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Neil Patel is one of the best content digital marketing experts in the world today.

According to him, adding a relentless content creation workflow to your search engine optimization (SEO) marketing arsenal is a sure-fire way of getting more traffic for your website. It’s vital to create new content for your business website to increase or sustain organic traffic.

When you do that, more of your pages will be indexed by the search engine, and this will give you a sharp edge over your competition.

Mastering SEO will help your site get a top ranking in the organic search results.

Working on optimizing every piece of the article you put out there is not easy, but this will put you in the perfect position to get targeted traffic and win the competition.

You will get more leads, more sales, and more revenue. Adding quality content to your website is the primary key in your SEO efforts.

This maybe is your best and only option if you’re operating with a small marketing budget.

Creating informative and multimedia-rich content will make it easier for search engines to connect you with your prospective customers.

Proper content marketing demonstrates trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and expertise. With all these things in play, you will be able to establish a strong brand.

Not to mention that content marketing plays a vital role in your link-building strategies.

Digital content marketing continues to become more competitive as time progresses.

This is the primary reason you should focus on creating content that does the following: entertain, inform, persuade, and solve problems.

Content marketing offers many wonderful incentives that you cannot afford to ignore at the end of the day.

So, let’s take a close look at a few other reasons why content marketing is vital. undefined

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Digital content marketing is cost effective

A recent study conducted by DemandMetrics reveals that content marketing costs about 63% less than conventional marketing tactics, and it has the potential to generate about three times as many leads. This can be a big game-changer for your business!

Social Media Examiner reported that more than 80% of online marketers saw an increase in their traffic when they invested a minimum of six hours per week in their social media content.

Your ROI (Return on Investment) increases when an effective digital content marketing strategy is created for your audience. The first step begins with you learning more about your prospective customers. When you have a full understanding of your audience, you will create content that answers their questions.

Optimized content gets Organic Search (SEO)

It’s normal to have a question or a problem. Chances are you will turn to Google for the answer or solution.

Search engines are well-known for going through periodic changes. This helps them deliver more value to their customers.

When your content solves the problems of your targeted audience, the search engines will give your website a higher ranking. In return, you can look forward to getting more traffic. So, make certain your content is informative, relative, and up-to-date.

Your website will rank higher in the search engines

When you secure a high ranking in the search engines, it’s important for you to avoid spending more money on advertising. This will open the door for you to get more leads.

For instance, you can concentrate on launching email marketing campaigns that will help you build a solid relationship with your leads.

What should you send them? You must create content for the email that will entice the prospect to move to the next stage of your marketing funnel. If you’re clever, you will repurpose the content you created for your blog. You should also consider using whitepapers. They will help your subscribers comprehend your content.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can use certain pieces of your content for your social media platforms. Use ads that will target people that will be interested in your services or products.

Distribute your digital content and build brand awareness

Content helps your audience understand your industry and business. Your content should answer your prospect’s questions. For example, a colon cleansing clinic may have a page on their website called “What is colon cleansing?” This helps site visitors learn more about the colon cleansing process.

Content marketing is extremely effective at increasing brand awareness, getting more traffic, and securing more links for your website.

Your content will make it easier for you to display your knowledge and skills. Your prospects will be more inclined to do business with you.

Generate quality leads and attract loyal customers

Digital content marketing makes it easier for your targeted audience to find your website in search engines. In many cases, they will not be ready to buy. However, this does not mean that your competition is on their radar.

You cannot make sales without leads. You can convert your prospects into buyers by using premium content. You can offer short reports or eBooks.

Your prospective buyer goes through these three stages: Awareness, consideration, and decision. Being familiar with these stages can help you direct your prospects into opening their wallet.

It’s your responsibility to establish yourself as an authority in your niche or business vertical. Answering questions and educating your audience with your content is the key to getting massive sales.

Get repeated visitors

When you provide people with quality content, they will view you as a trusted resource. They will visit your website over and over again.

Statistics show that content marketing generates tons of business leads. It’s reasonable to say that 50% of consumers read blogs about products that get their attention. Once they’ve read the information, close to 30% will use the blog post to make certain they made the right decision.

Content marketing is easy to master and cost-effective. 

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Content answers questions

Please keep in mind that your prospects will have questions about your services or products. Before they make a purchase, they expect you to answer their questions. Your sales team can do a magnificent job in this department, but you should take an extra step. Sharing relevant blog posts and infographics will pay big dividends.

As I stated earlier, links play a crucial role in the backlinking process. Getting more links will help your website get a higher ranking in the search engines.

Distributing your content on your social media pages is an easy way to reach your audience. You should set-up an account on the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You can share written content, videos, and photos. Your audience will love this!

Marketing on social media platforms is a win-win situation for everyone. You can market your products or services for free, and your audience will get a golden opportunity to learn more about your offers without any risk.

Content produces action

 Your content must provide a call to action. The call to action invites the user to take action.

Here are a few examples of a call to action: Leave a review, add to cart, download a PDF, request a quote, and contact us. Placing calls to action throughout your site can increase your conversion rate.

Content marketing can also be the driving force behind your email marketing campaigns. Using your content as bait will entice your prospects to join your email list.

Digital content marketing is universal

Contrary to popular belief, content marketing works extremely well in B2B and B2C verticals.

Experienced marketers know that promoting low-value products with Pay-Per-Click marketing is a waste of time. Health products are not suitable candidates for display ads or remarketing. Consumers are not interested in having their personal information circulating throughout the internet.

Content will always reign supreme in different industries or sectors. It’s extremely effective at delivering sharp marketing messages.

Final word

There’s a popular saying in digital marketing, “Content is king.” Content marketing can drive more visitors to your website, improve your search engine ranking, and improve brand awareness. 

There are dozens of online marketing techniques today. However, only a few can compare to content marketing. 

Content marketing will continue to gain more popularity as time progresses. If you don’t take advantage of it, you may get left behind.

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