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Maximize your success with content marketing


Blog content management software for blog seo

Easiest way to repurpose your entire blog


Sync your blog site

Sync your entire blog list in seconds with just one click. The system creates two-way sync with your current content.

Optimize & improve

Import specific articles (one at a time) that you want to improve and SEO optimize (or re-optimize). Easily track the progress.


Ready to post it back? One-click of the Publish button and your improved article content is back on your WordPress blog.

Grow your online presence faster


team blog seo management

Focus on quality

Craft quality original content faster and easier using systematic research tools and well-organized content asset management in one central location.

blog seo optimization management

Work smarter

Improve your productivity with a complete set of tools for content creation. Adopt the strategy now – manage your complete workflow from start to finish in one place.

blog management software

Grow your business

Use Blogely’s capabilities to increase your content output, allowing you generate more traffic, leads, and sales without the hassle from start to finish.

AI generated content is NOT the silver bullet


blog research app

1. Research

Before you can write, you have to gather.

Easily conduct comprehensive research, embed interactive charts, add tables, gifs and videos. Learn what others are doing and do it better. Save research documents for reference so it helps you beat your competition. With a large stash of raw materials, some of your work will already be done and you’ll be ready to rock. That’s the idea behind gathering.

Writing app for freelancers

2. Write/rewrite

Create logical flow and put your stamp on it.

Blogely is fully-fledged writing tool. Start by creating an outline out of blocks. Or paste/import existing text. It is a foundation for your article. Blogely sticks to the basics and holds back on its advanced features until you actually need them. Its library can contain everything you’ll ever need and capable of managing writing projects of all sizes and ambitions.

blog management software and content marketing app

3. Organize

For maximum efficiency workflow

A unique approach to writing, organization, documentation, and asset management virtually eliminates lost resources and wasted time searching multiple locations for files you need to complete a job. No more jumping between documents, notes, images, videos, research, and other apps to get your work done.

4. SEO Optimize

For non-techies

Take the guesswork out of SEO optimizing your content. No coding, prior experience, or technical skills required. A simple three-step process guides you through the entire procedure. Quickly optimize articles without the need to hire an expert. Blogely is integrated with Yoast SEO and RankMath.

wordpress sync app

5. Publish

Quick and easy with a single click

Avoid sluggishness and complexity. WordPress is a fantastic application and powers countless web and blog sites. However, when you go to WordPress to publish a post, you may find that you’ve spent more time than you originally estimated. Reduce the effort required to get your content onto a WordPress site to a single click.



Easy to use writing app

The simple and flexible user interface was intentionally designed to make it easy for you to create exceptional content with the rich text editor, asset panel, and drag-and-drop block outline system.

Complete organization

Organize everything – research, files, images, documents, versions, notes, templates, blocks, backups, schedule, portfolios, … literally everything in one central place and linked to your content.

Content discovery & research

Create a complete research document in minutes. Collect aggregated SERP results with questions and statistics. Quickly build the list of autocomplete and related keywords.

Full blog list sync

​Bring your entire blog article list in seconds. Decide and selectively import articles from this list for future improvement, optimization, or complete revision.

Quick SEO optimization

Simple SEO Optimization Score and easy focus keyword management without any technical knowledge or prior experience.

Easy import & export

Save time: no more irritating, time-consuming searches for your content in Google or Word docs.

Compete SEO heatmaps

Identify your competition on the selected topics, keywords to fight for, and measure your competition against those keywords. Get complete detailed SEO score for each competitor and each keyword.

Convenient plagiarism scanner

Scan for plagiarism with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence integrated third-party scanner by CopyLeaks. Review report side-by-side with your content for easy fixing.

Quick publishing to CMS

Publish your blog articles directly from Blogely to your connected websites without logging into WordPress (or any other connected CMS). It only takes seconds. Or republish your articles (after edits) on the same blogpost ID. A real time saver.

Editorial calendar

Plan content better with a simple editorial calendar. Use easy drag-and-drop blocks to adjust your publishing schedule.


Manage content with folders. Move items between them quickly. Organize folders by topic or category or by client.

Workflow management

Treat any article like a mini-project. Quickly define multi-step process workflow with sequential and simultaneous substeps.

Free content portfolio hosting

Find clients faster by showcasing your own slick content portfolio. Fast and easy setup and maintenance.

Get feedback

Get feedback on your content. Get a shareable link with a simple click. Protect it with a passcode if you want, and send it to your team or clients. Turn it on or off with one click.

Team collaboration

Share the workload and ease the burnout. Work together with your team. Plan the perfect content creation program.

AI-driven assistance*

Create quality content faster and easier. Strengthen your writing with choice of restructured sentences generated by AI.

Yours & client’s workspaces

Manage your entire workload in your workspace. View and complete assignments in your clients’ workspace as an invited team member.

Reusable assignments

Create and save reusable workflow templates. Save rich-text assignment blocks. Set due dates and manage access of team members.

Block templates

Templates promote repeatability and efficiency. save any content blocks from any articles with a single click. Create reusable blocks of information and insert them into every article you write.

One click backups

Quick backup of the entire article. Save multiple backups for reference. Edit the name, export it. Sync with Dropbox is in planning. Easily restore the entire article in 2 seconds.

Block versioning

Save multiple versions of the same block. Use them for email sequences or creative writing. Keep them next to your block and use the block version as needed.

Block auto-backup

A copy of the article block is systematically stored in versions named “Auto”. Auto block is updated every time the content is changed. It captures the content every 30 seconds and updates continuously.

Complete block statuses

The article consists of blocks in Blogely. Each block is a separate entity and has its own status. Simple status change – complete/incomplete is shown in green and red color in the article.

Private blocks

Make the block private by clicking on the eye icon. It will not print and will not be visible to outsiders. Use it to hide incomplete or informative blocks that are for your eyes only.

In-app compression

Resize and compress images without the need for third-party tools. Built-in image compression gives you more control over images without leaving the app.

Content parsing

Bring other bloggers’ posts into your article’s assets. Display their content alongside your writing for reference. Quickly enrich your article with quotes and built-in references.

HTML code

Do you prefer HTML as an alternative content enrichment option? Take advantage of unrestricted features of HTML – it’s supported by all browsers.

Full asset library

Manage all the pieces you need for your posts – images, documents, PDFs, and files in any format. Tag them, find everything quickly, and reuse it.

Quick post sharing

Quickly share your published post on social media. You don’t have to jump back and forth between multiple applications.

Affiliate links management

There is a better way to manage your affiliate merchants, affiliate links, and product descriptions. Bring your isolated affiliate accounts into one place. Fetch affiliate links into your content effortlessly.

Tracking changes history

Record the history of all block changes. See removed and added content visually. Review and restore with one click.


Use the built-in messaging to connect with clients and prospects. Use messaging in Portfolios or your content for sale.

Multi-channel distribution

Expand your reach. Publish your posts in other places to capture different audiences – use Ghost, Medium, Shopify, Blogger and more (coming soon).

Giphy & Pixabay

Spice up your content with gifs from Giphy. Add stunning free and royalty-free images from Pixabay, provided by the talented Pixaby community. They’re integrated.

Linked notes

Create rich format notes that are linked to the content block of your article. They are tagable, easily searchable, and can be assigned to any content block in another article.

Inserting tables

Easily add tables to your article. You don’t need a WordPress plugin. Insert images into the table, add headings… And much more. Also, quickly paste excel worksheets with built-in embedding.

Chrome extension

Effortlessly collect online content snippets with the Chrome extension. Save notes with references, links, comments and tags. Keep your research organized, trackable, and easily accessible as you write.

Automated TOC

The Table of Content (TOC) is generated automatically. You can decide whether to include it in your blog post or not. It provides a nice layout, makes it easier to skim the blog or find specific information.

Built-in “Share”

Blogely provides an easy “share on social media” option for readers by adding social sharing buttons at the end of each blog post. No WordPress plugin is required.

Two-way sync

Sync your entire WordPress blog list in seconds with just one click. The system creates a two-way sync with your current content.

Team chats

Chat with individual team members or with the group of designated collaborators. Keep conversations between team members private.

Issue tracker

Create issues like tasks in the article and solve them collaboratively with other team members. Keep track of all solved problems.

Mastermind your content strategy


Equip your business with the right tools

We’ve got all the tools you need to manage your content strategy from start to finish.

Create and manage exceptional content

Use Blogely to build or acquire exceptional content. Do it fast, easy, and efficient.

Build and grow your business

Whether you are a website owner, or freelancer, or agency Blogely is for you.

Quality content = more leads = more traffic = more sales.

Check what others think


“After dealing with a lot of blogging platforms that promised simplicity, but ended being too complex, I was relieved to find Blogely.

The platform is radically simple, easy to navigate and has made my life immeasurably better. Now creating, and publishing content is a breeze.”

Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Marketing Director

“For years, I struggled to understand SEO. It was scary and mysterious. Fortunately, Blogely’s on-page SEO platform laid it all out for me in a simple, three-step process.

Now, not only do I understand SEO, it’s made a world of difference for the ranking of my blog.”

Larry Matthews


“I tried for a long time to build my portfolio with WordPress, but got so frustrated with the complexities of the process I stopped.

Luckily, I found Blogely’s FREE portfolio template. I easily uploaded my content, created my profile in minutes and started sharing it. “

Frank Simons


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