Best WordPress plugins for Ecommerce

Across the globe, eCommerce stores are growing due to their ease of finding their desired product, as well as the convenience of shopping from home. Online marketing and selling are also beneficial for entrepreneurs because it reduces the cost of staff and various variable expenses remarkably.  

The most vital part of building an online store is the building of the eCommerce section. It must be designed with all the necessary and essential features so that buyers can complete their purchasing quickly and safely.  

Plugins for eCommerce play a crucial role in the integration of the eCommerce section on the websites based on the WordPress platform.  

There are a lot of eCommerce themes available, but if you want to include specific functionality in the website that is not provided by theme, plugins can help you to get the desired function. Besides, plugins also help to reduce the cost of expensive premium themes for eCommerce.  

Plugins offer a lot of features like add to cart, multiple payment channels, varied product selection, and a variety of design options.  

You can work hard. But if you don’t work smarter You ‘ll work hard for the rest of your life.

Therefore, it is good to know about the various features and functions of plugins. In this way, you can find that the plugin you select is capable, or not, to provide a particular function that you want to include in the website in a specified format.  

With the help of extensive search techniques, we select the top eighteen WordPress plugins for integration of the eCommerce section in the WordPress site. So, you can find the best one that fulfills your needs and requirements.  

Let’s take a look at them.   

1. WooCommerce

Woo Commerce is a flexible and open-source WordPress plugin for developing an eCommerce section on the website. It is beneficial to convert a blog into an online store for selling their products. It is easy to set up the eCommerce section with this plugin, whether for an old blog or for the newly launched website.  

It is featured with all the necessary functions that any online store can require from add to cart option to a varied selection of payment options. Besides this, it helps to create specific functions like product pricing and tax calculations.   

wordpress plugins for ecommerce - WooCommerce

Key features:  

1. Complete Control over Data: It provides full control over data like customer accounts, inventory, tax matters, etc. You can change any information or restrict the function as per your needs.  

2. Control Shipping Process: It enables the users to adjust the settings for shipping charges for various regions of the world by creating the shipping zones and connect it with the shipping service providing companies to speed up the shipping process.  

3. Easy to Design: It is easy to get the desired design for your eCommerce website with the help of different layouts and various blocks.  

Woo Commerce is an open-source platform that anyone can use on his website, but there are various extensions for adding particular functions. Some of these extensions are free to use, while some are paid.  


  • Flexible integrations  
  • Vide range of eCommerce extensions  
  • Various payment channels   


  • Expensive to use extensions   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin offers seventeen blocks that users can use during integration for adding certain functionality. It works by creating a separate page for every block, and every block can only display those products that meet its limitations.  

For example, the newest product block can display only new products on the page while the price range block can provide a view of products that fall in the specific range.  

User Comments:  

Appoyossi: “I am developing a website for my own store by using a custom theme, and this plugin makes my task so easy by proving docs and by adding certain functionality on the site quickly.  

Ewavaug: “I offer five stars for it because I found it the best plugin that works efficiently and smoothly. With the help of broad range functionality and easy to setup feature, it makes my life so easy. Thanks!   

Learn more on how to set up WooCommerce – the most popular eCommerce plugin in this in-depth article – Set Up WooCommerce Properly. 

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads plugin is a comprehensive solution for the entire eCommerce store build for selling digital products online. It is perfect to use with any online store irrespective of product category.  

It is easy to integrate the complete eCommerce section along with various payment gateways. All the payment gateways are secured and developed as per rules and regulations of GDPR. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of languages that helps buyers from various regions of the world to complete the purchase process.  

wordpress plugins for ecommerce - easy digital downloads

Key features:  

1. Discount Codes: It is easy to create discount codes for flat rates or a percentage of standard price with this plugin that creates an attraction for a variety of customers.  

2. Full Data Reporting: It is easy to get all the crucial data about your online store, with the help of a built-in reporting feature, like statistics, custom reports, and many more.  

3. Wide Range of Extensions: This plugin offers a wide range of useful eCommerce extensions that users can use to add a particular function to the current system.  

Easy Digital Downloads plugin also offers various extensions in the free version for adding certain functionality on the website and charge for every extension addition. It also provides four pricing plans with different features that start from $99 per year.  


  • Easy to setup  
  • Support various languages  
  • Complete shopping cart   


  • Customer support needs improvement   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

It is easy to monitor and track all the product files downloaded by your customers. You can get comprehensive information about downloads. For example, you can follow the time, date, and even the IP address of customers who purchased or download the files.  

User Comments:  

Oceanc: “Easy to set up and clean plugin for our project. It provides the same results as expected and looking for. I can’t find the words to share my feelings after seeing this amazing plugin for our problems. Fantastic work, thanks a lot!!!  

Zoldos: “After trying a lot of eCommerce plugins, I switched to this simple and easy to set up the plugin. I am offering only downloadable products; therefore, this plugin is the perfect way to manage my business. It provides a lot of beneficial tooltips. Great work!  

3. Cart66 Cloud (WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce)

Cart66 Cloud is specifically designed to ensure the safety of payment gateways, helps to keep the email receipts away from the spam folder of customers, and beneficial for storing and providing digital products. By using this plugin, you can not only sell digital products or subscriptions but also can make registrations and create an online event booking system.   

It offers a built-in invoicing system that generates invoices automatically on a recurring basis for various items. The smooth and efficient working of this plugin helps to gain customers with a user-friendly environment.  

wordpress plugins for ecommerce - cart66

Key features: 

1. Secure Connected Services: This plugin offers a suite for securing the connected services that use a PCI-compliant payment platform and also helps to make the customer portal secure.  

2. Email Marketing: Email marketing is considered as the backbone of any online business. This plugin is equipped with various email marketing features that are beneficial to get more customers.  

3. Simple to Use: It is effortless to integrate most of the typical eCommerce scenarios along with secure transactions by using this plugin.  

Along with the free version, the developers of this plugin offer two payment plans that can cost you $69 per year and $99 per year with some advanced features.  


  • Inventory management system included  
  • Built-in image gallery for products  
  • Automatically create product pages   


  • Few layout options  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

You can provide the buyers with the direct option of “buy this now” instead of “add to cart” and move forward towards the payment sections after a couple of clicks. It not only helps to save the time of buyers but also increases the chances of a sale by attracting customers with the quick purchase process.  

User Comments:  

padna11: “Have been working with this plugin from more than one year and create an extensive membership plan for one of my client’s website. The customer support is fantastic and replies quickly in no time with a bunch of useful information.  
Theonedesign: “I contacted the support team for a lot of time and got a quick reply every time with a solution to my problem. They are perfect in their responses and make everything clear in a reasonable manner. Very happy with the cart feature also, great plugin!  

4. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is developed by Ecwid Ecommerce to facilitate the users with everything that they need to build a WordPress site for an online store. It is the most popular plugin in the WordPress community used for creating eCommerce sections on websites. It supports an extensive range of languages, and people from more than 175 countries use this plugin on their website.  

It is loaded with all the necessary functions required for selling and receiving payments, plus it also comes with various other features like tax calculations and automatic connection with multiple shipping companies.  

wordpress plugins for ecommerce - ecwid

Key features:  

1. Social Media Customers: It helps the users to integrate your online store on Facebook and Instagram. It is capable to automatically synchronize the products, orders, customers, and inventory to Facebook from the website.  

2. Ecommerce Mobile Apps: This plugin offers a mobile app to monitor and track various things on your online store like payment acceptance, track inventory, sales management, etc.  

3. Online Store Data: It offers online store data based on secure servers that offer unlimited storage, regular backups, and updates from every aspect.  

Like many other plugins, it also offers a limited version and three pricing plans other than the free version. The venture plan is the lowest category, and users can get it for $15 per month from the official website of this plugin.  


  • Blocks design  
  • Discount coupons  
  • Automatic tax calculations   


  • Tricky to use  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Mobile responsiveness is a great thing for all websites, and this plugin offers perfect mobile responsive working. It works with more efficiency on websites optimized for mobile and provides a great response on different portable devices like mobile phones or tablets. It is featured with the ability to adjust the layout as per the screen size of the device.  

User Comments:  

Pirh: “I have used many plugins until now, and I even forget the names of many plugins after using this plugin. It works great with minimal designs that are not possible to disable without CSS. All the features included in it are working correctly.  

Wishgranted: “It is a pleasant experience to use this plugin on my newly developed site. It is compatible to use with the latest versions of themes and various plugins on WordPress websites. I am happy to get everything in a fast and sweet manner.  

5. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the unique WordPress plugin that helps to promote the business by using front-end features and keep unnecessary things like catalogs, payment processing, and many other things at the backend. It not only providing various tools for eCommerce stores but also helps to keep the space free on the server.  

It is equipped with several advanced features, and users don’t have the need to add an extension for many functions that generally not provided by other plugins without extension. It is capable of generating a highly scalable catalog book for up to 600 SKU per product.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - BigCOmmerce

Key features:  

1. Secured User Accounts & Logins: It not only ensures the security of the payment process, but also helps to ensure the safety of the purchaser account, their logins, and credit card information.  

2. Support Multiple Sites: This plugin offers to control multiple websites with a single control panel and allows the users to manage all the systems from the only place.  

3. Compatible With Themes: It offers compatibility with most of the WordPress themes, as well as it is also compatible to use with various versions of WordPress.  

BigCommerce is an open-source plugin, and various people contribute their efforts in developing the plugin. Anyone can use it without any cost. However, many essentials are available to integrate multiple advanced features, and users have to pay for that. But essentials are offered a 15 day trial period for its users.  


  • Amp support  
  • Complex enterprise systems integrations  
  • Flexible shopping cart   


  • Complicated  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin supports most of the global carriers and also offers real-time rate lists with different options like flat rates, free shipping, and drop shipping, etc. It is equipped with a built-in shipperHQ that is beneficial to specify the rates by category, product, destination, customer group, quantity, dimensions, and many more.  

User Comments:  

Tomabrams: “I am in the mid of developing the other site for my client by using this plugin. It is easy to use and beneficial to display the products on the WordPress site from BigCommerce. It is perfect for modifying the templates for the desired design.  

Rebelrebel: “The support team is excellent and helped me to solve the problem regarding images on my website and to create the thumbnails from images. It was so frustrating for me at the start, but thanks to the support team who helps me to get rid of this problem. Enormous thanks for solving the problem.   

6. eCommerce Product Catalog

ECommerce Product Catalog is designed to facilitate the owners of an online store with the function of request a quote. It is simple and straightforward to use with enhanced responsiveness. It helps to display the products in any place in the WordPress website and also perfect for adding the price tag and various custom parameters depending on the requirements of users.  

It is a fully customizable plugin that works parallel with WordPress customizer, CSS, and templates files to display the products efficiently.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - product catalog

Key features:

1. Multi-Level Categories: It provides a perfect way to organize products by creating multi-level categories, catalogs, and tags.  

2. Quote Feature (Pro): The Primary feature of this plugin is to provide quotes to customers as per their demand for single or multiple products from the catalog.  

3. Drag and Drop Settings: It facilitates the users with drag and drops features to add new products, change the order preference, and modify the shipping options.  

It is free to use this plugin but to a limited extent. Instead of offering various pricing plans, the developers of this plugin offer different extensions to add specific functionality like cart option, quote feature, coupon codes, and many more.  


  • Simple and easy to use  
  • Various layouts and designs  
  • Multiple product listing   


  • Expensive to apply for multiple extensions   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Besides the catalog generation feature, this plugin is capable of creating a full eCommerce set up for an online store that offers all the essential elements for smooth working. It also allows the users to add the option to complete the purchase process with or without payment. (This feature is available in the Pro version only).  

User Comments 

Amielalcala: “This plugin really helps to save my precious time that I had to spend for displaying the products along with categories. I strongly recommend this plugin to everyone, especially to newbies for smooth working.  

Alzwell: “Their support is excellent, and if they put a limitation in the plugin, they will charge a reasonable price that everyone can pay quickly. I think every user of this plugin is happy with the final product.   

7. Shopping Cart eCommerce Store

WP EasyCart introduces this shopping cart & eCommerce store with free and easy-to-install features. It works very well for both new and old online stores and designed to sell various types of products like subscriptions, digital products, downloadable products, etc.  

Along with selling features, users can also integrate this plugin in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for selling products. Furthermore, the inclusion of multiple payment methods makes it prominent among others.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - wpeasycart

Key features:  

1. Automatic Page Creation: This plugin creates three pages automatically with the installation in WordPress, i.e., Store, Cart, and Account.  

2. Highly Customizable: It is highly customizable and allows the users to add various widgets for products on the sidebar as well as allow adjusting the language settings.  

3. Shipping Chart: It offers an extensive shipping chart display the rate of shipping depending on the product price, weight, and quantity.  

However, the free version is perfect for integrating setup for selling and receiving payment. But if users want to include some advanced features like shipping calculators, coupons, discount offers, and many more, they have to go for a premium version by paying $69 per year.  


  • Built-in tax calculator  
  • Multiple designs and layouts  
  • User-friendly   


  • Heavy setup  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin offers a comprehensive order system even in the free version and allows the users to use it for printing sales receipts, packing slips, shipping notes, and can view the complete order details in one place. It is capable to automatically send emails to the customer with an invoice.  

User Comments:  

Jimlaabsmusicstore: “The support team really responds quickly and provides helpful information. I think the longest time they took to respond is five hours. Definitely, they know what they are doing.  

Blackwp: “I found this plugin fantastic and easy to setup. It offers deep functions and features. I faced a problem with button colors that are associated with the website theme, but the support team helps to sort it in no time.   

8. WP Shopify

WP Shopify is designed to take advantage of the native WordPress platform for selling Shopify products on WordPress based websites. It is capable of syncing the product data from Shopify as a custom post type to different pages of the website. 

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - wpshopify

Key features:  

1. Built-in Cart System: It offers to place a Shopify’s Buy Button on WordPress website directly without the use of any iFrames.  

2. Visual Control: This plugin uses the visual system for displaying the products and allows customization in the custom post for better visibility.  

3. Compatible: It is compatible to use with various other plugins of WordPress for multiple purposes and works smoothly without any type of interruption.  

The version comes with some limitations, and if you want to use some advanced features like Infinite scrolling, Featured images, Cart notes, Sync by collection, and many more, then you have to pay for the Pro version.  

You can get it from the official site of this plugin by paying $79.99 for one year for use with a single site. However, two more plans are available for multiple-site support.  


  • Auto Sync  
  • SEO optimized  
  • Multiple filter options   


  • Somewhat complex  

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

WP Shopify facilitates users with a variety of configuration options for getting the desired design by using built-in templates. It also provides various convenient tools like selective synchronization and precise data to manage the products on the WordPress site.  

User Comments:  

Joopleberry: “I recently purchased the pro version and faced few problems for setting up the plugin correctly, but Andrew helps a lot over chat to complete the installation. Now everything works well as per expectations. Highly recommended!  

Lisa: “This plugin is perfect for connecting Shopify with WordPress. However, it has some limitations, but developers provide fantastic and constructive support to solve the problem.   

9. Welcart e-Commerce

Welcart e-Commerce is designed to facilitate the users with a fully operational eCommerce section for selling products from the WordPress website. It provides a variety of themes that users can use and customize to get the desired look. All the themes are compliant with WordPress standards.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - welcarte

Key features:  

1. Stock Management: It helps the users for managing the stocks by using the SKU code and allows the users to add an unlimited number of products, categories, and photos.  

2. Wide Range of Payment Options: This plugin is capable of payment from sixteen most popular channels, including PayPal, Sony Payment, and Soft Bank Payments.   

3. Customized Order List: It helps to view the order list by using different filters for price, category, type, weight, etc.  


Welcart e-Commerce is an open-source plugin and offers its services without any cost. Moreover, it also provides many extensions to add particular features in the free version, and that is free too.  


  • Simple to use  
  • Highly customizable  
  • Comprehensive shopping system   


  • Support limited languages   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

Along with the eCommerce section, this plugin also offers a membership system without adding any extension or plugin. Users can get the member data in the list format just like the order list and also apply different filters to get customer history and other information.  

User Comments:  

Mizuho Ogino: “I really enjoy this highly customizable WordPress plugin and appreciate the quick and helpful customer support team.  

Carolrosent: “It is a simple plugin that provides extraordinary services, and if there is any deficiency, ignore it for the sake of free.   

10. ShopConstruct

ShopConstruct provides all in one solution for creating an online store. It not only helps to create the eCommerce section but also useful for creating catalogs and displaying products in the desired manner. It is perfect to use for the complete shopping process from the creation of the catalog to shipping the product.  

It is designed to facilitate the users for managing product title, image, SKU code, product availability, price, shortcode, and many more. It also provides the option to search the product by using different filters like SKU, Price, category, etc.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - shopconstruct

Key features:  

1. Product Reviews and Ratings: It is perfect for managing customer reviews and ratings for stores and products and displaying them on the website. Admins can also edit any of the reviews and ratings.  

2. Guest Cart: It allows the users to enable the guest cart feature that lets the customers complete the shopping process without creating an account.  

3. Multiple Currency Options: This plugin offers to accept payment in various currencies by using four different channels of payments.  

It offers three pricing plans other than the free version for the inclusion of various advanced features and starts from $7.95 per month for a single website and with limited customization options as compared to advanced plans.  


  • Custom CSS fields  
  • SEO-friendly   
  • Mention shipping to specific locations   


  • Conflict with PHP of a few themes   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin is perfect for publishing various categories on any place on your WordPress website by using the particular shortcode for that category. It allows the users to display the product categories on every page or post of the website along with the sidebar or on footer/header.  

User Comments:  

nad77: “Price is a little higher for services, but if the price is reduced, it will be a pity for developers. However, I am using this plugin for more than one year, and I am delighted with everything included in this plugin. It is highly customizable and saves all versions automatically.  

edwards87: “It is one of the most user-friendly plugins for both frontend and backend ever I used. Great support. Thanks!   

11. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is specifically designed to add the cart option on WordPress based website. Users can sell a variety of tangible and intangible products by using this plugin and also manage the subscription services with it. It is lightweight and comes with minimal coding lines that never create conflict with other plugins or any type of coding.  

This plugin is featured with various functionalities like creating coupons, discount cards, SKU numbering, sale notifications, and many more.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - simple Paypal shopping cart

Key features:  

1. Automatic Email Sending: It is capable of sending the emails automatically with invoices to customers that complete the purchase system.  

2. Create Different Coupons: It offers to create a different type of coupons like time expiry, flat rate, and any class you want to create.  

3. NextGen Photo Gallery: It is incorporated with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin to help the users for selling their photographs.  


It is an open-source plugin, and multiple developers contribute to developing this plugin for the betterment of society. All the features incorporated in this plugin are free to use.  


  • Shortcode inserter  
  • Minimal coding  
  • Support multiple languages   


  • Limited payment options 

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

This plugin allows the users to use shortcodes for displaying the products and cart button anywhere on the website with the help of multiple widgets. Furthermore, the PayPal payment option can also be placed anywhere by using shortcodes.  

User Comments:  

Gaerlanstreet Multimedia: “I am using this plugin for four different sites, and it works very well with all as expected. The customization options help a lot in getting the desired design and results.  

Petebm: “It is simple to use, and highly customization options force me to suggest it for everyone, especially newbies. The customer support is excellent, helpful, and speedy.   

12. WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce is specifically designed to enhance the shopping experience of users and allow adding the product in the cart without leaving or refreshing the page. It facilitates the users for reviewing the shopping cart, customize the order, and move forward for the final step.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce - wpc flycart

Key features:  

1. Customizable Cart: It offers flexible customization for adding or removing different buttons for an amount like total, subtotal, etc. and also allows changing the title of all the buttons.  

2. Easy To Remove Product: It is straightforward to remove the product, and also users can undo the removal action with it.  

3. Coupon Filling (Premium): This plugin allows the customers to use the coupons offered by your store at the time of check out for final payment.  

However, the free version provides enough support to run a simple online store. But if you want to use advanced features like coupon filling and to display cross-selling products, three different pricing plans are available that start from $29.99 per year for single site integration. For use in multiple sites, go for the advanced plans.  


  • Multiple predefined cart skins  
  • Various cart displaying options  
  • Overlay effect   


  • Some problems in price calculation with discount   

Why Should We Use This Plugin?  

It is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows the customers to complete all the purchase process in a single screen. Users can also display the cart as an overlay on any page or post of website irrespective of type.  

User Comments:  

LBandy: “This plugin reflects the professionalism and a bunch of customization options are available to get the desired results even with the free version. Support is incredible and rapid in solving the issues. Strongly recommended  

Akashana: ‘This plugin works very well on our website and provides excellent results for the mobile version. We face some problems at the start with our theme, but the support team provides a quick response with a solution for that issue. It is the best way of managing a good reputation. Totally recommended!   


No doubt, WordPress is an excellent platform for bloggers to show their online appearance, and also it achieve the goal of providing a lot of support for starting an online business. Definitely, plugins are essential to add specific functionality like the eCommerce section that is not available with every theme.  

Creating a perfect eCommerce section for online stores requires a considerable number of functions, from selling to collecting payment and make shipments. Various plugins are available that helps to create the desired eCommerce section for online stores with free and paid versions.  

By using extensive research, we sort out a few popular WordPress plugins for eCommerce that add reliable and user-friendly functionality on your website.  

Hopefully, you find the best one from the above list that suits your business nature and fulfill your requirements.  

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