Importance of web content organization

Content organization is really the “elephant in the room” since it plays a vital role in your online success, but it is regularly ignored. You must have witnessed that the last-minute delivered projects are often weak in content.  

If you are a creative individual, you likely have hundreds of thoughts and ventures you’d like to work on. But numerous of them never see the light of day. If you have learned the art of organizing your thoughts, you must want to bring life to your ideas. The tool you use is not as vital as the framework you create for organizing, capturing, and capitalizing on your ideas. 


Organizing your online web content

Do you remember taking notes before starting the project work during your high school?  

A good student always manages to take brief notes to avoid any type of problem. The same is the case with a professional blogger. He knows how to create the best blog to engage traffic on his blog, and for that, he knows the importance of organizing web content. 

You should organize your content into coherent categories by dividing them into categories and subcategories. The main menu should tell visitors precisely what they are attending to get at a glance. It should tell the story clearly to visitors. Streamlining will make it easier for visitors to find their required content.  

Realm of technology 

It has been made the way more comfortable to plan, organize, and manage your web content with note-taking apps. No matter where you are, you are at home or on the go; you can note down the immediate idea that strikes your mind with your note-taking app, which is the most convenient and reliable method to keep all information saved in one place. 

These apps are the digital equivalent of traditional note-books because of their digital nature, they can do more wonders for you than paper. You can save your notes within the cloud and sync them over multiple digital devices. These apps also facilitate for text search and no other human being than a blogger can understand the importance of quick search. 


Note-taking apps – the helping hands of a blogger

You cannot deny the importance of taking notes. You invest your time and energy to come up with ideas every day, and you spend time to record your considerations. Coming up with ideas , keeping in mind the movie recommendation, or coming across any critical information related to your next blog can be easily stored through magical helping hands. A smart blogger always keeps himself updated with note-taking apps to facilitate him in every possible way. These apps allow us to snap pictures, transfer files, clip pages from the web, and to record audio. 

In case you are a newbie in the field, and you want to equip yourself with a note-taking app you can rely upon. This way, you will be able to spend more time creating your ideas and less time holding up for motivation to arrive. 


Features to look upon while choosing a note-taking app

A smart blogger always goes for an app that is easy to set up and use. Consider each app’s highlights in light of what the apps guaranteed to do. Another important consideration is the value since numerous good note-taking apps charge fees to use all features. 

Undoubtedly note-taking apps are not a magic wand, but surely they help you set things up and organize your content well. To be a successful and productive blogger, you need to invest deliberate efforts and time and also equip yourself with the best time saving digital tools to help you grow. These elements are crucial for working faster and smarter and engaging readers without sacrificing content quality. 


Best note-taking apps to organize online content

Depending on your research, you may accumulate a lot of notes and snippets of information. Notes are of no use to you if you cannot find them when you need to, and spending a lot of time sifting through piles of content is a waste of time.

So, it is important to make sure that your notes are well-organized and you can find what you want when you need it. There are few note-taking and organizing tools that can help. 




Evernote is the most well-known accessible note-taking app these days. It facilitates to capture, compose, and store everything with your phone, web browser, and desktop. It supports a wide assortment of notes types, including text, pictures, audio files, sketches, filtered archives, checklists, and clipped web pages.  

With a business account, it facilitates real-time chat and interacting with colleagues.  

You can capture ideas for blogs you wish to write, swipe articles by others that you want to reference afterward. You can subscribe to various blogs, and whenever those bloggers send you free content, store that in Evernote. This way, your email, and desktop will not be cluttered, and you can easily find them whenever required. 

Compatibility: Browser, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 


  • Effective search and tagging 
  • Saves multimedia 
  • Multiple file formats 
  • Templates


  • Slow on older devices 
  • Premium version required for offline mobile access 
  • No markdown support 


Google Sheet and Docs


If you love distraction-free writing, then google, then using Google Docs is best for you. Although it is not technically distraction-free, it facilitates its users to get going on writing without having to bargain with much past some clicks.  

Google Docs is one of the most prevalent apps within the suite. Google suite of Docs, Slides, and Sheets permits its users to create as well as edit documents online. Because of these features, Google suit is well famous among users. Google apps are the most used apps in the world because of their user-friendly interface. 

Compatibility: Android. iOS, web, Windows 


  • Create and explore documents as PDFs 
  • No software installation is required on computers 


  • Limited document supports 


Google Keep


It is comparatively a new note-taking app targeting individuals who need to capture what is on their minds. It is free, colorful, and comes on various android devices. You can use it to take notes and make records that are kept saved at Google Drive. 

Notes do not live in a storeroom. They help to remind you composing an email to a friend living another side of the globe or serve as motivation for another venture of yours. Google Keep assists your notes to stream consistently for various scenarios across multiple apps. 

It facilitates you to choose from a beautiful array of 12 colors for each note by visually categorizing your notes. It supports image recognition, image conversion, and PDFs into searchable text. If you employ the Google Keep Chrome ext ension, you will spare URLs, content, and pictures as you browse the net. 

While using Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, or any file in docs, sheets, or slides, you will be able to open Google Keep sidebar to see your existing notes and also make a new one. If you are working on a record or introduction, you can drag notes from the sidebar directly to your file, and text on that note will be automatically included. 

Google Calendar will automatically pop up reminders and due dates. It also assists in copying a note to Google docs where it will open in a new doc. 

Compatibility: Android, macOS, iOS, web, Windows 


  • Colorful 
  • Intuitive 
  • Quick and time-saving 


  • No tags 
  • No text formatting 
  • No notifications for shared lists 


Microsoft Note


This note-taking app is intuitive and fun to utilize the tool for commerce people. It has made it easier for business bloggers to share digital notes and connect with each other.  

Bloggers use this instrument for keeping notes, making to-do lists, and for maintaining a track of articles, they discover online using web clippers.  

Microsoft OneNote coordina tes with Outlook and other MS Office apps, it handles Word, Excel, and other MS Office apps far better than any other note-taking app. You can sort content, drag and drop pictures, and file attachments into notes, use highlighter, record audio, make checklists, and the list goes on.  

With this tech-savvy app, you can scan and transfer pictures of handwriting, and you can also open the history of its adaptation. Its ink to text feature allows you to type in by hand and convert your content to typed. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, web 


  • Easy to use 
  • Integrates well with MS Office 


  • Less valuable if you don’t have MS Office 




It is an all in one workplace where you will write, arrange, collaborate and get organized.  

With Notion , you can perform tasks like overseeing a team wiki, tracking costs, making publication calendars and creating blog posts. It helps you create a robust workflow for smooth writing content. It got the trick to effectively organize your content.  

You can create anything from notes to a complete database. It automatically syncs your data without being painful about the fear of losing anything. You can connect with your colleagues in real-time, assign them their jobs and send notifications.  

You can customize the notion dashboard to distinguish personal and professional space. Take off your most utilized pages where they can be seen and effortlessly accessed from office or home. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, web 


  • Flexible and organized 
  • Hierarchal structure 
  • Various ways to view data 


  • No OCR 
  • Extra set up time 




Trello , the task manager, has made it easier for bloggers to minister their ideas and keep track of their progress. It is all flawless and tidy. Trello is primarily made up of boards, and those boards contain lists that allow you to make cards. 

It is free, intuitive, and user-friendly. You can use it for various things, but the best part of it is content marketing. It is one of those excellent tools that can do much for your business with less time and work. It is an organizational powerhouse with almost 1.1 million daily users. It facilitates you to add unlimited members to your account and create as many boards as you want. You can make your boards visible to specific members or to everyone with a link. Individuals with access to the board can also get notification about any change or update made to the board. 

Depending upon the type of content you create, you will be able to keep content connections inside Trello cards, or you can also use Google Drive to remain inside free Trello account limits.  

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows , web


  • One of the most popular task managers 
  • Organized and reliable 


  • No internet, no Trello 
  • Limited storage 




After years of trying to use advanced tools, we discovered that simplicity and visualization were more valuable than any set of features. BubblesPlanner is a true visual project planner for freelancers. In it, every task is an object that conveys info visually using size, color, and position to tell the story. It allows simple weekly workload planning and prioritization.  

You can easily capture any website URL using a Chrome extension. Build a research library effortlessly saving selected text from any web page. Organize bookmarks assigning them to Tasks, Posts, and Boards.

Search on anything, to quickly retrieve essential bookmarks. 

Prioritize your workload on the fly by moving the Bubbles. Arranging tasks visually by its importance, urgency, and relation to goals.

Use multiple workflow templates like Kanban, MIT, and GTD methodologies.


  • No complexity, cost, and system overhead of traditional alternatives.
  • Clarity. See what’s up with a single glance. Simple…


  • Reliance on the internet (sam as Trello)
  • Available only on Web and iOS


Microsoft Word and Excel

One of the most user-friendly, familiar, and straightforward application used by every blogger is Microsoft Word. It assists you in organizing and managing your content in an efficient way. Just like Google Doc, Microsoft Word is stacked built-in templates, from meeting plans and cover letters to a trip checklist. 

It also spares your reusable templates as .dotx files. For example, you have drawn a business contract that you want to spare for future use. Click Save as Template. Next time, whenever you will open a new document, your spared template will appear in your gallery of choices with Word’s pre-existing templates. When you want to create a new version of the contract, open a new file, discover contract format, and press open. 

Similarly, you can create and save templates in Microsoft Excel, but it got Macros. Select Excel macro-Enabled template. You can edit and modify and also take advantage of pre-existing templates on Office.com 

Content is the real king, and it is the reason you have a blog or a website and engage people to visit your blog or website. It is vital to organize your content well to make it useful and practical.


  • Familiar 
  • Nested, multi-level hierarchical organization 


  • Only avilable for Mac and iOS users. No web version.





Ulysses is the finest of the minimalist writing app, best in its class. 

It is a fully-featured writing app that brings all the tools a user will ever need to write, organize, and complete their writing projects. From writing short notes to a full-blown novel. It completely focused on the writing aspect.

Ulysses’s live preview of Markdown, in-line notes that don’t compile/print, sidenotes, a centered typewriter mode, countless downloadable themes, customizable themes and dark mode, writing goals, deadlines, colored keyword tags, highlighting code syntax, export to HTML/PDF/etc. 

Here are a few helpful reviews that were written by writers:




  • Focus mode
  • Nested, multi-level hierarchical organization 


  • Only avilable for Mac and iOS users. No web version.



Collecting and storing the notes is a vital part of the research process because it helps you learn and allows you to see your information in a useful, convenient way. 

Writing is a multi-faceted process that includes brainstorming, research, writing , revision, editing, organizing, and publishing. This process runs much more smoothly if you keep it decluttered, eliminate the mess, and get organized.