Blogely AI writer options

The AI writer assistant for content creators in Blogely was announced a few months ago. We are very excited to share with you the first version of the AI Assistant and how we envision the content creation process.

Below is a list of the current AI features in Blogely’s content writing assistant. 

I will list them separately below:

  • Headlines
  • Press release intro
  • Content blurb
  • Blog like Seth Godin
  • Blog paragraph
  • Summarizer
  • Social media posts
  • Fortune cookie quotes
  • Engaging tweets
  • Startup ideas
  • Google Ads
  • Video script (Niche)
  • Fictional story generator
  • Service description
  • Listicle post
  • Topic writer
  • Sales copy (pitch)


In our opinion, these are the options where AI would be most useful.

Please submit suggestions on our Roadmap if you would like to see more options added.



What is an AI writer assistant?

In the past, the best way to find an author was to look at their work samples and a brief resume. But times are changing… The best writers will be those who can stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Artificial intelligence will help you do that. So, what is artificial intelligence?


AI-assisted content marketing is growing and will continue to increase its share of content marketing over the coming years. However, content creators will have to be careful and know what they are doing. For instance, the AI assistant Blogely is not yet ready to create content.

You can build out your content marketing for yourself and for others in your network on your favorite platform or on your own site. You can even use your own platform as a source for content creators to share and repurpose. You can use the features of Content Marketing like Google Analytics to create and test content variations.

AI stands for artificial intelligence. Today’s world is heavily dependent on technology. Everything from the way we live to the way we work is changing by the minute. One of the reasons for this is artificial intelligence. Thanks to AI, we now have computers that can make decisions that would normally be made by humans. The use of artificial intelligence can help companies create customer-focused content.

AI writer focus for content creators


With a specific set of instructions, these machines can produce ai content that takes into account the way people speak, the language they use, and the needs of the business. Companies can then create content that meets a specific need and usage. Algorithms and artificial neural networks enable AI to create relevant content for customers. Companies can then use this information to create content that is more relevant to customers and users. AI writer is able to create relevant and on-demand content so that you can provide a better experience for your customers. The content creation process can be streamlined, reducing time, cost, and stress.



Why we need an AI writer assistant?

In order to be a great content creator, you have to write often. There’s no getting around it. You need to produce content on a regular basis in order to create high-quality, engaging content. This doesn’t mean churning out one article per day or writing for the sake of writing. It means producing quality content that your audience will want to read, on a consistent basis. It’s important to remember that good content isn’t created in a vacuum. It takes time and effort to produce quality content, and you can’t do it all by yourself. You need help from your team, collaborators, and the community.

It is essential for writers to constantly improve their skills.  It is always possible to get stuck in the writing process mentally. It may be hard to come up with another sentence in writing. Don’t we all have those moments? 🙂

Writer’s block is a problem with the process, not the product. It’s not about not being able to write. It’s about not being able to write well. The key to overcoming writer’s block is to keep writing, even if the writing isn’t great. Keep trying new things, even if they don’t work. Don’t get discouraged – writer’s block is a temporary obstacle that can be overcome with enough effort.


The Blogely team is on a mission to make writing content effortless. Blogely is a new AI-powered content creation assistant that can help content creators write better and faster and improve SEO.

AI is being used to help people to stay informed, learn and find information. It is also being used to help businesses communicate more effectively with their clients and users. Now, AI has made its way into content creation.

What are the benefits of having an AI assistant.

AI writing assistants are becoming an integral part of our lives and will further develop to become great support in everyday activities. But what does a future assistant look like? As with everything, the future is a combination of a number of trends coming together and this is the way the new AI assistants will look. What kind of user experience will a future assistant be able to provide? Who can use the AI assistant? How will people use it?

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming more and more prevalent among content creation services. AI-powered platforms offer editors with content writing tools that make it as easy as possible for writers to create quality content for their clients. One of the biggest challenges associated with writing content is that writing requires significant amounts of creativity and personal skill. In a typical situation, a writer creates a creative or creative piece, makes adjustments according to client comments, proofreads the material a final time to check for errors, and submits content for review.

AI writer for content creators


For writers, artificial intelligence can help to find relevant and interesting topics. Machine learning helps AI to build models of human writing to generate content. The content is then analyzed and classified to provide a series of helpful recommendations.

There is no limit to how many words can be written. Words can add or subtract value. There is some magic in words. There is power in language and writing can be a wonderful tool for getting it out to the world. Words come from the mind. AI writer can augment human language to a surprising extent, and with the help of computer power, it’s possible to take human skill and ability in creating language to a whole new level.

What’s in a perfect AI assistant for the writer and blogger.

While an AI system cannot replace humans at least not in this regard, it actually allows you to concentrate on the things you want to work on. AI writer is very much capable of automating any process that is tedious. An intelligent tool is a perfect software platform to automate the repetitive and boring processes of writing so you can concentrate and work on those things that require a skill.

Today we have so many AI tools for writers that help to optimize and enrich the writing process. However, most of them are missing the primary aspect of convenience – they are separated from the publishing workflow. Many writers need to go back and forth copy and paste snippets.

Having everything in one place for the writer would be the ideal AI solution.


How to use AI writer to help you in the process of content creation.

In 2018, Narrative Science became the first AI company to publish an algorithm-powered news headline. These AI-generated articles helped to improve Google’s search results. AI-powered algorithms are able to learn from a large amount of media sources – such as social media, blogs, and news-site – about the language and style of a person or group of people.

Now, there is an abundance of software on the market that helps to generate content. The majority of them have preset functions geared to solve specific goals – i.e. sales pitch generation, content paragraphs, sales emails, headlines, .. etc.

Some AI software is going after the full blog post article generation. However, it is far-fetched and it is not very successful.


What is special about Blogely approach?

Few things that make Blogely unique.


#1. ALL-IN-ONE. It is not just an AI app. It has everything you need to manage end-to-end workflow for your content creation.

Research, organization of all (snippets, notes, videos, files, links.. etc) content assets, SEO optimization, workflow management, collaboration, integrated publishing to WordPress (and other CMS), and a lot more…


#2. The SPLIT-SCREEN approach. An easy in-editor interface with a unique view. You can easily access any saved asset type (notes, files, videos, AI snippets, etc.).


#3. VIDOENOTES It is a special screencast feature that is similar to Loom or CloudApp. Save video recordings for future reference like notes. Collaborate using video recordings. Assign or unassign video recordings to documents and articles.


In-editor AI writer

It is hard to keep up with all the companies offering content creation AI software.  

Many of them offer a wide range of options and deliver results that are more or less up to the expectations of picky users. Built-in AI editor that allows more than just copy and paste – it creates content on the click.  An AI text editor not only edits and formats plain text but also embeds AI functionality into it.

Here is the screenshot of the in-app Blogely AI writer.


How AI writer works?

Only a few AI apps offer editors that allow users to click and write using small prompts. The goal is to simplify processes and automate them.

By clicking the Write icon, AI will consider the last two sentences in front of the cursor. You will receive a content snippet. You will see it populated right where you place your cursor.

You can repeat the process over and over again if the content you receive matches your intention.

Several things can be configured.  The Configuration icon opens this modal window:

1. Topic.

It is optional. It requires if a user wants to divert AI response to a specific topic. It forces AI responses to focus on that specific topic.

2. Keywords.

Optional. User can fine-tune AI response and forces them to use these specific words in its output (or similar words)

3. AI model.

We incorporated 3 types of AI engines behind this request.

  • Economical
  • Standard
  • Premium

Of course,  with premium mode users will be using a more expensive AI engine.


Use of credits for AI requests

Credits can help you save money on content creation by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. You would only be charged for the amount of content you generate using AI that was created. This can help you save money on content creation by only paying for what you use.


You will be charged every time (in credits) you click on the button and request a response. Note that you can also add content to the already created snippet by clicking on the “+”  icon.

Clicking on the icon “Regenerate” – will replace the content in the same group.



Help with an article outline

An AI writing assistant uses data to learn what good writing looks like, and then uses predictive analysis and (NLP) to help you write better. AI writing assistants are becoming more powerful and are a good way to overcome writer’s block.

You can use Blogely’s AI outline generator to get not only the outline but also ideas for your next topic using it as a generator.

This is just one small example of how you can use AI Outline builder.

Selecting AI brings you to this view. You need to choose the general topic and add the keywords you want to emphasize. The keywords you provide will direct AI responses in the direction you desire.



You can easily create an outline by clicking on the lines and the system will build the blocks for you.

Clicking on the icon “Save to note” you will save this full response into the note for reference later.

Blogely split-screen view of AI writer assistance

One of the biggest advantages of using Blogely is a split screen feature that allows content creators easy and convenient navigation to content storage and fast access to any previously saved digital assets.  It works like a digital hub.


It is your personal assistant.

Use AI writer in Blogely as your personal assistance.

Just as I started typing the sentence above – I clicked on the AI-writer (in block editor – right side) and here is what was generated for me:

Content creators don’t have to go through the usual hurdles of writing and editing long-form articles. With an AI assistant for content creation by Blogely, you can compose text in a fast, intuitive way. You can work efficiently because the AI assistant does the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and resources.

And it is true.  😁

Can it replace your copywriters?

Talented human writers hold the key to the future. AI is unlikely to replace content writers completely, but it can be a useful tool to assist them and speed up the process.

It might be a dream come true for freelance writers looking to produce a high volume of content every day. At the same time, it could be frightening for copywriters or content writers whose livelihood depends on writing original content.

However, there is no reason for passionate writers to fear AI tools, and embrace them instead of avoiding them. A good copywriter cannot be replaced by AI, because it doesn’t understand emotions and empathy, which are attributes of good copywriting.


Choose the best for your needs

All Ai-generated snippets are being stored in the Blogely content hub for future reference.

You can always reuse it by simply selecting the filter to “All” and finding for you need from your storage.

Use bookmarks to highlight snippets as your favorites.




AI summarizer saves you time

Blogely creates article summaries using AI writer. A summary can be generated for all or selected blocks.



Make an AI writer assistant a part of your blogging life

It is true that the hype around AI writing assistants is real. Jumping on board early will benefit your content creation efforts. Writers, freelancers, and content professionals will benefit greatly from Blogely’s artificial intelligence writing assistant. 


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