The WHY… Content is everything

You are having your website and want to increase your traffic. More traffic – means more sales. Simple formula, isn’t it? Only a few of us can afford to buy google ads, and even that.. – buying adds to generate traffic is not sustainable. The most affordable traffic is organic. It is free. That is the one you do not pay for. 

However, organic traffic does not happen by itself. To generate organic traffic, you need to provide value to your visitors. What value? 

Well, the value, of course, is the content that you are offering. If you are not a Tik-Tok star, then you need written content. Will you surprise visitors with your boring homepage? And make them come back, again and again, to check what’s new on the dull product listing? Forget about it.  

If you are determined to fight for traffic and make your site visible in google searches – you have to work hard to generate an abundance of quality content that the reader is searching for. Provide them answers they are looking for, and it is better to be the most complete and well-written. It should be engaging and captivating. 

There is no free lunch, nothing given. Nothing happens by itself. The hope does not get you far if you do not back it up with actions. 

If you want the website traffic to grow – you have to write the content. The content that stands out. Content that makes visitors bookmark your site. Beat the competition with the value and quality of your content. Today, there is no other way. There so much stuff is out there that seems like there is no way to succeed. Maybe back a few years ago…, but unfortunately not today. 

And yet, I am sure there is a way to make it through. It is not an easy way, though. It does take hard work and commitment. You need a few things besides that to make that happen – the proper tools.

Write fast, write often, write ORIGINAL quality comprehensive masterpieces with the strategy in mind.

Do not write from the top of your head. This is not the way to outsmart your competition. Many of us are not writers, yet we want to be heard, we want to have people’s attention for one reason or another – bring them to your site. First, you have to understand – WHY. 

The WHY – is important.  

You can always connect the reason for your dreams – more success, money, fame, satisfaction.

You might be selling your service or products or trying to build the niche to make passive income as an affiliate, or maybe it is your career as a freelance writer, and your income directly depends on the content volume and price tag that your sell. There is always one enormous motivating factor. 

So, do the right thing. Make your content stand out in this competitive world. Win it!!

Enough said about WHY.  

Let’s talk about how. I will now be talking about tools and strategies. 

Video tutorial

I am going to take one unoptimized article and do the optimization in from of you. You do not have to be an expert to do that. Do not pay for expensive services of SEO blog post optimization. It is not that hard. 

In my quick video, I show you how I do it step-by-step using the Blogely’s SEO optimization module.

So, lest start. 


Tools and strategy: Blogely simple SEO optimization

Do not write content without a strategy in mind. It will be a shame to waste all writing content efforts by throwing it into the mass without proper preparation. Thinking that the more you throw spaghetti into the wall, the more it sticks is not a winning strategy. 

Think of yourself as a general in the battle. I’ll provide an analogy.

Organize your troops (your content) that are equipped and trained (researched, well-written content, enriched with multimedia and facts) and make informed decisions (know your desirable SEO keywords), find the weakest spots of your enemy frontline (competition, SERPs) lead the troops at the right time and to the right place aiming to the weakest link (your optimized SEO article). 

This should be your STRATEGY

I will do a live example of how to optimize an article in Blogely in just a matter of a few minutes. 


Become a winner. I will be rooting for you. 

The Blogely tool is in your position. Let it work for you to make you a champion. On the table are my pride and reputation as well. I passionately believe that by using this strategy with a combination of proper tools everything is possible. 

I truly want you to succeed and become a star in your own eyes first. This is the most gratifying feeling. I want to know about it. Your success – is my success. 

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