It is about time

Blogely Content Manager has one more week left to be on AppSumo.

We have added a few things since we went live on AppSumo featured listing. So, what is new in Blogely?

– AI assistance (!)
– Social media automation
– Reworked UI/UX to improve user experience
– Changes in credit allowance allowing unrestricted use for AI, SEO, Plagiarism
– Video Notes – screen recording video messages (pending)

Video explainer

Why Blogely

So, meet new and improved Blogely – your content manager and an all-in-one solution for content creation, organization, publishing, and distribution.

Start with internet research and do it like a pro. A well-researched topic provides credibility and is key to the quality of your content. It’s hard work, but Blogely makes it super easy.

Use the block-based outline and powerful asset organization to create articles faster and easier.

Beat writer’s block with built-in AI assistance to save time and effort when creating content.

Improve your rankings with easy and quick step-by-step content SEO optimization that requires no technical expertise.

Streamline collaboration with screen recordings and video notes. Video notes add to the quality of communication and are unique to Blogely.

Publish blog articles quickly. You do not have to deal with the complexity of WordPress or cumbersome formatting.

Extend your reach by automatically posting your published content on social media.
All in all, the Blogely solution helps you create and maintain your entire blog content, so you can increase traffic to your website, generate more leads, and grow your business.

In summary

It has been a pleasure and a great learning experience for us.

We have received so much valuable feedback from you – our customers. 

We will now focus on monthly subscriptions.  For a SaaS business, it’s the only way to survive. 

Thank you for your support. 

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