Blogely is pending

Our Early Access Program provides early-stage releases and insight into new features and functionality of Blogely. We want passionate beta testers who love technology and provide feedback to us to allow us to improve the app. If this is you, contact us. We will offer you early access to the app’s newest releases and let you use its first beta version.

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Help to shape the future

We are preparing to launch Blogely – content management app. Blogely helps you to research and create content, collaborate on it, and improve your website ranking by applying cost-effective keywords SEO strategy.

We need you to make this happen!


What is the benefit of early access?

The primary goal for us is to develop real relationships with our core user base and enable testers to have direct contributions in developing the ultimate content management app for the website.
The benefit for early access beta testers is the following:

  • Immediate access to all live features
  • First access to all future features

It’s really up to you, the more you put in, the more you have a hand in developing Blogely to be YOUR ideal product.
Also, we do provide extra perks for our top testers, more information available when you get access.