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Blogely is a blog management software for writers. It enables people with its simplified content management system, research enhanced writing tool that turns online content publishing into quick, easy, and efficient practice.   

Blogely – is the ultimate blog management app and SEO solution to achieve exceptional results. It is ALL-in-ONE tool that helps to create, organize, optimize for keywords, and distribute your blog content across multiple platforms.



You don’t need to be a professional writer to start a blog. However, to write a good article and strive to bring some traffic to your website, your blog must provide value to your readers. The real value you can offer is to be knowledgeable in the area you are writing about. Therefore, you will need to do some research and maybe a lot of research to cover the subject matter you write about. You need high-quality content. No one is going to read useless nonsense, and that doesn’t change whether you’re just starting a blog or have been around for a while.  

What tools do you use? How many copy-and-paste keystrokes did you handle? How many times did you flip through notes and bookmarks, saved hoping to find one you remember?  

Blogely has created the system that you actually want to use. It organizes all relevant content of collected research – notes, pieces of content, images, bookmarks, docs – in one side of your split-screen, and specific blog paragraphs on another side of the screen. Each piece of content is mapped not only to the blog article but to the particular block(s) relevant to it.  

Blogely - blog management software

Drag and drop pieces of content, add more notes to the draft portion, and finally create your masterpiece content on the right side of the split-screen.  



Several benefits will make you a pro blog writer. 


One place for all content

Blogely holds all your writing content together in one place and makes it ridiculously easy to manage. Save time and energy in creating, administering, editing, and publishing blog articles, newsletter posts, reports, compositions, etc.. From the research to completion and everything in between.  

blog management software - Blogely


On-page SEO keywords optimization

On-page SEO – is the act of optimizing different parts of your website (blog articles) that affect your search engine rankings.  

Improve your site ranking with an on-page SEO analysis and validation of blog management software. Keep track of all your keywords for all your content in one place. Know their placement and its status. 

Optimize your blog posts properly, so the search engines can find and register them. Feed Google crawler with crucial, most important, and relevant information. 

Blogely - blog management software SEO checker


Track what you want to grow

If you put effort into blog SEO strategies, you want to see a boost in traffic and a rise in your search presence. See the complete anatomy of how your blog’s website is performing. Once you understand everything that goes into your on-page SEO efforts, it is a lot easier to analyze your site.

blog management software for bloggers with keywords SEO

Do you want all that time you spend researching, writing, proofreading, and formatting your blogs to bring in the web traffic you deserve? Of course, you do. To keep your valuable content from getting lost in the land of Google, you need to be incorporating carefully selected SEO keywords. 

Don’t just throw your blog post into the world and hope for the best. Give it a head start! 

Blogely is a blog management app aimed to improve Google rankings, easily and consistently. Whether you have an existing blog or are creating a new one, Blogely lets you perform on-page technical SEO analyses for every piece you post. Improve your content and save time by zeroing in on keywords and quickly tweaking and editing your blogs. Sit back and watch your traffic grow! 


Comprehensive, focused content research

Writing useful blog articles requires a ton of intensive research, and it can be a tiring process. 

How much time do we spend on collecting and organizing pieces of information for each blog post? Too much!

Blogely takes the pain out of this mess.

Effortlessly collect online content with references, notes, bookmarks, comments, docs, tags, and images. Keep research organized, systematic, traceable, and easily accessible during writing. 

Starting from content research using Chrome extension, Blogely helps to pull everything together.

When you are working on the research for your next blog article and you find online information that you think is useful, you want to save it for future reference. Here is where you can use the power of Blogely extension in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the Chrome extension
  2. Select the article that you want
  3. Click on “Highlight text” 

Click “Done” in the upper right corner of your screen when you finish highlighting. The note will pop up with rich format text (and images) that you selected on the page. 

Review, add your comments and tags if needed, then click “OK.” 

This is it! You have saved all required content, for the reference in the note. It has not only the content you selected, but it also keeps the link to the original place where you collected this information. When you are ready to work on the article, this note will be visible in the special Blogely “Draft – Craft” split-screen. 

blog management software app for blog content research


Please your clients and make their job easier

Writing for your clients? Make your clients’ jobs easier. You can write a blog for multiple clients and keep it in separate folders. Connect your clients’ WordPress websites and sync the blog post with a single click.   

No endless back-and-forth time-consuming editing. No need for the client to download, upload, and format it. They can connect their WordPress and publish it.  

blog management software multi-channel distribution of content


Backups and versioning

Create a backup of the complete article in one second. Backup is stored on our servers. easily restored in Blogely with a single click.   

Keep them in a single view, conveniently available for review and replacement. It is especially useful when you want to keep all versions for future reference. 

blog management software backup versioning

Versioning is a different thing. Create many versions of any block of content in the article. Collect multiple versions for the same block. 

blog management software content backup and version backup


Distraction-free writing

Focus mode makes it easier for you to concentrate by removing everything except the paragraph you are working on at any given moment. It effectively insulates your mind from distractions and creates the settings for your thoughts and your words — one block at the time.  

blog management software writing app for bloggers


Collaboration that works

It will not be just for Solo bloggers. 

Blogely was born out of many frustrations. One of those was a hurdle of managing content between multiple parties involved, from creation to publishing online. We’re building Blogely to allow any small business to improve their blogging teamwork experience in content collaboration among researchers, authors, ghostwriters, clients, and editors in a way that makes sense.   

If you are a business that needs blog posts – you can simplify and offload content creation. Start a post in Blogely, and then assign it to your content managers. Let them do the research, write the draft, or do both. Collaborate efficiently on the content as a team and make the best out of it. It’s your account; it is your content; you control the permissions and the outcome.

blog management software collaboration for freelancers

Undeniably, editing blog content is hard. You put hours into correcting your draft writing, and yet, you still need extra editing with a second pair of eyes. Invite competent professionals to review it using the Blogely commenting system without messing up your work. 

You are the one who approves suggestions after all. Resolve it, but leave comments and communication for future reference.


SEO score checker

Understanding the nuances of SEO can be confusing, frustrating, and exhausting. Are you spending a lot of time today correcting meta tags, linking, validating keywords, updating alternative text, and still aren’t getting results?  

Blogely’s built-in SEO checker simplifies the process by calculating an on-page SEO score based on given keywords for each blog post. 

Analyze and track your keywords easily.

By tracking twelve critical SEO metrics, you can find and fix technical issues in a matter of seconds. 

blog management software Blog SEO checker


Remove the stress of dealing with WordPress

Editing, enhancing, and updating your blog through WordPress can be time-consuming and exhausting. Without going into WordPress complexity, Blogely lets you plan and create all your writing content in one place, easily edit it, add images and links, and do any formatting work before and after you publish it to WordPress. 

No more waiting for lagging pages to load. Avoid the daunting task of sluggish and annoying WordPress blog article updates.  

Blogely will save you time and energy. Just use a single button click to sync content from Blogely – push it to (“Publish”) to WordPress at any time. 

Your blog content is the primary source of organic traffic. Outdated articles are losing their value, and they can damage your reputation. But, those updates of posts in WordPress are painful. You end up keeping out of-sync documents, and after some time, you give up on improving your content. To resolve it – use Blogely quick sync.  

Now you can edit content in Blogely and sync again without even opening WordPress. Any time. It literally takes 1 second.  

blog management software wordpress sync


More benefits and future roadmap

Multi-channel integration  

The next step for us is the integration with multiple marketing automation platforms. Content can be fully managed in Blogely and distributed to other integrated platforms easily.  

In addition to WordPress integration, there are other blogging platforms like:  

  • Medium 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Squarespace 
  • Wix 
  • Blogger 
  • Drupal 
  • Weebly 
  • Typepad 
  • Tumblr, and more… (we need your input)  

Mobile Friendly  

Inspiration can strike anywhere, not just when you’re sitting behind a computer. So, Blogely works where you work. We are working on an adaptive and fully responsive web application that works on all devices. Not just moderating comments or token functionality. The whole thing.  

Jobs as tasks 

Jobs can be created for any article to enable users with the ability to manage them like tasks. You can assign people to work on different needs: research, writing, editing, proofreading, content enrichment, etc..  


A monthly calendar will provide assistance in article scheduling and publishing. Users will be able to use drag-and-drop features to manage the schedule for unpublished articles visually.  

Where We Are Now  

Blogely release date is planned for early March of 2020.   

Additional future features in the review 

Integration with business accounting system – Intuit QuickBooks Online. Incorporate invoicing and billing functionality to allow people to generate invoices and bills for the work they completed. Full integration with the accounting system will enable the auto-population of service sales and bill payment transactions.  


We have our work cut out for us, as you can see –so we’d like your help.  

Is this the software that can save you time? Does it provide value? Would you pay for it and if you would – how much? We need your input on what you think the price should be for this software. How much are you willing to pay? By providing your feedback, you will be involved in the software development process.  

We are offering free lifetime access for Early Adopters who want to pitch in and help us to make Blogely a fantastic product. Sign up here

Please contact us with input and any questions you may have.