, 20% for 10 to 14 licenses and a flat discount rate of 25% for 15 or more licenses.  


  • Country blocking feature  
  • Repair damaged files by viruses or hackers  
  • Leaked password protection  
  • Strong encoding feature   


  • Create problems with every release of a new version   

Why should we use this plugin? 

This plugin is featured with 2FA (two-factor authentication), the most secured system authentication service, that is fantastic to block the login attempts as administrators by using compromised passwords. Therefore, we should have to use it to make security effective and tight.  

User Reviews About Wordfence 

Lairbear says, “I am using this plugin on my six sites and find strong protection abilities in this plugin. At the start of using this plugin, I face a few problems due to a lack of knowledge, but proper support helps to resolve the issues instantly”.  

Cain57: “A cryptocurrency miner added coding of mining on my website that I build for my small business. I am maintaining this website by myself, and I tried many security plugins to find out the problem but all in vain. But this plugin immediately finds the coding and block it with no time”.  

2. Yoast SEO – must have wordpress plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is a fantastic and perfect way to optimize the website as per the requirements of search engines for getting higher ranks in search results.  

must have wordpress plugins - yoast

Irrespective of niche and category, it acts as a checklist for all the essential things that significantly impact rankings. Like content structure, internal and external backlinks, Meta title, keyword optimization, and many more.  

Key Features: 

1. Canonical URLs: This plugin is capable of auto adjust the canonical URLs that help to avoid duplicate content on the website.  

2. Content Readability Analysis: It helps webmasters and content writers to create engaging and easy-to-digest content for readers as well as for search engines.  

3. Internal Linking Suggestions (Premium): This plugin provides suggestions for internal linking of content with other pages or posts on the website. This feature also helps to engage users in the content on different pages of the website.  

Pricing info 

Yoast SEO provides a considerable number of services for its users in the paid version of the plugin but you can get a bunch of support in the free version too.  

You can get a subscription for one website for just $89 only for one year. But you can get a 5% discount on the standard price for every additional purchase you made.  


  • Advancedsitemap submission  
  • Snippet preview  
  • Social previews   


  • Showing Ads in free version   

Why Should We Use This Plugin? 

The insight tool of this plugin is perfect for optimizing the content of the website that is the most essential part of getting higher rankings in the search engine.  

It is beneficial to optimize the content for related keywords as well as synonyms. It also provides information about the focus keyword that is useful to keep the article in line with your keywords.  

User Comments 

Salpetriere: “I am working on multiple projects, and it was tough for me to keep an eye on specific things. This brilliant plugin not only helps to manage various essential elements but also improves the performance with its optimization feature. I got a noticeable improvement in the rankings with the use of this plugin”.  

lylene1004: “Surely this is the plugin for what I was looking for for a long time. It is a perfect SEO tool for On-Page SEO optimization. It keeps an eye on every page and post of the website to intimate you about any problem with images, internal links, keyword optimization, and many more. In short, it makes your website user-friendly for search engines to get better rankings”.  

3. WPForms – must have wordpress plugin

WPForms is an essential plugin to keep in contact with visitors and clients by adding different forms like contact us form, pricing form, newsletter, registration form, and many more.  

must have wordpress plugins - wpforms

This plugin facilitates the users with a drag and drops feature that is much easy and perfect to create a desired form quickly and effectively.  

Key Features 

1. Mobile-Friendly: The forms created with this plugin are mobile-friendly and let the visitors use the form quickly. WPForms helps to create responsive forms that are perfect to use with any type of device.  

2. Multi-Page Forms: Users can split long forms into multi-page forms with this plugin easily to improve the user experience. Especially for registration purposes.  

3. File Uploads: It allows the users to create the forms with file uploading options like images that are usually required by many organizations for the user registration process.  

Pricing info 

The free version of the WPForms plugin is available, but if you want to add forms with advanced features like payment options, mail chimps, etc. then you have to buy the subscription that starts from $39.50 per year with a basic plan that supports a single website only.  

However, the Plus Plan costs you $99.50 per year with support for three years; the Pro Plan costs $199.50 per year and supports five sites. The final plan is specially designed for business owners that cost $299.50 per year that offer support for unlimited websites.  


  • Drag and drop feature  
  • Spam protection  
  • Custom captcha   


  • Minimal features in free version   

Why Should We Use This Plugin? 

This plugin facilitates the users with a variety of pre-built form templates. Therefore, you don’t have a need to start creating the form from zero that requires a lot of time. Furthermore, the pre-built form templates come by default with some crucial options that you may miss in creating the form from scratch.  

User Reviews 

Deathstarr: “I was using another plugin for a long time, but I didn’t get the desired results, and it was difficult for me to collect sufficient information efficiently. Finally, I got the suggestions for using this plugin, and I get the exact results that I want from the previous plugin. After start using this plugin, I never looked back to any other plugin for forms”.  

khiemtran: “I found this plugin user-friendly and secure to create various forms that are perfect to use, especially for beginners. Also, it holds a lot of features that fulfill your different requirements in one place”.  

4. JetPack – (must have wordpress plugins)

Jetpack is a perfect combination of various useful features to improve the performance and security of the website in one place. 

must have wordpress plugins - Jetpack

This plugin facilitates all types of sites irrespective of their category and purpose. It helps to improve the speed of the website and also it provides information about statistics of your website to keep an eye on monetization.  

Key Features:  

1. Make Your Website Secure (Premium): It not only helps to keep various malware away from your website with the help of a powerful malware scanner and code scanner but also fixes the threats to the site automatically.  

2. Site Accelerator Tools: Powerful site accelerator tools help to improve the speed by optimizing the images from their global network and enhance the mobile performance along with a decrease in bandwidth that is beneficial to reduce bandwidth cost.  

3. Professional WordPress Themes (Premium): This tool facilitates the users with a vast collection of professional themes in the free version as well as premium themes are also available for paid versions without the additional cost that helps to provide a desired and fantastic look to the website.  

Pricing info

Like many other plugins, it also offers a free version but with limited features. The paid version of this plugin starts from $39 per year for the personal plan, while the premium and professional plans are available at the cost of $99 and $299 per year, respectively, with full access to various features.  


  • Include CDN for managing images  
  • Advanced website statistics  
  • Secured login with 2FA feature   


  • No support for content optimization as before   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin offers a variety of useful and effective tools for SEO that helps to get higher rankings in different search engines as well as helps to secure the website from hackers with the help of a 2FA login feature.  

Furthermore, it keeps the backup of your website daily as well as on a real-time basis in the premium version. You can get access to the backup file easily.  

User Comments:  

Kevin: “Jetpack proved itself as the best plugin in terms of securing the website as well as to improve the speed and performance. I use this plugin on different sites that I have to manage. I like the inclusion of CDN for images”.  

Wikiloo: “This incredible plugin provides everything in clear crystal form for WordPress users, even with low experience levels. Thanks for providing a useful and practical plugin”.  

5. OptinMonster (must have wordpress plugins)

OptinMonster is a powerful conversion optimization tool kit available on the internet. As we know, an impressive percentage of visitors come on the website and leave after a short time. 

must have wordpress plugins - OptinMonster

OptinMonster is useful to get the email address of visitors to contact back later with the help of popup messages and subscription links.  

Key Features 

1. Drag and Drop Pop Up Builder: This plugin facilitates the users with drag and drops feature to optimize the pop-up window and get the desired look. It is easy to get the desired result by adding different elements like images, videos, or anything you want to add in the pop-up window.  

2. Optin Forms Templates: It offers six different template forms for creating the popup window, i.e., Lightbox popup, Floating bar, Mobile, Fullscreen popup, Slide-in, and In-Line. You can use any of the layout and format depending on the category and purpose of the website.  

3. Powerful Exit Intent® Technology: This feature helps to retain the visitor on the website by monitoring the mouse movement and shows a pop-up window just before the visitor going to close the site.  

Pricing info 

The pricing plan of OptinMonster starts with the Basic plan that costs you $108 annually for the single website, while the plus plan offers support for two sites in $228, along with some additional features in the basic plan.  

The Pro plan provides support for three websites in $348, and the Growth plan costs you in $58 for the support of five sites.  

No doubt, the cost per website increases when we move gradually from basic to growth plan, but it is due to the addition of various features that are not available in the previous plan.  


  • Variety of campaign types  
  • Seamless integration  
  • Conversion analysis   


  • Expensive option  

Why Should We Use This Plugin? 

OptinMonster is equipped with a powerful segmentation and targeting engine that helps to provide pop-up windows to the right people at the correct time to maximize the conversion rate.  

It means this plugin is capable of showing pop-up windows depending on the interest and interaction with the website along with offers to visitors depending on their location.  

User Comments: 

Givemesomeenglish: “I found the working of this plugin awesome, along with robust
customer support that I had never seen in any type of company in my life. I am in this field for almost sixteen years, and I feel proud that I have the best decision of my life”.  

KMBonn: “This plugin works well for all pages of my website. If ever I feel any problem, the customer support resolved it quickly with no time.”.  

6. Akismet – must have wordpress plugin

Akismet is one of the few critical and essential plugins that comes by default with the installation of WordPress.  

must have wordpress plugins - Akismet

The purpose of this plugin is to scan the messages and contact form submissions received on the website. With the help of the global database of spam, it protects your website against the publishing of malicious content.  

Key Features: 

1. Worst Spam Blocks: It is beneficial to block the worst spams that are responsible for heavy and unnecessary data load on your website and make your website slow.  

2. Automatic Blocking Feature: This plugin automatically blocked the spam messages and sent them to the spam folder. With the help of message history, you can realize how much spams you have received on your website.  

3. Unveil The Hidden Links: Akismet is perfect to unveil the misleading and hidden links in the message body and show them separately so that you can approve it or not, depending on the nature of the link.  

Pricing info 

Akismet is aiming to make the internet world free from spams; therefore, it is entirely free to use against spams for your personal blog. However, the version doesn’t provide support for commercial websites.  

You have to pay the subscription is you want to enjoy the full features. The advanced plan costs you $60 annually for a single website, but if you’re going to use this plugin for multiple sites, the Enterprise plan suits you that costs you $600 annually with support for unlimited sites.  


  • Strong spam filters  
  • Easy to use  
  • Free for personal blogs   


  • Support limited languages   

Why Should We Use This Plugin? 

Akismet is operating in the internet world for a long time; therefore, they claim to have the highest database of spams. As per Akismet, they catch the spams from the web world at the rate of 7.5 million spams per hour.  

That is really a significant figure and provides excellent protection from a large number of spams that are not easy to manage.  

Furthermore, it is part of the WordPress community for a long time, and many known plugins like Contact Form 7 and Jetpack uses Akismet API in their plugin.  

User Comments: 

Seodance: “I am using this plugin for the last three months and note significant improvements in spam attacks. But before this, I have to spend a long time filtering the messages manually because other plugins don’t provide sufficient support against spams like this one”.  

Matthew Garcia: “Must have plugin for blogs. One of my friends suggested me this one, and now I am recommending this for everyone. A great plugin with a vast library full of information on spams”.  

7. W3 Total Cache (W3TC) – must have wordpress plugin

W3 Total Cache is beneficial to improve the effectiveness of SEO and enhance the user experience.  

must have wordpress plugins - W3 Total Cache

It helps to reduce the load times with the help of a content delivery network (CDN) and some latest techniques for improving speed. It is the most popular plugin for WordPress that works effectively for the cache of the website.  

Key Features:  

1. Caching Statistics: It provides useful information about website performance that helps to find out the issues that the website had faced before for webserver, PHP, MySQL, or page content.  

2. Eliminate render-blocking CSS: It helps to reduce the number of requests by moving the CSS in the HTTP body and let the page to load with fast speed.  

Pricing info 

W3 Total Cache also offers a paid version along with a free version, but you have to make a buy from inside the plugin.  

Therefore, log in to your WordPress dashboard and select the W3 Total Cache Plugin and press the upgrade button for getting the premium version. This will cost you $99 per year for one website.  

This plugin doesn’t provide different pricing plans like others.  


  • Improve website speed  
  •  Improve user experience  
  • SSL support   


  • May create problems with other plugins   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

W3 Total Cache is beneficial to increase the speed of the website by minifying the different coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc. however, the minifying process not limited to these but also helpful for minifying the posts and pages along with RSS feed.  

In short, it reduces the load of the website from every possible aspect to increase the speed as well as enhance the user experience.  

User Comments: 

dani0083: “It is a great plugin to improve the performance, but it requires some expertise to get the maximum benefit. Although the default settings are high once you set the custom settings depending on the category of the website, you will get remarkable results”.  

SgtSunshine: “It is difficult to suggest any improvement in this plugin because it already provides perfect results without any problem. It is beneficial to examine the performance because, in this way, you will know what is going on and what happened in the past”.  

Broken Link Checker is developed by ManageWP to find the broken links of the website that could be external or internal. As we know, backlinks are considered as a backbone of SEO required to get higher rankings.  

must have wordpress plugins - Broken Link Checker

But some of these backlinks broke due to closure of other websites or any other reason and created problems for rankings. Therefore, it is essential to find and remove them from the site.  

Key Features:  

1. Monitor the backlinks: This plugin tracks the entire website to find all the backlinks associated with the site and filter the broken one. It works very well for pages, posts, comments, and custom fields.  

2. Easy to edit: This plugin allows the users to edit the backlinks directly from the dashboard of the plugin instead of deleting all the links manually from posts or pages. It helps to save time and works more effectively.  

3. Guide search engines about backlinks: It is fantastic to tell the search engines which links they have to follow or which links have to ignore. This feature enables the search engine to bypass the links which are broken or low quality. 

Pricing info 

The pricing of Broken Link Checker depending on the features you want to include in the bundle. But the free version is also available.  

However, the developers of this plugin categorize the pricing for bloggers or small agencies that have to manage up to 25 websites and charged them per feature per site. Moreever, agencies with more than 25 websites have to pay a fixed amount irrespective of the number of features but limited to use for 100 websites.  


  • Easy to find broken links  
  • Notification alert  
  • Easy to configure   


  • Lack of support  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

After installation of this plugin, it checks all the posts and pages of the website and gets the list of all the broken links under the broken link tab to examine and monitor the links. But you can also use the filter option to get the list of broken links from a specific area. For example, you can get a list of broken links in the comments section.  

Furthermore, it displays the broken links in the post in a different way that make the search engines bypass the links so that they don’t affect the current rankings in the search engines.  

User Comments:  

Comigo: “The most attractive part of this plugin is the inclusion of a filter option that not only helps to find out the broken links but also beneficial to find the links that will be removed soon or deprecated. It helps a lot with migration from the esoteric web engine into WordPress”. Additionally, this plugin is beneficial for scanning the website manually by just pressing the scan button.  

Nemanja Aleksić: “A fantastic and perfect solution for small and simple websites for tackling broken backlinks:.  

9. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin (MonsterInsights)

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by MonsterInsights is an excellent and easy way to connect Google Analytics with WordPress dashboard. 

must have wordpress plugins - MonsterInsights

It is useful to get all the reports provided by Google Analytics to check the performance of the website and increase the traffic as well as sales.  

Key Features:  

1. Audience Report: This report helps to find out the visitor’s statistics like geographical location, the type of device they used, gender, age, etc. to optimize the content and website design accordingly.  

2. Behavior Report: This report inform the webmasters about how people come to their website and what their purpose was. It also provides information about the time they stay on the website along with keywords they used to reach the site.  

3. Content Report: It helps to find out the type of content that generates more traffic so that you can create relevant content instead of uploading unnecessary information.  

Pricing info 

This plugin offers its subscription with a cost of $99.99 (Plus Plan) per year, for a single site, for small publishers and businesses who want something more than in the free version. However, for e-commerce and companies that are looking for additional services can go for a Pro Plan that they can get in $199.50 per year with support for five websites.  

Furthermore, for web development and marketing agencies, the Agency plan is available in $399.50 per year with support for 25 websites.  


  • Enhanced link attribution  
  • File download tracking  
  • Real-time stats   


  • Can be expensive  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

MonsterInsights offers Ads tracking addon that helps them bloggers to track Google Ads in the Google Analytics dashboard. Furthermore, it is featured with an affiliate link tracker that helps the affiliate marketers to find their affiliate links in Google Analytics.  

User Comments:  

cbednar74: “This plugin provides me all the information in an effective and helps me to increase the organic traffic by optimizing the website effectively”.  

Crellington: “This plugin is a good keeper; with every login, it will tell you who comes to your site, for what purpose, and from where. It provides exact information about the medium used by visitors and the information on useful links”.  

10. Sassy Social Plugin – must have wordpress plugin

Sassy Social Share is the most popular social media sharing plugins for WordPress. 

must have wordpress plugins - sassy social share

It allows the users to share their posts and pages on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This plugin is perfect to use for all the websites and blogs irrespective of their category.  

Key Features:  

1. Icon Customization: This plugin allows the users to customize the icon as per their needs and requirements. It provides a vast list of built-in stylish icons to choose the style depending on the design of the website.  

2. Don’t need to register: Users don’t have the need to register themselves for using this plugin. They just need to install the plugin and provide their social media account links to start sharing.  

3. Mobile-Friendly: This plugin provides stylish icons that are mobile responsive and capable of adjusting the size of the icon as per the width of the mobile phone.  

Pricing info 

Finally, we got a plugin that provides its complete services free of charge. You can enjoy sharing your posts on more than 100 platforms with the help of this plugin. You don’t even need to pay a single penny to enjoy the services.  


  • Easy to setup  
  • Stylish icons  
  • Lightweight coding   


  • Little heavy  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin facilitates the users with optimal loading time that is not possible to get from other social media plugins available over the internet. Because light and simple coding are used in the development of this plugin that makes it faster and lightweight.  

User Comments  

mjaitly123: “It is one of the most stylish social media sharing plugins. It provides an elegant look to all the pages and posts of my website. It’s like a dream to get amazing services like this plugin without any cost. I recommend everyone to use this plugin”.  

Email: I have used a lot of social media plugin in my life for many websites, but I found this plugin amazing and fantastic. It is excellent to get stylish icons without any coding and also get a bunch of customization options. It is the one that I was looking for a long time, and it needs just a few steps to start the sharing”. 

11. WP RSS Aggregator – must have wordpress plugin

WP RSS Aggregator is developed by RebelCode that is used for getting the latest updates from different sites to your WordPress blog.  

must have wordpress plugins - wp rss aggregator

The primary purpose of RSS feed is to get the latest and useful content for your visitors. This plugin works without any limitation of importing data and capable of displaying all the data on a single page.  

Key Features 

1. Improve The Popularity: It helps the users to find the most demanding content that may be in shape of article or video and allow the bloggers to import it partially or fully depending on the needs and requirements.  

2. Templates (Premium): This plugin allows the users to select the template for displaying the fully customizable posts. The excerpts and thumbnails templates help to reveal the blocks attractively.  

3. Supports Huge Number Of Websites: It helps the users to import the data from a vast number of websites irrespective of category and enhance the online appearance on the site to increase the trust. 

Pricing info 

Users can get the basic plan in just $59 per year but with support for a single website. However, if you own more than one site, then you have to pay $89 per year for 5 websites and $199 per year for unlimited websites.  

Furthermore, WP RSS Aggregator also offers a Pro plan that consists of more features in just $149 per year for one website, $229 for up to five sites, and $499 per year for use in unlimited sites.  


  • Unlimited import  
  • Full-text RSS Feed  
  • Keyword filtering   


  • Somewhat complex

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin not only helps to get the latest and accurate data but also improve the SEO functionality. As you import the significant number of posts, you will get the backlink with every post as well.  

It will not only enhance the number of backlinks but also helps to improve the online presence that is beneficial to build the trust of visitors as well as search engines.  

User Comments:  

stema648: “This plugin works amazingly for importing the data and manage it correctly. It is perfect for accommodating all the situations that I havefaced to date. Once I had an issue with the theme, but the customer support helps to solve it quickly, and other than that, I never face any problem”.  

Average: “At first, I start the free version, and I found it very practical and useful. After that fantastic results, I decided to go for the premium, and my client also required it to get the beautiful display blocks. However, I feel some problems in configuration, but customer support solves it quickly”.  

12. Redirection – must have wordpress plugin

Redirection plugin is designed to redirect the traffic from posts and pages to other posts or pages that are deleted or changed the URL due to any reason.  

must have wordpress plugins - redirection

This plugin is capable of managing the 301 redirects as well as also keep the record of 401 redirects.  

Key Features 

1. Full Logging: It is featured with a configurable logging option that helps to monitor all the redirect happening on the website along with other useful information about the visitor.  

2. Fine-Grained Permissions: It also allows the users to customize the plugin for different users with the help of fine-grained permissions.  

3. No knowledge of Apache or Nginx is required: This plugin doesn’t require any type of experience for creating and managing there directs.  


  • Easy to setup  
  • Track 404 errors  
  • Import and export feature   


  • Group creation issues

Pricing info – free 

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin allows the users to set up conditional redirection for certain types of visitors depending on the type of browser, login status, referral link, custom filter, IP address, page type, server, etc.  

User Comments:  

Sarah Metz: “I don’t have many precious words to express my feelings. Thanks for the hard-working on this plugin. It is useful to manage redirects effectively.  

Adamshand: “Impressive working. I have just launched a new version of my website that has multiple domains for many decades. This plugin makes it simple to create dozens of redirects and helps to keep the URLs alive.  

13. Smart Slider 3 – must have wordpress plugin

Smart Slider 3 is the famous and influential slider used to enhance the design and presence of the website. 

must have wordpress plugins - smart slider 3

It is compatible with a massive number of WordPress themes irrespective of category and capable of creating beautiful slides for providing the latest information to visitors about your website and niche.  

Key Features:  

1. Live Slide Editor: It is easy to create different types of slides quickly and efficiently. It allows the users to customize the slides and get the desired design that suits your website very well.  

2. Mobile Responsive Slider: This slider plugin allow the users to create the slides that are mobile friendly and provide excellent results for every type of device or desktop.  

3. Slide Layers And Backgrounds: This plugin facilitates users with nine different types of background animations. It also helps to build the custom and unique design for six kinds of layers.  


  • Content side builder included  
  • Page Builder support  
  • Slide library   


  • Complicated

Pricing info 

Like the majority of plugins available on the internet, the free version of this plugin comes with limited features and support. But if you want to enjoy the advanced features, then you have to pay for it.  

The single-domain plan is available in $35 per year that is available for one website only, as seems from the name. However, the business plan is available in 150$ per year that allows you to use it on up to 10 websites.  

Furthermore, smart slider 3 offers support for unlimited websites in $250 per year, but it is suitable for marketing and web development authorities.  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This smart and beautiful slider facilitates the users with full access for customization of controls like Arrows, Thumbnails, Shadows, Bullets, Autoplay, and bar. This feature is beneficial to get the desired design that makes your website more attractive. Moreover, it doesn’t require any type of coding knowledge to set up the slider.  

User Comments  

echappee06: “This plugin is an excellent option to add carousels. The working of this plugin is attractive and productive, along with quick support. The only issue I was faced with get resolved in a few minutes. Hats off to the customer support team”.  

Mr. Wood: “I recently install the Pro version of this plugin to get the layer animation, and I am delighted with the results. Furthermore, the excellent customer support added value to this plugin, and it will provide results beyond the imaginations”.  

14. CSS Hero – must have wordpress plugin

CSS Hero is the best plugin to modify the design of the theme and for adding different styles. This plugin helps to change the WordPress theme from every aspect.  

must have wordpress plugins - css hero

Therefore, if you want to provide an elegant look to your website, you must use CSS Hero to get the desired results. Furthermore, it saves a copy of previous settings and allows the users to undo the addition in case of any problem.  

Key Features  

1. Device-Specific Edits: This plugin allows the users to customize the theme for particular handheld devices and preview the changes with a single click.  

2. Font Styles and Typography: It allows the users to select the font from a vast collection of Google fonts that you want for your website or blog. It also provides support for Typekit fonts.  

3. Color Management: This plugin is perfect for adjusting the color scheme of your website for pages as well as allow to set the background color with the help of color picker and provide your website an attractive look.  

Pricing info

CSS Hero offer premium plans with one year free updates along with money back offer valid up to 30 days start from the date of purchase.  

The starter plan of this plugin is available in just $19 per year for a single website only while the personal plan is available in $39 per year that you can use in up to five sites. Furthermore, the Pro plan offers to attach 999 websites in just $69 per year.  


  • Unsplash Integration  
  • Readymade Snippets  
  • Adjust Measures   


  • Not easy to use for beginners   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

CSS is an essential element of website development, but for WordPress users, it is difficult to make their website stylish due to the lack of coding knowledge.  

This plugin helps people to design the website from every aspect, from header to footer. It works very well without affecting the performance of the website.  

User Comments:  

Trevor Current: “If you are a newbie in the blogging field and want to customize the CSS of your WordPress website without any knowledge of coding, then you are lucky. Because CSS Hero is here to help you in designing your blog without touching the coding. I got a lot of benefit from it”.  

Tania: “Oh, my goodness. I just found this fantastic plugin. It makes my work so easy, and I save a lot of time with it. It helps to avoid code-breaking and copying the broken pieces by providing valid coding and useful customizations. Great plugin to start”.  

15. Head, Footer and Post Injections – must have wordpress plugin

Head, Footer, and Post Injections are designed to add whatever you want in the header and footer section. You can also add coding before or after the content as per your needs.  

must have wordpress plugins - header and footer injections

The primary purpose of this plugin is to combine various associated account links to your WordPress site like social media account links, google analytics account, and many more.  

Key Features 

1. Add Custom Codes: It allows the users to add custom codes in the header or footer section of everyone and also provide the option to display all the links on the homepage of the website only depending on your needs.  

2. The Mobile Context: This plugin is capable of creating a responsive design by using CSS media queries and let the coding adapt the settings depending on the device of the visitor.  

3. SEO Option: Few SEO options for website rankings are added in the header section, but if you don’t want to keep them, you can disable them.  

Pricing info 

This plugin is totally free to use and provides the users with full features without any cost. However, if you like the services of this plugin, you may donate some amount to this plugin as an appreciation and to enhance the effectiveness of plugin in the future.  


  • Easy to integrate codes  
  • All in one coding pack  
  • Support multiple languages   


  • Lack of single-page injection   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

WordPress includes a fantastic feature with the name “style queue.” Every plugin needs permission from WordPress for adding the style in any page, upon request of “enqueue” WordPress adds it correctly. WordPress a lot a unique id to this CSS, therefore, any plugin or module that tries to merge the style is blocked.  

The purpose of allotting a unique id is to indicate that someone has reference with it and merging destroy that uniqueness. This plugin helps to remove that unique id and allows the CSS to merge effectively and adequately.  

User Comments:  

George: “Love it. It helps to easily add the Google Analytics account in the WordPress dashboard even without any requirement of the stand-alone plugin. Also, if you are using a google tag manager, you can add that after the body tags. It is superb to get the desired results without complicated modifications to the site. I use this plugin for many websites, and it helps to keep my site up to date and secure.  

However, I had used a lot of plugins for multiple purposes, but this plugin reduces the load of various plugins and provides the services in one place. Thanks to intelligent developers”.  

Yohaneseko: “This is a straightforward but powerful plugin, it helps to add various links in the header and footer of WordPress site without any hassle. I am very thankful to the developer of this plugin”. Bravo, mate. Thank you!  


No doubt, plugins are the most essential part of WordPress based websites, and the selection of plugins to get the desired results is considered as the backbone for the success of blogging. The collection of the right and the useful plugins will improve the performance notably.  

In the above article, we have discussed all the essential plugins that are beneficial for the improvement of overall performance. All the plugins are helpful to improve the appearance of the website as well as perfect for enhancing the quality of content to attract visitors and search engines also.  

But keep in mind, before downloading and installing a plugin that you are using a suitable theme for your blog. It will help to improve performance.



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