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As a freelancer, a well-organized portfolio that shows off your copywriting skills and talents is critical in your clients’ search. A slick portfolio design that wows your audience is great, but it’s powerless if that’s all it does. You not only need to organize your work in an appealing format but to be in control of the end-to-end workflow from creation to presentation, from start to finish closing it with the sale of your content or services. 

Promote creative work examples in your own or your client’s content portfolio, build leads, establish communication with prospects, and engage in sales activity.   

Blogely’s platform allows you to share your content portfolio and your bio in one efficient space, avoiding costly and complicated hosting. Yes, you heard that, right! It’s like an elegant, digital business card that you can email, send a link via text, or post to your Facebook or Twitter profiles.


  • About portfolios in Blogely
  • Examples and templates
  • Set up Portfolio 
  • Configurations
  • About while labeling (CNAME)
  • Assignments of articles
  • Creation of Profile
  • Messaging (brief overview) 

Video content

Freelancer profile

Let your profile speak for you.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, it’s important to keep your profile up to date with your latest and greatest—both your skills and your recently completed projects. Show off your successes and experiences.

Add credibility to your profile by aligning portfolio pieces with the skills you have listed, or tailor your portfolio to a specific client or industry.

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