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My name is Gennady Batrakov, and I am a founder of Blogely. I am super excited to talk about Blogely Research Docs. 

Let me provide some explanation and give a quick overview of Research Docs, so you get a good idea of what they are all about. Research on the topic is the first step before you even start writing. 

First, let’s separate the keyword research and topic research. They are totally different subjects. 

Let me point out the fact that Blogely is NOT the keyword research app. Keyword research is covered by other application software specifically focusing on keyword research. There are many of them on the market, and they provide dedicated services just for keywords. 

Just a note – almost every keyword is too competitive. Per Neil Patel, it can take your hours upon hours to find a non-competitive one — if those even exist anymore. 

No matter how great of a keyword you find, if you don’t have the best content on the Internet, you won’t get the most traffic. 

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Research Docs in Blogely (transcript)

So, let’s review our Research Docs that are used for marketing research topics in blog posts.

So, it is not about a keyword that you staff in your content… It is about the quality of the content you produce. Your primary goal should be to beat your competitors.

If we talk about Blogely Research Documents we are talking about focused research for the given selected topics. Your topic is the reflection of searcher intent. Let me dive into the demo, so you can see how it is being done in Blogely.

Once you decide on the topic that you want to focus on in your article you can use Research Document in Blogely to do the topic research.

The search term that you use should be the topic you are writing about and it must be directly related to the desired search intent. Do not get it confused with the headline. They are could be different. Headlines are tweaked to bring emotional influence.

The whole concept of Blogely Research is based on an analysis of the competition for given search intent, or we use the word “search term”.

Research Doc – is an aggregation tool based on the top 100 Search Engine Results for a given search term. We bring 100 links with descriptions and display it on the left side of the screen inside the Research Doc in the order of ranking.

The right side of the screen is for Research Document itself. This is the place where you collect snippets of content that you will be picking from aggregated results on the left side.

We split 100 results into ten groups (10 results in each group). We compile and aggregate content for each group and let you analyze it.

The first group analyzed automatically, and for other groups, you need to click the button “Analyze.”, wait for ~ 10 to 30 seconds depending on the amount of data. For each group, you also get two sections (tabs) – Questions and Statistics, where we extract and segregate data only related to that group.

Also, you have one more tab – “Keywords.” It is used for keyword ideas (only). You can get keyword ideas for that search term. We will provide up to 3 individual results (100 keyword ideas each) with Competition, CPC, and Volume.

You can collect keyword ideas, and it will be displayed on the bottom of your exported RD.

Now lest take a look at Research document in action. You will be able to print or preview complete Research Doc just like an article.

The best part is that you will be able to view this Research Doc directly from the article that you write. You can open it in split view side by side.

You can only imagine how helpful it will be to use this information to create your own content. Make references. Be on top of your competition and write even better quality content.

Blogely Research docs reviews

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