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As part of our promotion campaign, we are offering all users free access to premium functionality for a minimum of three months as well as a chance to win prizes.
In addition, it provides a unique opportunity for writers to establish themselves as writers on the new content marketplace. The contest encourages writing on our site. It is important for freelancers to get ready before the marketplace opens.

See complete details on this page.

content marketplace for freelancers

The contest encourages writing on our content marketplace. It is important for freelancers to get ready before the marketplace opens.

This offer is open for all existing users on our platform and we are inviting new users to participate.  

Video webinar

Video recording of a webinar in which we describe all aspects of our offer has been made. 



Video outline:

00:00 – Introduction about the Blogely content marketplace.

01:30 – What Blogely marketplace is, how it differs from Upwork and Fiverr.

05:00 – Marketplace concept and its design prototype.

06:30 – Transaction blueprint. Discussion of buyer guarantee and seller guarantee.

07:15 – Plagiarism reports and their importance.

08:20 – No-questions-asked guarantee for buyers.

09:25 – After the purchase.

10:30 – Measures to protect sellers. 

12:15 – About future seller ratings.

13:15 – Featuring seller profiles – “Talents.”

14:40 – Visibility of freelancer rates and how it will work. 

17:00 – Timetable for the pre-launch.

18:00 – Giveaways & paying freelancers.

19:30 – Rules and prizes of the contest.

21:45 – Motivation for existing subscribers.

22:30 – Establishing reputation earlier.

23:30 – What is the downside? Your content – your ownership.

24:15 – Are those single-seat accounts?

25:00 – Who can participate?

25:30 – Overview of premium features available for Contest writer

29:40 – The current status of content creation and blogging statistics.

30:40 – Payout arrangements. Stripe and other options. 

31:35 – Returns and handling of refunds.

33:00 – Our view of AI and its use.

34:00 – Sale and mandatory plagiarism scan requirements. 

36:00 – Content protection before the sale.

36:40 – What’s in it for you? (Benefits for the SELLER)

38:00 – What’s in it for your customer? (Benefits for the BUYER)

41:30 – What’s in it for us? (Benefits for Blogely)

43:50 – My dream long-term goal. 

45:05 – Contest Basic plan review.

47:00 – Summarizing the timeline

48:00 – Judging contest winners

blog content marketplace contest

content marketplace to make money



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