Why blogging?

History of blogging started when a person used to write about his day in a personal weblog on the internet. Hence, the blog derived from the words “weblog.” Later on, it became popular and the most exciting method in marketing to make money.  

An overwhelming 77% of Internet users regularly read blog posts. (Impact)

Here are some more stats about blogging importance.

35% of bloggers conduct and publish original research

85% of bloggers who publish original research report some/strong results from blogging (39% of them report strong results)

It gets harder and harder nowadays to write a decent blog. Check this trend provided by OrbitMedia

How long to write a blog post chart

Most popular content types:  

best online blogging courses - popular types of content

Best online learning platforms and blogging Courses

Blogging became the driving force in the war for the traffic. Yet, it is not so simple to create and manage the blog for earning purposes. It needs a lot of techniques and expertise. Usually, blogging courses are not offered by universities. Therefore, it is somehow difficult for people who want to start earning from blogging. To help such peoples, many online blogging courses for successful blogging are available over the internet. 

Almost all online blogging courses provide certificates upon completion, along with useful material in the shape of articles and videos. Although different blogging courses cover different areas, a few online courses for bloggers provide low level to advance level learning. Therefore, people can select the one as per their needs and requirements. 

If you are in search of a list of comprehensive courses for blogging, then you are on the right screen. We have a list of courses to help you to decide the most suitable blogging course. It took a lot of time to consider the quality of content and the instructor’s credentials to reach this list of courses. The list is elaborated in detail as follows below.

1. Udemy – Blog For A Living: Compete Blogging Training

Blog For A Living. In this course, you will also learn how to create posts and which types of post-work best. You will learn where and how to get content and ideas for your posts. And how to optimize your posts for the search engines – the simple way – and much, much more. Great for beginners. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses- Udemy

Going through the class materials, you will learn how to attract masses of traffic using effective and free techniques. Furthermore, you will learn how to transform it into an enjoyment and productive online endeavor. 

Key Features: 

1. No Minimum education required: No detailed knowledge is needed to get enrolled and learning about where and how to get extraordinary substance and thoughts for your posts. 

2. Monetization: You will learn how you can earn with tangible products. How you can monetize your blogs by using active strategies in the monetization process. A digital product can help to generate more commission. 

3. Full Fledged Blog Creation: Upon completion, you can create a full-fledged blog without having profound knowledge about coding. By using best practices, you can differentiate which post works efficiently. 

Udemy has a number of blogging courses that are popular and received recognition:  

  • Blog Blueprint is a course on how to build a stunning blog, write irresistible articles, generate a massive audience, collect endless emails, know how to generate 6 figures and more through income strategies and stay motivated throughout the whole process.
  • 2020 Blogging Bootcamp – will teach how to maximize your blogging output and schedule all your new content pieces so they attract more traffic on autopilot.
  • How to Monetize Blog is everything you need to know in order to monetize a blog (without being a computer expert).
  • Blog Traffic Tactics course is the answer to many bloggers’ problems associated with getting traffic. Know the exact steps needed to generate thousands of free targeted visitors to their site or blog.

2. Skillshare – Blogging masterclass

Blogging Master Class by Skillshare is specifically designed to provide comprehensive information about the blogging profession. Barry North is a skilled and experienced person who provides his services as an instructor for this course. He split the course into three modules, i.e., Create your blog, Drives traffic, and Monetize the blog. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - Skillshare

This course helps the students who are new in this profession about building a strong relationship with readers to improve the earning level. 

Key Features: 

1. Create Your Blog: This module helps the students for the building blog from scrap. It is easy for the students to learn the entire process with the help of comprehensive and step by step guide in an easy way. 

2. Drive Traffic: In this module, the instructor will discuss all the tactics that are useful in driving the huge traffic on your blog. The instructor made it easy for students to drive huge traffic to the blog in a short time. 

3. Monetize The Blog: Monetization is the most important and most attractive part for every blogger because it is the way by which bloggers can earn. Therefore, effective and efficient monetization techniques are essential for getting success in this profession. 

Pricing Skillshare offers access to all of the courses for $99.99 per year. 


  • Easy to understand the basics 
  • Simple methods 
  • High-quality audio and video 

Why enroll?  

It is the philosophy of skillshare that everyone is a teacher and learner at the same time. Therefore, the traditional way of lectures is replaced with modern and most effective learning techniques. This technique allows the students to learn as well as share their thoughts. It is important to clear concepts and confusion. 

User Comments: 

Miranda Balogh: “It was amazing to join this class because the grouping of the videos was great that beautifully represents the sequence of actionable steps. All the classes are good to make a fantastic foundation for starting a blog. I highly recommend this course to everyone. 

Angelo U.: “It is one of the best online courses that I took for learning blogging techniques.The lessons are to the point and easy to learn. Thanks to the developers of 

3. Coursera – blogging courses

Coursera Blogging Courses is excellent for learning platform and this course, in particular, is about digital storytelling. It is a way to use digital stories to boost up the learning experience of the students. The course is designed in a way that provides you foundations of all the components of digital stories. Further, it explains these components with examples, tutorials, and links for further readings. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses- Coursera

This course further offers you a hands-on opportunity to create your own digital stories. It covers the necessary steps of creating a digital story from just a simple script and even from an image.  

Key Features: 

1. Beginner Level: If you are new in the field, then it is no problem. This course is designed in a way that a beginner can understand and get benefit out of it. Additionally, this course also helps the professionals to move on to the next stage. 

2. Topic Selection: Taking a start is always difficult. This course helps you how to select a topic and the purpose. You can do this by reviewing examples offered by educators across a varied curriculum.  

3. Writing A Useful Script: It chronologically discusses the steps to develop and write a script for a story. It will lead to creating a complete digital story by developing a storyboard.  


  • Easy language 
  • Flexibility in deadlines 
  • Various Disciplines 


You can join this online course for free. However, if you want to get access to all course materials, including graded assignments you will need to purchase a Certificate.

Why enroll?  

The course is planned for K-12 teachers for all disciplines. Though, anyone can get into it who is interested in storytelling. Participants can use WeVideo, which is a free web-based video editing program. This course helps you to pick new ideas and to apply these into real-world scenarios. 

User’s Comments: 

Cynthia M: “It is a highly practical course. You may get through step by step to come up with your own digital story. It is also helpful for those who want improvements in their digital storytelling. 

Ligeia V: “This Course presents clear objectives and guidance. You can learn how to apply the material. Every area is well explained with demonstrations. You find a quality teacher to participate with and can get your query solved 


4. Income School – Project 24

Income school course is beneficial for newbies and for the veterans as well. There is a lot to learn. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - Incomeschool

Jim & Ricky make a pretty likable and entertaining duo. They have a massive amount of content on their site, and they do a great job of explaining everything clearly in their over 100+ lessons and close to 100 videos. You can follow the course to go from literally a total newbie into a full-time passive-income earning blogger and digital entrepreneur. The students of the Income School (Project 24) are learning how to achieve the desired results with a niche website. 

best online blogging courses - project24

Key Feature:  

1. Wide Range of Alternatives: Addresses the specific and imperative focus aptitudes to churn out a transnational on the web. Discusses Strategic hub skills like re-appropriating and contracting.   

2. Podcast for Newest Techniques: It helps you to find the latest updates about SEO, marketing, and monetization techniques from the instructors of this course.  

3. How to scale up your blogging operation: You will recognize that success can only be achieved through hard work! Incomeschool teaches the principals and steps from paint A through Z. There is no magic bullet. 

As a premium web-based advertising course, Income School Project cost – first year for $449 then $199 / year


  • Developing to intermediates.  
  • Find a respectable march quick.  
  • Well-built content.   

Why enroll?  

This course comprises of sixty steps. If you are a beginner, you can start from step first for setting up and publishing a WordPress site. But if you are familiar with it, you can begin from promoting the blog and start learning techniques for getting high rankings in the search engine.

5. Marketing Profs – courses

Marketing Profs help individuals, teams, and large organizations to solve marketing-related issues through training programs, conferences, and online events. Marketing Profs work on the base of positive learning changes. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - MarketingProfs

Marketing Profs help their users to find the area of improvement in their marketing strategy and further to change these. They do it based on practical, approachable, hand-on skills. Therefore, if you find any problem relating to your marketing strategy on with your website, Marketing Profs can help you out. 

Key Features: 

1. Increase visibility: Marketing Profs help you to come up with quality content from a marketing perspective. It will trigger your website visibility. 

2. Lasting Relation with the visitor: Once the visitor comes on to your page, they will find your content so attractive to retain them. Further, you will have the ability to continually include actionable content. 

3. What to do when: It inspires their users to give clarity to their content. Because they understand what to do and when to do, they will get more work done in less time also. 


  • Practical approach 
  • You get what you need 
  • Easy understand 


You can purchase individual course for $95 each or subscribe to PRO for $395 per year for an all-access pass to every MarketingProfs course and learning path. 

Why enroll?  

Marketing your content is entirely a new concept and attractive too. This course will help you to arrange your content in a way that will please your audience. Further, it will also help you to retain your visitor and make him visit your site again and again.

6. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a mix of preparing, programming, and site facilitating across the board bundle. Wealthy Affiliate will support you or increase the base value for building a successful and long term online business.  

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses wealthy affiliate

It is intended to be a one-stop-shop goal for individuals hoping to get into affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is basically an online platform and network of Internet and subsidiary advertisers.  

Affiliate Marketing is the way of earning a commission by advancing others’ (or company’s) items. It depends on income sharing.   

Key Features:  

1. Useful Model: It’s an essential and highly influential plan of action, be that as it may, as I said at the top, it requires hard work and time for you to understand the maximum capacity.  

2. Website Creation: You set up a site, which you can do in short with a couple of snaps. You can get the required tools and outlines to do that.  

3. Product Selection: You select items you like (you’re demonstrated where to discover them – a large number of offshoot programs are recorded, arranged, and broke down, from which can pick).   


  • Site security package  
  • Site backup  
  • Free website hosting   

Why enroll?  

Well off Affiliate is a decent program for individuals who need to figure out how to create a site for affiliate marketing. WA offers to prepare to assemble a site to either advance another person item, advance your very own result.  

Customers like to purchase from retailers they know about, and will regularly go through more with a vendor they trust than go for a less expensive arrangement with an obscure mark.  

User Comments:  

Eric: “I find this course the best platform for learning and implementation affiliate marketing techniques for building a productive business on the web, without any doubt.  

Marcus: “It turned my passion into a professional way and got a lot of benefit from the learning of this course. I recommend this to everyone, especially newbies.   

7. Create And Go

Create and Go course will help you on how to develop a blog in the right way and find the way for fast-growing blogs.  

You don’t have to be an extraordinary essayist to be a decent blogger. Anybody can do blogging as long as they are focused on their objectives.  

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - create and go

Key Feature:  

1. The Right Structure: Structure is fundamental and mostly ignored by the bloggers. Without an elegant structure, you’ll seem careless and foolish.  

2. Attractive Introduction: The introduction is an opportunity to catch the visitor. Likewise, a great introduction gives the reader an insight look of your post.  

3. Domain Selection: In this course, you will learn about the selection of domain name that is beneficial for getting higher rankings and represent the objective of your blog.  


This course cost $69.99, includes 3 hours on-demand videos. This cost gives you the advantage of lifetime access to this course. The declaration will be presented at the end of the course.  


  • Visual Content  
  • A Clear Focus  
  • Internal Linking techniques   

Why enroll?  

Your First Blog, I haven’t seen whatever other courses that give you clear-cut thoughts for your first blog entries. This course will suggest you start with a presentation post, three bullet point articles, three how-tos, and two tributes. They clarify precisely how you can approach for composing the first articles.  

User Comment:  

Burhan Mohamed Yusuf : “Indeed astonishing course, decidedly ready course materials and intriguing points secured, on account of the teacher.  

Shantha Kumar: “It is a course with an experienced instructor, and the utilization of the PC screen to show the working of Blogger is useful.   

8. Making Sense of Sponsored Posts

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts is a comprehensive guide about making money from one’s partnership with a sponsor. The primary objective of the sponsored post is to attract new customers by posting promotional videos, pictures, and related articles on a website or blog.   

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - making sense

Many questions are associated with sponsored posts, e.g., what a blogger should charge? What should be the rules? Or how the interested companies might be pursued to work with? Almost every blogger directly or indirectly seeks the sponsored partnership, but they do not know where to start.  

Key Features:  

1. Make Money Promoting Liked Products: It is for sure that we want many products in our daily life. It is an exciting idea to promote those products because we know better about them and eventually make money off it.  

2. Work From Anywhere: It is not needed to join the formal office to engage in work. The most significant benefit of a sponsored post is that you can work from anywhere. Only you need to have an active internet, a product you know about, and a website or blog where you can post it.  

3. Content Structure: This course consists of 20 lessons divided into five modules, exclusive Facebook group, templates, and media kit. Available content will let you know every aspect of the sponsored posts.   


  • Easy and secure earning  
  • Easy way to be your own boss   
  • Flexible scheduling   

Online enrollment in the course is available either in $159 (one payment) or two installments of $88 each. Six bonuses are also part of the offer.  

Why enroll?  

A sponsored post is the best solution for those people who want to make money being here and there. They can work in being present anywhere physically. The online world is continuously growing day by day. Eventually,  

Blogging is also acquiring its pace. So many bloggers are current, and they earn money with a slight differentiation in their strategy. The sponsored post can give a base to pursue the new horizons of opportunities and consequently making exponential earnings.    

9. Honeycopy copywriting course

Honeycopy Copywriting Course made by Cole Schafer is an excellent option to turn on your writing passion. It is specifically designed for providing attractive and effective content techniques to engage the visitors in content. Therefore, the visitor stays more time on the website, and you will get more benefits automatically. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses honey copy

Key Features: 

1. Killer Headline: In this course, students will learn about unique and effective writing techniques that are beneficial to create a killer headline that helps to retain the readers. 

2. Sentence Structure: It is the most important part of content writing. The readers will continue to read-only if you write a beautiful sentence structure that is easy to understand as well as creates more interest with every line. 

3. Hemingway Method: It is the most popular and oldest method introduced by Ernest Hemingway (an American writer). It helps to increase the clarity of writing up to three times. 


Students can get this unique copywriting course at $97. 


  • Creative writing techniques 
  • Eliminate buzzwords  
  • Craft a brand voice  

Why enroll?  

This course works very well for all, whether it is a marketing company or a content writing firm. In this course, students will get all the necessary material that helps to learn the writing techniques easily. 

Peronally, I loved this guy copy. His unique style, sense of humor, and word mastery makes me read his writing. I enjoy it. (GB)

10. Authority SEO 2.0 by RankXL

Authority SEO 2.0 offered by RankXL, is the way of becoming a better blogger is by learning techniques of using Adsense and SEO. Adsense is the method of making money through advertisement and SEO is a strategy to get traffic to a specific website or blog. Resultantly, RankXL offers the opportunity to place the niche pieces on the website with the help of Adsense and SEO.  

Best Online Learning Platforms and Blogging Courses - authority SEO

Chris Lee has come up with the RankXL course, which is very influential due to its quality. The best about this course is, it works excellently and simple to understand as well.   

Key Features:  

1. Selection of Niche: Considering the monthly searches, the course argues to select keywords to reach niche selection. Views about this approach vary from person to person. In my opinion, it can produce excellent results as you get more authority in your niche.  

2. Website Promotion: If someone knows his keywords and has a niche, then it can be very fruitful for him. He can focus on social media and pay for traffic.  

3. Content creation strategy: The course offers valuable suggestions to carefully select the content and how to publish these. Nevertheless, there is an absence of hard and fast rules to do this. After all, content is most important to get the results.  

This course has five modules and is accessible for $599 for a lifetime. This offer also includes four bonuses to the user and access to a private FB group.  


  • An effective strategy for the use of keywords  
  • Better learning techniques  
  • Simple course structure   

Why enroll?  

RankXL course specifically looks onto building the legitimatized websites triggered by Adsense and SEO. Although the course is very technical but so much elaborative in the sense that someone can smoothly go for SEO and structure his site, which can produce good traffic. Summing up, RankXL offers the opportunity to make an authoritative niche
website in the right way.  

User Comments:  

Tung Tran: “The division, of course, in five modules, makes it simple to learn and easy to digest. I strongly recommend this course to the newcomers to this field.  

Jon Dykstra: “It is easy to earn five-figure income by learning various useful techniques offered in this course. It is a well-structured course, and I get a lot of benefits for the selection of niche. It describes SEO in a simple and easy to understand way.   

11. LinkedIn learning (Lydia)

LinkedIn Learning by Lynda is a platform that helps the users to select the best course based on the current job and interest of users. Lynda.com offers more than 15,000 courses for its users and added a huge number every week. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and online Blogging Courses - LinkedIn learning

You can find courses from almost every field designed by trained instructors in a well-mannered way. These courses not only help to adopt a profession but also provide a lot of help in improving the current skills. 

Key Features: 

1. Personalized Learning: The team of professionals provides the suggestions for the course that suits you very well by analyzing your role and profession you like. 

2. Efficient Learning Techniques: During the course, all the students have to submit projects and quizzes that help to analyze the learning level. 

3. Easy Access: It is easy for the students to get access to courses anytime and from anywhere by using a phone or laptop. 


This platform offers access to any courses at $29.99 per month. Additionally, the student gets the first-month free trial.


  • Wide range of courses 
  • Practice files 
  • Mobile app for offline viewing 

Why enroll?  

This platform not only provides personalized recommendations and useful material as well as quizzes for analyzing the capability of students. It also provides a certificate upon completion of a particular course that helps them in getting the course. Because it is a well-known platform, and its certifications are accepted by many organizations.  

12. Blog Traffic Tactics: Create A Huge Following In 9 Steps (Udemy)

Blog Traffic Tactics course (Udemy) is the answer to many bloggers’ problems associated with getting traffic. Many bloggers use cheap and every sort of effort irrespective of the legitimacy for getting more traffic. As a result, their website gets penalized on search engines. They need to know about this course to get the required results.  

Best Online Learning Platforms and online Blogging Courses - traffic

It is rightly said that making a blog is very easy while getting traffic to it is the tricky part. If you too have the same trouble, then this course may be of practical use for you.  

Key Features:  

1. Stepwise Structure: This course will provide you with definite structural steps to attract a considerable number of visitors to your blog or website.  

2. Easy to Apply: This course will help you understand between launching and maintaining long term traffic strategies. In this way, you can apply these strategies as per requirement.  

3. Cheap Traffic: This course will enhance your ability to attract other bloggers in addition to organic traffic. It will result in generating a tremendous amount of traffic without or less spending.  

The users can get lifetime access to this course by spending $49.99. This offer includes two videos on demand and after completion certificate too.  


  • The formula for write up  
  • Access on mobile and TV  
  • Techniques to access exponential traffic   

Why enroll?  

This course, stepwise, drives the user to structure the blog or website specifically to attract traffic. It equips the user with a comprehensive formula to write a productive article systematically.  

It also includes simple growth hacks on Facebook, which make the page even 100x faster. This way, exponential traffic can easily be handled. Comply with the instructions laid in the course, ensures the astonishing results.  

Users Comments:  

Eddie Pele: “This is a beneficial course for beginners to learn in a short time. It also offers new insights to old users.  

Rounak Shankar: “This course enables the users with a lot of interaction, and every piece of information is supported with reliable data.   

13. Ryan Robinson learning school

RyRob.com Learning School will explain to you how to build a blog and make it profitable. After this course, you can bring more than two million readers in a year. Additionally, you can learn to deal with top brands of the world to land consulting deals. 

You can account for the ups, downs, and experiments to build business through guides, in-depth content, courses. This course has a systematic uniform direction from start to end, which makes this Course easy and understandable. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and online Blogging Courses ryrob

Key Features: 

1. Find a Profitable Niche: This Course can help you to find a profitable niche. This Course will tell you how to plan your content and design and market your blog. Further, you can learn how to connect yourself with other bloggers. 

2. Content Strategy: Making a content strategy seems complex, buzzword-laden process, and time-consuming. After this course, you will find it is not like that. It is pretty simple. You will learn to arrange all your previous learning in a unified direction. 

3. Monetize your blog: There are discussed many ways to monetize your blog. The only limit is your creativity. This course will further help you to improve creativity. These ways are supported by resources, templates, additional guides. 


  • Step by step process 
  • Traffic generating 
  • Easy to find a starting point 


You can get enrolled in this course free of cost. After enrollment, you will receive six lessons. 

Why enroll?  

This Course is made with the professional and practical background. The instructor of this Course, Ryan Robinson, developed this Course mixing his practical experience and his theory. Moreover, this Course is a step-by-step way to set a blog and to get traffic to it.  

14. ClassCentral – list of online classes

ClassCentral has a comprehensive listing of online courses. They aggregate online courses from hundreds of providers to make it easy that you will find a course of your choice. You can find courses on any subject. 

Best Online Learning Platforms and online Blogging Courses classcentral

They primarily focus on free courses from different universities, which are offered through Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Using Class Central, you can find courses, even review courses you have taken, and read the people’s views about the courses. 

Key Features: 

1. Community Driven: It is a remote company and has no physical office. Their team comprises of leaners who have been influenced by online education. Their goal is to enhance online learning. 

2. World Class Experience: The database of Class Central contains the universities offering courses from all over the world. You will be in a class of diverse people from different countries. It will give you a chance to interact with them. 

3. Adjustable time frame: The more focus is on MOOC in Class Central. MOOC is the notion of time limits having to start and ending dates. Entire course content is given to you, and you have to adjust this course outline accordingly. 


  • Large database of courses 
  • Online accessibility 
  • Quality courses 


You can register with Class Central free of cost. 

Why enroll?  

If you want to study and you have no time to attend classes, then studying online is the best option for you. Finding your subject from a quality provider is a critical issue in this. Class Central will benefit you in pursuing a complete list of online courses to opt for.  


Every course has its specific core competency, which differentiates it from others. Each class taught the users how to better their work and earn more. Although each session has shown positive results, I want to advise you not to try all those altogether. 

Each course fulfills the different needs and wants of individual users. Word of caution, trying them all may lead to unproductive and ineffective study. You should scan the competency you want to achieve and know your requirements. Then carefully evaluate each course accordingly. You can decide for yourself which online course is the best fit for you and make a careful choice.  

Any feedback? ? ?  

I would love to hear from you.

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