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There were some questions from Sumo-Lings about Frase and Blogely research. So, I would like to address it in its article. I also created a video for a demonstration and the steps on how to bring Frase research info into Blogely and its real-life application.

I am Gennady Batrakov, founder of Blogely. I am very passionate about this subject since it is is how my journey for the Blogely app has begun.  

Well, Frase is an AI-driven platform to “quickly create content that answers visitors’ questions.” They solve one problem for the user – research. Excellent application. 

Just a quick statement here: Blogely has its own research process that generates Research Docs. But, since people like Frase and purchased their service, they can use it in combination with Blogely. Blogely is an app that focuses on ORIGINAL content creation and distribution.  

As I explained in my video about Blogely Research (here: ) – topic research is a crucial part of content creation. Frase is a great platform to generate well-researched content briefs very quickly.  

Yes, it works very well, and the user gets the results quickly and able to collect data in their research document by simply clicking on the paragraphs.  

This doc can be exported as PDF and used as a material for article writing.  

It is all great, but now what?

This is just a document with well-done thorough research information. It can be used as supplemental material for the article you are trying to produce.  

But, now, you are stuck with the same problem that many writers have. You have a disjoint document that is disconnected from your actual writing doc. The majority of writers, bloggers, and in general, content creators use Google Docs or Word files. Some, more advanced writers – use apps like Scrivener (somewhat complex to use)…  

God forbid to use this Research Doc straight for your blog post article. That would be an absolutely dumb idea besides being unethical. I am not a proponent of plagiarizing. In fact, I am totally against it, and we made it very clear in our app that our focus is – ORIGINAL content. We wholeheartedly support originality.  

Just a note, I am an advocate of comprehensive research before you write.  

You need to do the writing after your research is completed. You will have this research doc at your fingertips and have an overview of what your competitors write on that specific topic.. However, if you bounce between Google Doc (your writing) and this Research doc all the time – you are not going to be effective.  

Video content

How to manage research from Frase in Blogely

Here is the solution – associate the document with your content directly and have the ability to view and write in the helpful Split screen. This is what we’ve implemented in Blogely. We introduced association and convenience. We made the research info not to be a nuisance in the whole writing process.  

Now, the question is how you can bring the Frase research doc into Blogely?

No problem. There are a few ways that can be done:  

1. Import as an article.

It will be imported in a few seconds using HTML export from Frase. Downside – it will create a separate article in Blogely. 

2. Copy and paste research into Note.

It is the simplest solution and most adequately aligned with your writing. 

  • In your Frase doc – select the entire content of the Research doc and copy it to your clipboard. 
  • In your Blogely article: 

1.1. Go into the desired block of your content.  

1.2. Open Assets on the left side.  

1.3. Select the tab “Notes” and create a new Note.  

1.4. Just copy content  

It will be the simplest solution and most properly aligned with your writing.  


3. Embed PDF

If you are a big fan of PDF, you can embed this doc as a PDF in your article on Blogely.  

But, it has a level of some complexity and multiple steps.  

Final words

Just to summarize. Frase is a great app as far as the comprehensiveness of information. But, they are not writing or publishing software. 

To get the best of both worlds – use method number 2. – create Note in Blogely article dedicated to research that you made in Frase.  

By doing this you will be the most effective and productive. 

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