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How it is being done

NEW:  Now you are able to sync the complete blog list from your website.

​Bring your entire blog article list in seconds. Decide what you want to import. Selectively import articles from this list for future improvement, optimization, or complete revision.


​During the import process, not only is the blog post imported but a relationship is created between your blog post in WordPress and the Blogely article. You can improve or rewrite your content, enrich it with images or gifs, make it SEO optimized, and… publish it directly back to your website.

​Once it’s imported and published, you can make improvements and republish the article as many times as needed. Initial publishing is limited according to your plan, but republishing doesn’t count against your limit. Publish as often as necessary.

Note:  your WordPress site must be connected in Settings/Integrations. 


  • Quick and organized import of full blog list
  • Articles imported using Blog sync will automatically link all required information:
    • Blog URL
    • Post ID (you will be able to publish it back to the same ID)
    • Slug
    • Author
    • Publish date
  • No more guessing whether all content has been imported into Blogely
  • Fast access to imported articles
  • Organization – folder assignment during import.  
  • Two-way sync with WordPress blog – allow resynching of posts.  No issue if blog posts were imported in the past and then edited in WordPress. You just need to import it again. In this case, we will leave your current version in Blogely as a backup and replace the content with a new version from WordPress. 

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