Video – Blogely Blocks are like the glue that holds everything together

Writing requires you to come up with sophisticated, complex, and sometimes very creative ways of structuring your ideas. Taking the time to draft an outline can help you determine if your thoughts connect to each other, what order of ideas works best, or any gaps in your thinking. It is basically about the structure and the clarity of communication.

Boring content is usually a result of a lack of structure and lack of clarity. So, before you start creating content, you need to make sure to have an outline and structure in your mind.

Video chapters

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Benefits (0:23)
  3. Demo Blogely (1:00)
  4. Creating article (1:08) 
  5. Creating blocks (1:18) 
  6. Outlining process (1:33)
  7. Editing details (org) (2:20) 
  8. Populating with content (2:43)
  9. Drog-and-drop blocks reorganization (3:03) 
  10. Make note out of the block (3:30)
  11. Deleting blocks (3:56)
  12. Saving block to versions (4:14)
  13. Restoring block version (4:30)
  14. Article preview (4:40)
  15. Filter and zoom-in on specific content (4:58)
  16. Conclusion (5:30)

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