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Article writing jobs writing is project-based writing for a self-employed individual. Being a freelancer, you do this job as a non-employee of a person who has hired you. And you work to deliver the written content you agreed upon.

There are many benefits to working as a freelance writer. For instance, it is a type of work that can give you freedom, wideness, and lucrative if you are good. Furthermore, freelancers experience a high level of job satisfaction. They can experience more flexibility and control over their day to day working environment.

article writing jobs for freelancing

Pros Of Freelance Writing

Just like other types of business, freelance writing has its good sides. So, a list of freelance pros has been provided here.

i. Independence

ii. No boss

iii. Creativity

iv. Working remotely

v. Freedom to do what you love

Cons Of Freelance Writing

Here a list of not good side os freelance writing is available; check it before starting your career as a freelance writer.

i. Unpredictable

ii. Unsteady income

iii. No working hours

iv. No employment benefits like a retirement fund

While everyone is saying goodbye to a 9 to 5 model of work, and it is quite common these days, no one can guarantee you will have enough work or money to support your freelance career. So, it all depends on your determination and willingness to start your writing career. The sky is the limit if you do.

What does article writing jobs pay?

You can earn what you want in this career, and it is one of the best things about freelance writing. It is simple, the more you write, the more money you can make. You can receive from $20 to $100 for the same post, depending on the client and your writing level.

The price or amount you will get for article writing jobs varies, and it depends on the type of business. For instance, the company that needs hundreds of small posts or asks for articles with specific keywords usually pays up to $5 for a copy of 5oo words.

Keep in mind all those sites which ask for quick and small posts will pay you less. It can be a hectic job, as put a lot of energy, but the amount you are getting is quite less.

Stats for freelance writing jobs.

Freelancers earn over $1 billion on Upwork yearly.
There are 12 million registered freelancers on Upwork.
Content writers earn $15–$80 per hour on Upwork.

* Courtesy of websitebuilder

How To Become A Freelance Writer?

How to become a freelance writer and pick up many article writing jobs ? It will be the very first question that will come into your mind before starting your career. If you are willing to start your career as a freelance writer, start it today and practice it every day. It can make you a successful freelance writer. Practice makes a man perfect, as they say.

You can learn and improve your writing skills with time. Just to take the first step, you can write small stories. You can write about anything about which you are passionate. On the next step, you can write about several things about whom you know nothing. It will help you a lot.

After practicing, select a niche. It will help you to choose your writing path. It can facilitate you to gain excellent and relevant clients. Do not waste your time by writing about those things about who you nothing.

You can also start a blog, and it is the most crucial step in your freelance writing career. You need to show your writing skills to your clients, and you can do it by showing them your portfolio.

You can also polish your skills and can attract clients by learning the relevant skills. You will manage everything alone, and you will have to get solid knowledge about marketing, management, and finance.

Even though you are a beginner, the amount you will charge is something you need to start your career. So, define your rate before starting the work, and it can be per hour, per word, or project. Consider what suits you the most and determine your price.

Now you are ready to get the audience and to start your career as a freelance writer.

10 Things To Consider For Freelance Writer Job

These days than ever before, people are turning to freelance work. According to a report, 35% of workers in the United States are working as freelancers.

Now you can find a large number of freelance job opportunities around. Well, the most well-known among all is freelance writing.

Have you ever thought about being a freelance writer? Here, you can read the ten most important facts you must consider before starting your freelance writing career.

1. Research Before Starting A Freelance Writing Career

It would be best if you researched freelance writing before stating it as a career. You can find freelance writers, can read their blogs , and look at their websites. Try to learn about this business as much as you can.

You need to understand how to write blog posts. You can contact with other writers and try to find what kind of jobs are there for freelancers. Furthermore, you can also ask them how to set the rates.

article writing jobs - research

2. Working Alone

Some people start freelancing writing and then found that they are entirely alone. If you love to work with colleagues and spend time with them, switching to freelancing can be a tough decision for you.

Well, there ways to overcome this issue. For instance, either you can go to a coffee shop or can find a co-working space, though both of these options can cost you a lot of money over time. You will need to budget appropriately. And maybe all of your writing paychecks go to the co-working memberships or expensive lattes.

Freelance writers need to promote themselves. If you are not good at talking up your work and demonstrating your values, you can be get passed over for someone else.

The freelance community is growing day by day. And every freelancer is trying to make a name for himself within the industry. If you are willing to stand out and land jobs, you will need to work on writing pitches and making connections. You need to show what makes you distinctive from all other writers.

article writing jobs independently

3. Do not forget marketing

Freelance writers need to promote themselves. If you are not good at talking up your work and demonstrating your values, you can be get passed over for someone else.

The freelance community is growing day by day. And every freelancer is trying to make a name for himself within the industry. If you are willing to stand out and land jobs, you will need to work on your abilities to write pitches and make connections. You need to show what makes you distinctive from all other writers.

article writing jobs promoting yourself

4. Versatility

After working for an extended period as a freelance writer, you can get a lot more control over the type of writing you do. For instance, you can decide that you will do SEO writing for the whole of your career.

Well, in the beginning, you need to select all types of work that you will get. A freelance writer should be versatile in his work to adopt the different writing styles and preferences according to the demands of the clients.

Remember that you have to write according to clients’ requirements and focus on what they need or want. Unfortunately, what you want to write about is not important here. If you are not adaptable to different writing styles, you may struggle as a freelance writer.

article writing jobs - versatility

5. Try To Be An Organized Person

When you are working as a freelance writer, you do not have a receptionist or a bookkeeper. So, either it is an organization of client’s information or tax payment, you need to handle all these alone. At the start of a career, you will have to work hard to keep everything organized.

If you were struggling with organization and failed to keep the record, you may have difficulty building a freelance writing career. You can purchase different tools which help you in organizing things. But you will have to make room for them in your budget. And this can’t be easy when you are unpredictable about paychecks.

article writing jobs - stay organized

6. Lack Of Predictability

When you are going to start a freelance writing career, keep in mind one thing that you will not be predictable about your paychecks.

While in the freelance writing career, you would not always have a steady stream of work coming in. And this will happen especially at the start of your job. So, you may not receive a regular amount of money coming in.

The freelance career is unpredictable, so you need to plan things. If you are not good at budgeting, you may face a hard time in your freelance writing career.

article writing jobs - keep budget in mind

7. Working In A Network

Some people choose freelance writing as their career because they love to work alone. It is true, being freelance, you will spend most of your time alone.

Beside it, if you are not good at reaching out and communicating with others, it can be a difficult job for you. Excellent communication skills are quite necessary to attract clients.

A right freelancer knows how to communicate with the clients. And if it is not easy for you to work in a network, you need to improve your networking skills; before you take freelance
as a full-time job.

article writing jobs - networking

8. Practice Writing

It is not an issue if English is not your first language. Many freelance writers do not have English as their primary language. And they are earning through freelance writing.

So, it is also possible for you to make earnings from freelancing, but you will have to work a little harder to polish your writing skills. And if you are a reasonably good writer, then you will need a little practice to improve your writing.

You can practice by adding sensory details, remove filler words, and honing your craft. And you can do all this by starting your blog. You need to learn that there is a difference between blogging and content writing.

Only reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary and world knowledge. You can read different blogs related to your niche, and reading a book in your free time can be a good option too.

I never stop learning. If you want to enhance the value of your work, try to read as much as you can. And as a result, more money you can earn.

9. Is Freelance Writing Career Right For You?

Will freelance writing be a good option for you as a career? It would help if you considered it seriously before diving into it. If freelance writing or freelance editing fits your needs and
it is going to be a good option as a career, go with it.

But there are few not so right sides of freelance writing too. Like, fickle income, weird working hours, and unmitigated refrigerator access. Working for yourself is quite strange, and sometimes it can be dangerous also.

Lastly, you will need to prepare yourself financially for several things. For example, managing income flow and expenses, buying your health care, paying taxes, and funding your retirement. Even for the best writers, clients come and go so, and you should prepare yourself for those inevitable dry periods.

Are you ready to face all these hardships and passionate about pursuing your career as a freelancer? The way is open, go, and start your freelance writing career.

article writing jobs - as career

10. Confidence Level

Put yourself out there, and trying to land writing the gigs can be tough. You can be get rejected, turned down, or some clients may walk all over you.

For a successful freelance writing career, you need to be a confident person and try to lose the fear of pitching. It can be quite hard for you. That’s okay; eventually, you are going to get the reward of your hard work.

You will have to face all these difficulties to go ahead. And besides the necessary writing skills, you will need to know the tools of the trade.
article writing jobs - confidence


Just like all other best things in life, it will not be a comfortable journey for you. The best thing you can do as a freelance writer is to continue learning. Whether it’s the writing tips, pitching tips, or business tips, try to learn them all from trained persons of this field.

To become a successful freelance writer, you need to be a dedicated and passionate person about this profession. Only if you are insensitive to rejections and have boundless curiosity, you can gain popularity as a top freelance writer.

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