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Write a review about Blogely on the Capterra and G2 sites and get up to $40 in credits ($20 per review).

Write a review on the Capterra website:

Write a review on G2 platform:

Blog seo content management software


The credit you will earn can help cover additional Blogely services:

  • Get extra Research Docs or extra SERPs 
  • Get extra publishing
  • Get plagiarism scanning (Copyleaks)
  • Get data for keywords
  • Get research SEO heatmaps 

Write a review promotion rules*:

  • The review must be written by an existing paid Blogely customer.
  • Get up to $40.00 credit per customer ($20.00 per review).
  • Credit is not transferable between accounts.
  • Credit will show on the customer area account home page. 

A review will be rejected if: the review does not meet minimum quality standards, including, but not limited to, those that have been copied from other sources, contain responses unrelated to the questions asked, include defamatory comments, or indicate trial or non-professional use. G2 will also reject reviews when the user’s G2 or LinkedIn profile is missing critical identifying information.

After posting a review email support@blogely.com screenshots of your reviews and the name/email on your account. Details of the person posting the review and the Blogely account owner must match. This will help us apply properly credit to your account within 10 days.

About Blogely

Blogely is an ALL-IN-ONE platform for content production. It is about comprehensive research, seamless writing experience, all-inclusive organization of complete content, simple on-page SEO for non-techies, convenient access to plagiarism scanner, and, of course, easy publishing on WordPress, Ghost, Medium, Shopify, and more coming …

It helps bloggers create remarkable content that drives traffic and do it more efficiently and effectively.

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