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Using keyword research, search engines are used to gather information about people’s search patterns for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) or marketing. Keyword research can involve identifying search queries, their popularity, difficulty ranking factors, and more.

We have added an additional tab – “Related” to the existing three tabs. The search for related keywords is an important step in the keyword research process. By finding a niche that has keywords that are less obvious, but still relevant, you can find a new source of targeted traffic that converts well and is easy to market.

Keyword metrics data like volume, CPC (cost per click), competition – are not free. We have implemented a credit system that allows you to get this information with a simple click.

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Credit system in Blogely

The credit system is designed to support additional services that are outside of a paid plan.

SEO keyword data analysis, AI-driven services, and plagiarism scans are credit-based.

In an effort to provide additional value, we have established a fair and reasonable credit system to pay for incurred costs and iterations beyond the services and features promised in the fixed price plans we offer.

Plagiarism, Paraphraser, and keyword data metrics are credit-based. We believe it will be fair to cover our cost using a credit-based system. 

Credit system:  

You can purchase credits inside the app by clicking on the red $-icon. How to find it? It is in many places – Billing, Paraphraser, Summaries… and every credit-related pop-up will show have this icon and allow you to purchase it.  


100 credits = $10 or 1 credit = $0.10  

You can purchase in bulk starting from: 

$10 = 100 credits 

$20 = 200 credits  

$30 = 300 credits 

$40 = 400 credits 

$50 = 500 credits 

$100 = 1000 credits


What you can get with credits?  

1 credit = 1 page (250 words) of the Plagiarism scan  

1 credit = 1 page (250 words) of the Paraphraser run 

1 credit = 100 keywords SEO data to obtain (1 keyword = 0.01 credit)  

2 credits = 1 AI short Summary generation (any article size) 


Hope that helps.

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