About auto-block

Block autosave feature is created to prevent loss of content.  

Autosave is using Version functionality. Continuous copy of the article block is now saved systematically in Versions with the name “Auto.” Auto-block is updated every time content is changed. It captures content every 30 seconds and continuously updates itself.  

Every block of the article will have a single auto-block with the last saved content information. It is an auto-overwriting backup of the individual block. 

Creator: sergeitokmakov | Source: Pixabay

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How to use auto-block

Any time when content is lost (for any reason) or accidentally removed user can rely on auto-block created in Versions. It always keeps the last saved version of the content. 

It overwrites itself every 30 seconds. 

How to restore content from auto-block?

The normal way to restore block saved in auto-block click on the right-pointing arrow.

In the case of the system crash or auth token expiration, the user will be able to see the notification “Restore” next to the Save button. 

This system notification is generated when the saved auto-block has an earlier timestamp than existing content. Clicking on “restore” will replace block content with the saved version of auto-block.  

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